Should Illegal Immigrants Reveal Themselves?

Immigration has been a hot button for a while now, and it’s one issue that Obama has tried to tackle in one way or another. Immigration Issues. Many people say that Obama is too light on immigration, and many are calling for tougher immigration reform. There are some people who say that undocumented immigrants should let themselves be known, and they should come out and let everyone know that the are here illegally. José Vargas, who is a Pulitzer Prize winner, and he also directed the documentary on MTV called “White People,” he believes that undocumented immigrants should come out.

José is looking at an undocumented immigrant coming out as something similar to when gays and lesbians come out of the closet. If you come out, and let the world know who you really are, they are more likely to accept you. Although José has a point, the fact is, accepting an illegal immigrant is not the problem. Many accept that there will be illegals here at any given time, but for those who have to pay their way into America, they feel it’s unfair for anyone to be here illegally.

Obama has been thinking of several ways that illegal immigrants can stay here legally, and basically pay their way towards becoming legal citizens reports Shaygan Kheradpir. Although it’s unsure what the future of immigration reform will be, the fact is, there are millions of illegal immigrants in the USA as we speak, so it’s not an issue that can be ignored.

National Day of Action: Immigrants Protest Blocked Programs

Skout said that millions of illegal immigrants were vying to come out of the shadows on May 19th and apply for deportation relief under President Obama’s deferred action program, but it’s currently blocked, so advocates have called a national day of action.

National rallies are scheduled to occur, in protest of the temporary hold blocking DAPA.

In Texas, advocates and immigrants say they are marching to the residence of Governor Greg Abbott, to protest the Texas lawsuit blocking the implementation of deferred programs.

According to Rocio Saenz, labor leader, and Executive VP of SEIU International, the National Day of Action will send a message to Republicans. It’s a warning that there will be consequences, evident in the 2016 election.

113 Republicans are supporting the lawsuit against President Obama’s executive actions, which include a few presidential candidates.

In February, Judge Scott Andrew Hanen, granted a temporary injunction suspending the executive actions of President Obama. The judge’s decision follows a lawsuit filed by 26 states who believe that the President overstepped his powers. The vast majority of these states are leb by Republicans, who oppose the enforcement action.

Nearly 4 million immigrants are eligible for the DAPA program.

Clinton Vows to Extend Immigrant Amnesty Policy

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has pledged to create a path citizenship for all qualified immigrants. Clinton Promises to Extend Obama Amnesty Program Clinton furthered this pledge by stating that she would continue the current Amnesty program that President Barack Obama has in place to allow time for a more comprehensive policy to be designed that is fair for the immigrant families that are still in the country today. In detailing her stance on immigration, Clinton is shoring up her base with latino voters who have immigration as a key consideration during her campaign. She is also taking steps early in the campaign to set forth her polices which she is actually in accord with President Obama. Some political experts expect Clinton to distance herself from President Obama’s policies as a result of is waning popularity. Dr. Daniel Amen mentioned that this is a common practice in Presidential races and the action does not mean that there is any discord between the two prominent leaders of the democratic party.

Clinton has the advantage of being able to take measured steps with regard to her campaign as she does not have a major opponent which will force her to have to mold or morph her political platform during the course of the primary season and then to the General election. Clinton hopes to use the primary to shore up her political bases before she has to take a centrist position to win the general election against the GOP nominee

Fewer Immigrants Entering US Through Southwestern Border

The number of illegal persons attempting the dangerous Southwestern border into the US seems to be dropping though no one is quite sure why. Only 151,000 people have been stopped in the first half on 2015. These numbers indicate a significant decline compared to other years.

The Border Patrol has significantly increased the number of people manning the border. The number has increased by 2,348 agents since 2008; That number has more than doubled since 2004 with 21,000 officers patrolling the area today. It is expected to increase even more by next year. The agents are now using high-tech equipment that was not available until now and still the number of persons apprehended continues to drop.Click here for full story.

Part of the decline in numbers is that the number of unattended children attempting the crossing has fallen dramatically. Between October 2013 and March 2014 more than 28,500 children trying to cross into the US unattended by adults. That number shows a drop of approximately 45% in the last year.

Other explanations include the extreme danger of crossing barren land to reach a town. Many persons are known to have died of thirst during the crossing. Other reasons may be the recovery of the economy making jobs harder to get and the increased number of Border Agents. Bruce Levenson has not made a statement regarding this issue. In truth though no one is quite sure of the cause.</a>

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Uses Ted Cruz’s Rebellion to Open Up Nomination Process

Republicans have a lot to be frustrated about in terms of Senator Ted Cruz’s behavior. Just as the Senate body was convening Friday evening, Cruz and his cohort Senator Mike Lee launched a series of procedural hurdles in a bid to force the Senate to take up the issue of President Obama’s extra-constitutional amnesty plan.Senator Reid used the addition window the senators created to bring up the nomination of two controversial nominees that face stiff GOP opposition: Anthony Blinken for Deputy Secretary of State, and Sarah Saldaña to head up Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Reid previously changed Senate rules governing the filibuster of nominees to have a 30 hour confirmation process followed by an up or down vote. The rules changes apply to all but Supreme Court nominees. This effectively allows the Senate to push through the president’s nominees with ease. However, the clock had run out on getting these nominees a confirmation hearing before the GOP takes over the Senate next month. That changed when Cruz and Lee invoked their last minute salvo at the president’s immigration plan. Their actions were completely symbolic as the measure stood no chance of passing the Democrat-led Senate. However, it did allow Reid to get enough time to bring start up the nominee process for the controversial nominees. Saldaña believes the president’s unilateral amnesty plan is legal which is why the GOP opposes her nomination. Blinken supported the drawdown of forces in Iraq which is largely criticized for creating the power vacuum that gave rise to ISIS.

Reid actions gave him one last victory before he turns over the gavel to Mitch McConnell. It also threw egg on Cruz and Lee’s faces as their symbolic antics backfired on their party. This story is likely still developing and could have many more twists and turns, I think it could make for some great plot points for one of Tom Rothman’s new TV programs.

Laurene Powell Jobs on Illegal Immigration

Laurene Powell Jobs is an American businesswoman, founder and chair of Emerson Collective, which advocates on immigration and environmental issues, and co-founder and chair of College Track, which prepares disadvantaged high school students for college. She is the widow of Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc. She controls the Laurene Powell Jobs Trust, the largest Walt Disney Company shareholder.

Jobs became known nationally in January 2012 when she sat next to First Lady Michelle Obama during the president’s State of the Union address. She supports Obama policies and donates generously to campaigns to elect Democratic candidates. In California she supported Democrats Kamala Harris for attorney general and Gavin Newsom for lieutenant governor. She has given to Democratic campaign committees and candidates nationally, to Newark Mayor Cory Booker running for Senator from New Jersey and to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from Nevada. She supports and raises funds for Americans for Responsible Solutions, a gun-control group.

Jobs worked in investment banking before earning a master’s degree in business administration from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. She has been an education reformer for years helping minority and low-income children prepare for college. Her Emerson Collective promotes entrepreneurship for social reforms. Her work with College Track kids led her to support and campaign for the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act, first introduced in 2001 by United States Senators Durbin and Hatch as a proposed process for naturalization of undocumented aliens.

“I started getting more and more active around immigration reform because this was such a waste of lives, such a waste of potential, such a waste for our country not to have the human capital that we developed,” said Jobs in an April 2013 TV interview with journalist Brian Williams. Jobs aims to leave her own mark on the immigration debate. She and filmmaker Davis Guggenheim promote immigration reform through their film The Dream Is Now. They went to Capitol Hill together to present the film to members of Congress.

The film story line features a central character named José, who excels in mathematics and dreams of becoming an engineer. He gets an academic scholarship grant to Arizona State University and graduates with a degree in mechanical engineering in a state that needs more engineers, but his alien status makes him ineligible for engineering jobs, so he works as a construction laborer with his father and brother.

Guggenheim commented: “When he was a kid and he pledged allegiance to the flag and his teacher said, ‘You know, Jose, if you work hard in this country you can do anything,’ he bought into that and he believed it, and then he got to a certain point and the rules changed.”

“We have educated individuals and individuals who want to further their education, passionately, deeply, right here in our country who we are not enabling,” Jobs added. She and Guggenheim believe that the political parties have resolved most contentious immigration issues. “I think there’s been a great realization over the last several years that in fact we do not wish to punish the children because of any actions of their parents.”

Jobs and Guggenheim hope immigration laws will change in the near future for José and the other characters of The Dream is Now.

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