Clinton Vows to Extend Immigrant Amnesty Policy

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has pledged to create a path citizenship for all qualified immigrants. Clinton Promises to Extend Obama Amnesty Program Clinton furthered this pledge by stating that she would continue the current Amnesty program that President Barack Obama has in place to allow time for a more comprehensive policy to be designed that is fair for the immigrant families that are still in the country today. In detailing her stance on immigration, Clinton is shoring up her base with latino voters who have immigration as a key consideration during her campaign. She is also taking steps early in the campaign to set forth her polices which she is actually in accord with President Obama. Some political experts expect Clinton to distance herself from President Obama’s policies as a result of is waning popularity. Dr. Daniel Amen mentioned that this is a common practice in Presidential races and the action does not mean that there is any discord between the two prominent leaders of the democratic party.

Clinton has the advantage of being able to take measured steps with regard to her campaign as she does not have a major opponent which will force her to have to mold or morph her political platform during the course of the primary season and then to the General election. Clinton hopes to use the primary to shore up her political bases before she has to take a centrist position to win the general election against the GOP nominee

Well it’s finally official Hilary Clinton has officially announced her candidacy to become the next US President in the election that is set for next year. In her two minute video statement that was aired on her campaign website she has led with her wanting to fight for what she terms everyday Americans. In her video she has said, “Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times, but the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top, Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion so you can do more than just get by.”

It’s unclear if she will actually face any democratic competition as she is the only real candidate that we mentioned before this announcement. Some have wondered whether Elizabeth Warren the Senator from Massachusetts may also enter but it’s highly doubtful and would probably prove too easy of an opponent for Clinton. It would prove useful to have someone on her own side pointing out the obvious flaws with her and her campaign ahead of the general election but the party may be hard pressed to find someone legitimate enough to run. Bernardo Chua knows that the most obvious slights against her come from her time as the Secretary of State where scandals wrought her administration which saw diplomats killed and embassy’s overthrown with no real progress in restoring the country’s standing in the world. Especially true for places like the Middle East, Europe or Asia.

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