Igor Cornelsen was born and raised in Brazil. He is the proprietor for Bahamas-based firm Bainbridge Investments Inc. Through the firm, he assists investors by offering them long-term investment strategies.



Igor has held various leadership positions in Brazilian banks. He quit the banking industry after a short while to focus more on investments. His most important advice to potential investors is not to put their investments in companies that have financial problems. Instead of this, he assists them to invest in damaged or declining stocks, which they sell at a profit. According to Igor, damaged stocks are cheaper to purchase, and they pick up when the stock market becomes stable. He urges his clients to dedicate their time and efforts to their investments especially if they have long-term awards.



Igor Cornelsen is knowledgeable in different sectors of investing. He serves as a role model to most people, especially those that are after an unbiased opinion of the area they are interested in. One prominent company that has benefited greatly from the counsel of Igor is Burger King in the US. He offers investment to both corporations and individuals and has been featured on various websites and publications.



Cornelsen enjoys golfing when he is not offering investment advice or working. Areas, where he frequents when not working, are some of the golf courses in South Florida. Cornelsen has gained his expertise from the many years he spent studying patterns of the market. He thus knows advantages and disadvantages of different investments. Due to this, his sought-after advice has been very beneficial to individuals and corporations.



Diversity is another fundamental element that Igor advocates for when it comes to investing. He holds the belief that every area worth investing in has an untapped gold mine. He welcomes people with new ideas and investments to the Brazilian market. Some of the companies that have for some time proved beneficial to invest in include Citibank Brazil, BTG Pactual, HSBC, Banco J Safra and Caixa Economica Federal among others. The shares of these companies fetch good returns in the market. Igor spends about quarter of a year living in South Florida.