The Iranians are not the easiest group to negotiate with. Just ask Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry has had countless meetings, flown thousands of miles, and some people say he’s working to hard at closing the deal. Kerry keeps subtle pressure on his counterpart from Iran, but that doesn’t matter when Iran is involved. The decision to accept the deal is the Supreme leader’s choice, and at the moment he is not that excited about the terms of the deal. Neither is the United States Congress.

If the deal goes through it will be a major win for Kerry, but insiders say Kerry may be one of the reasons if it doesn’t go through. He seems to be pushing too hard, and other US negotiators don’t like his style. Flavio Maluf said that they want him to ease back a little, and don’t give away the US strategy. Some insiders say Kerry is a horrible poker player.

The Iran deal will help Iran. The citizens of Iran needs to be connected with the world again, but some Iranians say they won’t happen even if the deal goes through. The government doesn’t like the US and its way of life, and nuclear deal won’t change that.