Jason Hope contributes mightily to the fight against nation’s top killer

You may know Jason Hope as one of the nation’s leading internet entrepreneurs. Or perhaps you know him as one of Arizona’s most prolific philanthropists or even as one of the internet’s most prophetic futurists. But one thing that Hope has not been widely known for are his magnanimous contributions to the world of medical research.Recently, Hope revealed that he had made a half a million-dollar donation to the SENS Foundation, a research foundation specializing in the treatment of diseases associated with the aging process. This large donation will go to atherosclerosis research, one of the most exciting and promising areas in medical research today. Atherosclerosis is the underlying cause of many of the nation’s top killers. These include heart attack, stroke and peripheral artery disease. But it is also hypothesized that understanding the underlying causes, at the molecular level, of atherosclerosis will lead to a greater understanding of all age-related illnesses, including the primary effects of aging itself.

It has been increasingly recognized by the medical establishment that the same molecular processes that underlie atherosclerosis, such as initial insult to the arterial lumen and the subsequent inflammatory reaction by the body, are precisely the same mechanisms that underlie so many other degenerative diseases. These diseases with related etiologies include arthritis, skin aging, glaucoma and even the neurodegenerative outcomes of aging, which themselves lead to dementia and even it’s more severe form, Alzheimer’s.

It is believed that by gaining a broader understanding of these processes at the most basic levels, new treatments will be able to be formulated, enabling a potential explosion in average life expectancies and increasing dramatically the quality of life for future geriatric cohorts.For his part, Hope had directed the money being donated to be used specifically for the cause of atherosclerosis research at the molecular level. Hope has long been an avid reader of the medical journals, staying abreast of all the latest trends and having a deep understanding of the ways in which medical research can profoundly affect the shape that the state-of-the-art will take in the future. Visit his Facebook profile :


With White Shark, Transparency Is Key

Sometimes you don’t know enough about a service that you desperately need, and that can leave you vulnerable. Take car service, for example. Not many people know that the intimate workings of an engine, especially modern engines. You take you car to the mechanic with good faith that they know what they are doing. They check your car and give a report as to what they think you need. They start throwing words at you that might not make sense and that can be overwhelming. You may even agree to work on your vehicle that you don’t completely understand and hope that you are not being overcharged.

Well, nowadays small businesses need an online presence in order to succeed. You need to turn to this vast superhighway of ideas just as much as most people need a car to get to work. Computers have their own language and are even more intimidating than working on a car’s engine, so you turn to the experts hoping that they know what they are doing.

White Shark Media is one of the best AdWords management companies around because they communicate so effectively. They are the computer people, and in the past they just did what they did so well without knowing that the client may be a bit lost on their strategy. This can happen sometimes when you are so familiar with the work. You can just assume that everyone knows what goes into promoting a small business online. They received a little bit of criticism for a lack of communication, they realized it, identified the problem and adjusted.

Now the company lays out its plan to you and your small business using easily understandable language. They communicate to you the goal and the strategy to achieve that goal, giving you reliable updates throughout the whole process. Now you are armed with the knowledge that you desire and you get to see your hard-earned money work for you. This level of communication gives you a look under the hood, so to speak, so that you are familiar with the workings of internet advertising and building a brand. And this was all done by White Shark because they actively listen to their clients.

With other AdWords management companies, you are likely to get the auto mechanic treatment. You might simply hire them and they would go to work behind closed doors, leaving you unaware of how your money is working for you. That can be an uneasy experience and it leaves you vulnerable. They may not work very hard for you or they may come up with a flawed strategy and you would have now way of knowing. It’s better business to be transparent, like White Shark.

Protecting Digital Reputations

Online reputations can have a significant impact on the careers of professionals and the public perception and bottom line of companies. The contents of a personal Facebook page can influence hiring and firing decisions. Negative company reviews and forum post can discourage potential business clients from conducting business. Therefore, it is important to make sure that public digital information is accurate and presents you in the best light and that confidential information stays private.

For many, there is a lot of information available on the internet that can be compiled from various sources such as social media accounts, name and address databases, and other information brokers or directories. Sometimes the information available is by choice and sometimes it is not even known. If you Google yourself or your company what information shows up? There are many practical steps that individuals and businesses can take to protect their digital reputations or improve privacy before a crisis occurs. But what happens if a hacker gains access to your personal information or some unscrupulous individual wants to exploit your private photos or online reputation?

Take control of your personal information that is available on the internet and improve your online privacy with Status Labs. Status Labs is a reputation management firm that helps repair and protect the online reputations of both individuals and companies. They have U.S. offices located in Texas and New York and have served more than 1,500 clients from the U.S. and abroad.

Status Labs offers a variety of services to it’s clients such as removing personal data from public databases, crisis response and public relations. Status Labs also provides clients with common sense recommendations to improve their digital privacy like updating social media settings and changing passwords frequently. Don’t wait until a crisis occurs and your online reputation is damaged. Be proactive and make sure that you or your company is portrayed in a positive light and that your digital reputation is secure.

Mobile Wireless Service Carriers Are Getting A Shake Up

A mobile hotspot is a portable way to connect to the internet through a smartphone or portable device. The hotspot allows for multiple devices to connect at the same time; laptops, MP3 players, tablets, portable gaming devices or smartphones. They typically use mobile broadband service from the user’s cell phone carrier and can provide 3G or 4G access.

Smartphones can also carry their own hotspots which are capable of sharing internet access with multiple devices. This is a very convenient method to access the internet if you are on the go a lot. Having the capability of using your smartphone instead of carrying around a modem which has to be connected to your laptop with a USB wire, the bluetooth tethering is much simpler. You are then able to connect to the internet anywhere your cell phone has a signal. The negative to this convenience is you will be charged an extra fee for the data you use.

The data plan is what you need in order to connect a smartphone anywhere. This differs from the normal service of just making and receiving calls as it allows for “data” transfer over the internet. This would include any normal functions performed on a computer over the internet service. Some of the features this allows are:

* Making cheap or free international calls. This feature can save you money if you make a lot of international or local phone or video calls.
* If you want to have access to your social media at all times.
* If you share a lot files or need to be able to share a file at any time.
* If you play a lot of online games and want access to them at any time.
* Will provide you with access to your emails at any time.

The amount you are going to pay for these advantages depends on the amount of bandwidth you purchase a month. Different cell phone carriers offer different packages at varying amounts. Typically the average plan will cost about $25 a month for 2 gigabytes a month.

There is a new service emerging, FreedomPop which is offering basic cell phone services for free. This includes both voice and data plans with a recent add-on of low-cost WiFi service. They are offering users unlimited use of up to ten million hotspots across the United States for only $5. This offer is shaking up carriers who have services priced at a premium.

FreedomPop’s WiFi service will work with a user’s multiple devices and will become available through android apps first with the iPhone app still being worked on. Stephen Stokols, the CEO and co-founder of FreedomPop states Google has committed to make WiFi as seamless as possible; however iOS is being more closed. This will be the first time WiFi has been added to FreedomPop’s service.

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