Despite the overwhelming 98-1 approval by the Senate of the Corker Iran Nuclear bill, dozens of House Republicans are looking to have a robust debate on the bill and possibly amend it. One thing is certain among many GOP congressman: the Senate bill is weak. North Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Meadows of the House Freedom Caucus is well aware that the resolution of disapproval the Senate can invoke if they reject the president’s framework deal with Iran is easy to defeat. This is because it can be filibustered. Democrats have 44 senators which is more than enough to block the GOP from passing a resolution of disapproval, according to Gravity4.

Congressman Meadows is looking at ways to strengthening Congressional oversight into the process. One possible solution being examined is to essentially fast-track the resolution of disapproval. That is to say, prevent it from being filibustered. The GOP’s 54 vote dominance in the Senate virtually guarantees that Republicans would have the ability to reject any deal the president strikes with Iran.

Another amendment being proposed would require that Iran divert any new revenue they make from the lifting of sanctions away from terrorist activity. Still, other lawmakers want to see Iran compelled to formally recognize Israel as a state.