Jordan Lindsey And The Forex World

2017 has been a great year in forex and cryptocurrency world but the initial coin offers launched have taken the center stage. What people do not know is that another 752 ICOs were launched raising in excess 5 billion dollars. This also saw more corporation embracing the cryptocurrency. This new year is going to be a more exciting year with different currents emerging.

The first thing that is emerging is the emerging of new structures for pricing and bonuses. The new regulation limiting the amount to be raised in ICO has seen most companies go lean and keen on raising the bare minimum. This also has seen focus turn to raising capital from institutional investors. The regulation has not been all negative.

The current trend seen is the wider adoption of ICO. Countries that did not really accept cryptocurrency have now started adopting it. This also seen fiscal authorities aligning their regulations increasing the adoption of cryptocurrency in a different jurisdiction. However, speaking about forex exchange and ICO and not mentioning Jordan Lindsey is a major disgrace to his achievements.

Jordan Lindsey is a trader, founder and experienced financial guru in the financial and tech industry. A graduate of St. Joseph college boasts of being a self-taught programmer and system. His career journey is one that is illustriously filled with major achievements and accolades.

His journey in the tech world started in the February of 1999. He was the Vice president of Maximum Capital Management Inc. He worked in that capacity for 2 years until the June of 2001. His career went a notch higher when he founded JCL capital. This new venture was established on the November of 2005 and he still remains in an active role. Jordan Lindsey is also r advisor to Energia Global a role which he took from 2017. Currently, he is still the Chief Executive Officer of Prive Information Services Inc. Jordan Lindsey has held this position since the February of 2012.

In conclusion, Jordan Lindsey stands out as a guru in the financial and service industry with his hands in more than one successful company.

The Outstanding Corporate Advisory Solutions of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a reputable financial counselor to businesses in different parts of the world. The Chicago-based company has been assisting corporations to access credit, make intelligent decisions about investments, and manage complicated business deals. It has also specialized in providing business valuation and merger advisory solutions. The firm has earned a remarkable reputation for the excellent services that it provides to different leading corporations.


In 2014, Madison revealed that it had been hired by Vital Care Industries to offer advisory solutions. The company is based in Illinois and has specialized in the manufacture of medical products. MSC assisted Vital Care Industries in finding a reliable financial institution that could offer it a commercial loan. The CEO of the medical firm said that he was pleased with the transaction. Vital Care was established in 1984, and its expertise is in developing sterile medical supplies.


After one year, the co-founder of the investment banking company, Antony Marsala, was selected by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts as one of the nominees for a 40 Under Forty award. The program aims at acknowledging young business leaders who have achieved a lot in M&A, valuations, and many other related fields. Marsala has been in the finance industry for over 14 years and serves as MSC’s CEO.


In 2016’s summer, Madison Street Capital was voted by finance professionals as a finalist in the M&A Advisor Awards. Businesses are offered this honor when they complete remarkable acquisitions, financing, or restructuring deals. Experts nominated the company as 2016’s leading boutique investment banking enterprise. MSC was also chosen as a finalist for leading the best merger deal that was worth less than $100 million.


The excellent performance of Madison Street Capital enabled it to be named as the Turnaround Award winner in January 2017. The recognition was due to the outstanding work that it did in the top restructuring transaction that was worth less than $25 million in 2016. MSC battled with over 300 firms to win the award. The president of the M&A Advisors has appreciated the company for its outstanding performance.


At the beginning of 2017, Madison Street Capital was hired by different businesses that needed merger advisory solutions. It was hired by DCG Software, which was merging with The Spitfire Group. DCG has offices in Pennsylvania and Great Britain. The company’s expertise is in the provision of software analysis and support solutions. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital Arranges Growth Equity Facility for Sterling Packaging

Madison Street Capital is one of the most prominent investment banking firms based in the United States. For over two decades of professional experience in the industry, the company has sought to work with entities that develop fast income to companies that seek to activate better business by the end of the day. Madison Street Capital is a company that also works to sustain its business in a wide range of industries. It has also assisted companies seeking financial advice and capital solutions from all sectors in the country. The company also understands that every client has unique demands, for this reason, they conduct a careful analysis so that they understand the uniqueness of their client needs ( Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005 as an investment banking company that provides a wide range of financial services such as business valuation, corporate advisory, and the middle market company’s financial solutions.


Madison Street Capital has also worked hard so that all their clients experience a new wave of solutions in the industry. This is the reason why they continue to provide the best mergers and acquisition services in advice to assist their member and client companies to understand the true value of their business in the industry. This provides an accurate picture that is essential to the process so that they continue to have the upper hand in the future and current opportunities. Learn more:


For many business owners in the middle market, it is a challenge to identify the correct financial service company that can be part of the solutions to your problems. With a wide range of investment banking firms in the industry, middle market business owners are always overwhelmed by the search for the best corporate financial company in the country. For those who seek favorable lending, acquisitions & mergers, and the development of a second strategy, getting the services of Madison Street Capital is the best way to end your problems.


Madison Street Capital reputation also acted as the exclusive financial advisor that arranged for the Sterling Packaging Company growth fund. Sterling Packaging Company has sought to increase their funds but never got the best company to lead their way. However, they were very fortunate to get Madison Street Capital come to their aid and help them secure the correct amount of funding needed to develop facilitated business growth. Charles Boschway, the CEO and Chairman of Madison Street Capital, announced the transaction from start to end. Learn more:


I Invested In My First Business With Laidlaw and Company

Laidlaw and Company has been able to help me invest in my first business, and they took my through all the steps of the process without making it complicated or hard to understand. I knew that I wanted to have a minority stake in a business, but I had to do something about it through a third party. I did not know how to approach the company, and James Ahern Laidlaw & Company helped me make sure that I was spending the right amount of money on my stake. The brokers at the company helped me, and they help me manage my stake in a new business.

I was able to get a 33% stake in a new business, and I get quarterly updates from Laidlaw & Company on the investment. They are helping me look for the next place to invest, and they are also going to help me get into the stock market. I am trying to be smart and invest in as many things as I can, and I want to make sure that I have someone to help me do it. Laidlaw & Company is going to help me make sure I am making the most money, and I am going to be able to use that money to further my lifestyle. This is going to be part of my retirement, and I am going to be able to make some extra money off it. I can come back to Laidlaw & Company any time to get more help, and I will have the resources I need to make real money from my investments. They make it easy for me to invest, and they help me manage my money. I would not have known what to do unless I had Laidlaw & Company there to help me learn what to do.

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Why Choose Madison Street Capital


Are you in need of expert guidance or professional financial service regarding investment banking issues? Wondering why so many businesses choose Madison Street Capital for reliable guidance?

Many businesses, both growing businesses and large companies, rely on Madison Street Capital for a wide variety financial and investment services. The company has been rendering excellent services to clients across the globe and is well known for delivering the best quality investment solutions.

Madison Street Capital is a well established international investment banking firm. Based in Chicago, this reputable firm is committed to leadership, integrity, excellence and service in delivering merger and acquisition expertise, corporate financial advisory services, private placement memorandums, finance, and valuation services to publicly and privately held companies.

Madison Street Capital specializes in providing corporate finance advisory including financial restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and Mezzanine capital raise. Madison Street Capital’s business financial services are designed to take you through business funding to expansion and growth capital. Their experts will help you raise needed capital and finance properly, enabling your business to expand, grow and become successful. Madison Street Capital offers international financial services that are unparalleled. You can reach Madison Street Capital by calling them at 312-529-7000.

The expert team at Madison Street Capital brings together quality leadership and dedicated professionals with vast industry experience to plan and execute on each transaction. Whether in execution of a merger, analysis of strategic alternatives, acquisition, divestiture or capital placement, Madison Street Capital focuses on complete satisfaction of clients. As a reputable global investment banking firm known for its outstanding services in high-profile, high-stakes transactions, Madison Street Capital brings their clients a track record of successful outcome across the entire transaction cycle.

Their unique capabilities provide them a competitive edge to getting a good understanding of critical business drivers and a firm’s value proposition, and to portray that value impressively and quickly to potential buyers and funding sources. Their senior banking and investment professionals, each of whom has many years of transaction experience, pay close attention to the details of each and every transaction from beginning to completion. Madison Street Capital believes in integrity, honesty and transparency and they strive to encourage fairness in every transaction they handle.

Madison Street Capital is your clear choice for all transactions regarding international investment banking and related matters. If you have any questions or concerns, you can give them a call.

Learn more by visiting their Youtube Channel.

The Success Of Terry Bradshaw And His Show Today In America

Terry Bradshaw is an individual who has really found a great deal of success for himself in the world of sports and also in the world of television. During his NFL career Terry was one of the most successful quarterbacks in the league. He used this success and fame to help create a name for himself in the world of television as well. With such a recognizable face it was easy for Terry to make the transition into sports TV. As such a talented sports commentator and a sports analyist it is easy to see how Terry is a household name today.

One of Terry’s most successful shows to date has to be Today in America. This is a show that has helped Terry break away from the stereotypical role of solely a sports caster. In this show Terry is the host of a segment that focuses on many different key issues that are affecting our world. One example of this is when Terry was addressing the complex economy that we have today. He was commenting on the fact that it is very difficult for small businesses to go to the bank and get a loan anymore. This is when he introduced Madison Street Capital. In this episode Terry shows his knowledge of venture capitalism and shares the ins and outs of this with viewers alike. This is where Terry truly shines as more than just a sports analyst.

Madison Street Capital is a venture capital firm that takes a slightly different approach to venture capital than most firms. Working hand in hand with the leaders and CEOs of these companies that are being funded is at the core of Madison Street capital’s belief system. Madison Street capital isn’t just looking to hook companies up with some quick funding, they really want to see these companies succeed. This is why there is such a close relationships with all of the leaders and CEOs of companies that are receiving funding from Madison street capital. Madison Street capital trudges forward to create a new benchmark for many other venture captial frims and the way that they can interact with their customers on a deeper level.

Banking With A Difference

Banking is considered one of the economic institutions that play a huge role in a country. Banking institutions have evolved over the years with each one of them trying to offer the best financial solutions for its customers. Good banking institutions survive the market due to innovation and aggressiveness in the game. Looking at banking in Brazil, we focus on BMG bank in Brazil which is one of if not the, largest privately owned bank said to have close to $16 billion worth of assets, over 6 million customers and also one of the oldest banks in the country dating back to the 1930s. The bank was started by the Pentagon Guimares family to offer financial services to the people and institutions. Back in the 80s, the bank’s core business was financing for consumers and wholesalers. It was involved in heavy and light vehicle financing and was good at its business then.
The bank has a team of well-organized and professional management team that consists of the chairperson, committees, anti-money laundering program, code of ethics, an internal audit team and a strategic investor relations team. The bank aims at providing new and affordable financial solutions to its customers. It aims at increasing its customer base while still investing in new businesses that can push the banks overall performance.
Over the years, though, the bank decided to change its operations to focus on commercialized payroll loans. Actually up to now the bank is a market leader in paycheck deductibles. These were after a signed agreement with It Consignado S.A in 2012 to provide such commercialized loans to its customers. The bank has rolled out some of their products to the market, which has made its name big internationally. Some of these products include payroll credit card, BMG Empresas among others. Apart from payroll loans, the company also relies on asset sales and deposits. The bank has diversified to using special purpose funding vehicles like local currency bonds so as to fund sources.
The Guimares have been at the helm of the bank and have always been involved in the bank’s strategy formations. They have come about with certain pillars that govern their strategy formation. They include asset quality, human capital, diversifying funding sources, operations efficiency and profitability that is every business’ goal.
Running the dedicated team is one Mr. Ricardo Annes Guimares is the bank’s CEO and also double up as the president. He has held both these positions from 2004 though he began his career at the bank as an executive financial officer. He is a very educated man with a degree in business administration from Un Faculdade de Ciencias Gerenciais.
With his leadership, the bank has grown to be notable and is crucial to the Brazilian economy as well as Brazilian people.

Investing With Confidence

It doesn’t matter if you are focused on controlling assets for a few years or a few decades, you absolutely have to find a partner that you can trust. Asset management in any capacity can be a difficult one simply because of the complex changes in the market. Laws and regulation are always nipping at the heels of managers, and when it comes to chasing higher returns it can be even more difficult to balance risk with trust. The answer to these problems can easily be solved with international investment firm Madison Street Capital.

Madison Street Capital isn’t a company that is new to the scene, but they have mostly flown under the radar for many years. The good news is that you can tell they aren’t just some “flash in the pan” investments company. Their long term strategies of putting the customer first and partnering with their clients has proven time over time that wealth is generated best when partners work together. Madison Street Capital understands that they aren’t just an investments company. They are a company that is based on partnership with their clients. They pride themselves on the process of aligning strategies and working hand in hand with their clients every single step of the way. You cannot have someone truly working for you if they aren’t going to completely understand your goals, needs, and risks as well.

The significan benefits that Madison Street Capital brings to the table is their international approach. By allowing managers the ability to have investments in and around all sectors of the globe, they are able to open up new markets and diversify risk out of the equation. Furthermore, Madison Street Capital is not just a transaction company that processes buy and sell orders. If you are looking for a company that is able to give you guidance, leadership, and general reviews about your current financial state then you need to have Madison Street Capital in your corner. Their professionalism, experience, and custom tailored processes truly are results oriented; however, more than being just results oriented they are a company that looks to help their partners and clients grow over time.

At the end of the day, you are the only one responsible for choosing how you and your organization can handle asset management. However, if you are looking for a way to truly maximize your asset management then you need to look to Madison Street Capital today.

When Do Gold Investments Do Best?

One of the investments that many professionals recommend always be held in your portfolio is gold. While gold is recommended for its protection against inflation and other market declines and should be in your portfolio at all times, gold can also outperform the market in certain times and provide the ability to do well. It can therefore pay for you to hold higher amounts of gold in your portfolio at certain market times, which will be the focus of this article.

Gold outperforms the market in poor economic times mainly as gold is considered to be a stable investment that retains its value when the market goes south. Good and other precious metals are negatively correlated to the stock market appreciating when it decreases. People flock to gold in poor economic times and use it as a way of preserving their capital. There are many reasons gold is seen as a stable investment. For one, gold has universal appeal that has lasted throughout the generations. It is used for jewelry and coins and is stored as a reserve currency by countries. There therefore is a constant base level of demand for gold and the supply of gold is limited all of which bodes well for its value when other investments are in decline. As such, when the market is in free fall or you anticipate a big decline it is likely a good time to be overweight gold in your portfolio.

Miners are still mining gold but there is a finite supply of it available in the world. Paper money, on the other hand, can always be printed by central banks and therefore does not retain the same value of gold. This makes gold an excellent investment during times of high inflation or when you expect inflation to occur. Decisions by central banks to adjust interest rates can also drive inflation risk and if you believe a move by a central bank is imminent it may be a good time to be overweight gold. In addition it makes an effective hedge if the majority of your assets are held in one currency and you want to diversify away from it.

While making an investment in good can be particularly profitable at some various points it is particularly a good idea to always hold some gold in your portfolio. One firm that specializes in good investments is the US Money Reserve, Inc who have trained experts in gold investments and can provide recommendations on how best to hold gold and to provide you with recommendations for how much to allocate it. Gold is a different investment beast than other investment classes and it makes logical sense to gain their expertise when investing in gold.

Investing In Gold

There was a time when gold was the standard legal tender. There was a time when the United States had gold reserves in Fort Knox to back the paper legal tender that the United States Treasury began to use for money. It is questionable that any gold exists at all in Fort Know anymore. That should concern all of the citizens of the United States. The national debt is now fast approaching $18 trillion. This is more than our Gross National Product which means the country cannot earn enough money to pay the debt off. Another sign that things are not stable economically for the United States is that the unfunded liabilities and entitlement programs are more than $98 trillion. This is the abyss of financial catastrophe.

Individual wealth is the target of governments that cannot pay their bills. That is where the government will go next to try to pay its bills that have skyrocketed out of control. In these kinds of economic times, it is imperative that personal wealth be protected. The best way that economists and leading investors recommend that individuals protect their assets is to diversify and have a gold fund that can be kept in a vault at home. That means a vault of real gold that can be held and kept safe from the hands of the government. Not paper gold but real gold coins.

When it comes to keeping loved ones and individual nest eggs safe, for long term security, Gold will stand up in value over time. The US Money Reserve is a specialty Gold dealer that will work with its customers to set up a Gold portfolio through their customer service specialists. It is easy to start a Gold fund. The number to call is 1-866-MINT GOLD where a senior gold specialist will answer any questions.

The senior specialists at U.S. Money Reserve will offer great assistance to help customers find their way around the process of learning all the details about gold portfolio ownership. Many customers want to know if there is an advantage in purchasing a gold bullion, gold coins or mixing the two up. Each case is different. Preferences are unique, hence the specialists who assist customers all day and everyday are very familiar with the different gold options to choose from. Many of these choices will become clearer once exposed to the different forms of gold that the US Money Reserve sells. Call the office to learn more.

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