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Scott Walker, Big Talker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Md. on Thursday, and he had some interesting things to say about how he’d handle the terrorist group ISIS if elected president. Rather than going into detail about the Syria-based regime and how to combat and destroy the Islamic State’s collective crusade, he opted to pat himself on the back for causing the downfall of labor unions in the Badger State.

According to, Walker’s speech centered on his anti-union efforts, which included the right to work bill that will more than likely whittle away workers’ collective bargaining rights, pensions, and wages. The bill is expected to pass via republican majority. As thousands of pro-union supporters protested the proposed legislation, Walker made mention of the idea that if he can handle over 100,000 local pro-union protestors, he can accomplish the same across the world.

Walker also told CNN later on that he didn’t regret making this statement, and that “…there’s no analogy between the two other than a difficult situation.”

Bernardo Chua ( has heard that Walker also attempted to clear the air on Bloomberg Politics by saying that if he can handle the pressure of battling unions; he’d be qualified to tackle a multitude of challenges if he decided to run for president.

Governor Walker’s penchant for crushing unions in his respective state may be a Pyrrhic victory-like primary platform stance propelling him an inch or two forward, yet he may also find that ISIS doesn’t play by the same set of rules when it comes to getting what they want.

The Ethics of Internet Piracy

Gottfrid Svartholm founded The Pirate Bay, one of the biggest sites for people to illegally download content over the internet. He has just been found guilty of hacking into an IT company and stealing people’s social security information and drivers’ license records.

Gottfrid clearly is not an ethical person but what are the true effects of sites such as The Pirate Bay? Back in the ’80’s, it was common for teenager to use dual-deck cassettes to make copies of music albums on blank tapes for their friends.

Despite piracy, the modern movie industry is still hugely profitable. How many people go over to their friends’ house to watch a DVD? I guess you’re technically watching it for free Igor Cornelsen. One could say that torrenting is simply a more convenient way of watching a friend’s copy.

The music industry, however, seems to have been devastated by piracy. The ease in which music is shared online has created a situation where there may not be a single platinum-selling album in the year 2014.

Some of this appears to be market correction and more of it will be solved by more advanced security features. For now we live in the “golden age” of internet piracy.

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