Arizona Democrat Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick has announced she will not seek re-election in her congressional district in order to mount a challenge to unseat five-term senator John McCain. Kirkpatrick is bolstered by her successful re-election in a strong GOP voting district. For Rep. Kirkpatrick, she lost her congressional seat in a hotly contested battle in 2010. She later came back to reclaim the seat in 2012. Perhaps for this reason, she believes she can unseat the powerful chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

In making her announcement for McCain’s US Senate seat, she expressed her love of the state and the need build a strong economy. Kirkpatrick, who is part Native American, stressed her heritage in order to secure the support of the state’s strong Native American vote. While it is uncertain whether she will be able to win election in a state which hasn’t elected a Democrat senator in three decades, it is virtually certain the GOP will recapture her congressional seat.

The RNC has already expressed what is certain to be part of their narrative in the upcoming election: she is a rubber stamp for Obama’s policies. A CEO pointed out the GOP is charging that Kirkpatrick does not think twice about how the president’s policies affect Arizona. The charge is that in a bid to promote the administration’s progressive agenda, the residents of Arizona have been adversely impacted. The RNC is also stating that the $787 billion stimulus, which she supported, ended up shipping US jobs to China and reducing Medicare benefits.