Daniel Taub Teaching a Lesson about Dialogue through his Tenure as Ambassador

Daniel Taub had become the Ambassador that other diplomats will look up to for many years to come and draw inspiration and guidance from his achievements in the relations between his country Israel and the United Kingdom.

In the four years of his tenure, the former Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom brought many changes to the trade between the nations, to the education that Israeli receive in the United Kingdom and to the way the public thinks and reacts to Israeli.

The campus had been one of the leading hurdles in the fruitful dialogue between the two nations as many campus grounds were lacking tolerance towards Israeli students.

Some had even proclaimed without authorization that the particular school should be made free of Israeli students. The case with Bradford and George Galloway is also a stark example of such intolerance.

Daniel Taub is an expert at communication, negotiation, and reaching results through peaceful dialogue even when the other side is not willing to converse. Daniel Taub has shown that there are many forms of discussion and statements can be said through actions. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

One such statement through action was made when Daniel Taub visited the Bradford city after receiving an invitation to do so from several institutions. What that said to George Galloway was that simply because he had stated that Bradford is not welcoming to anything connected to Israel does not mean that the people of Bradford have the same opinion.

Undoubtedly, Daniel Taub was right to visit the city and communicate with the citizens instead of taking one individual’s word for what the masses think. Other people would directly step into arguments with Galloway, but that is not what Daniel Taub believes to be the start of a fruitful discussion.

Bradford was very welcoming, and people happily talked to Taub and dismissed Galloway’s bold and misplaced statements about the city and its people.

Between 2011 and 2014, the trade between Israel and the United Kingdom also transformed. The business more than doubled as a vast number of Israeli companies started opening their UK offices across the country. Making the countries present in each other’s markets was a significant step forward for the United Kingdom and Israel.

After Danial Taub, the torch has been handed to his successor Mark Regev. Daniel Taub is now working at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation in Jerusalem also known as the Rothschild Foundation.

Daniel Taub: One of the Greatest Israeli Ambassadors to the United Kingdom

Daniel Taub has been the ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom between 2011 and 2015. His appointment to the position has been marred with opposition in his home country, stating that he is still considered to be a junior in the position. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

However, the government trusts in his skills and abilities, and still pushed through his appointment. His colleagues have congratulated him after the appointment, stating that he is the best person to get the position.

Born in the United Kingdom in 1962, Daniel Taub has to revoke his British citizenship in order to serve his homeland. When he had to present his credentials to the Queen of England, the Queen had asked him how it feels to become an ambassador in the country where he was born.

Daniel Taub have stated that he is proud to represent Israel, and thanked the Queen because of the opportunity that his family found in the United Kingdom when he was still a child.

He added that he is hoping for creating deeper ties between Israel and the United Kingdom, and the cooperation to continue in order to develop the interest of both states. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

During his term as the ambassador to the United Kingdom, Daniel Taub put emphasis on trade and technology. The bilateral trade between the two state reached $8 billion during his term as the ambassador, and the economy of the United Kingdom and Israel remained strong.

He is also regarded as an ambassador who has strong anchors to his Jewish belief, and has been a role model ever since. He would sometimes join Bible and Hebrew studies at the Westminster Abbey, and he would spearhead cultural programs that would increase the awareness about his Jewish ethnicity.

Throughout the years that he is in the United Kingdom as a diplomat, Daniel Taub would appear in television shows and give out his opinion about certain topics. He would also clear out some issues about Israel, and explain the policy that the country has, as well as the diplomatic policies between the Israel and the United Kingdom.

Daniel Taub has been awarded multiple times because of his services to the government of Israel. After his term as the ambassador ended, the Jewish community in the United Kingdom thanked him for creating a stronger relationship between the two states.

Daniel Taub is being recognized as one of the greatest Israeli ambassadors to the United Kingdom.

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