How Sergio Cortes Helps

According to the article from Extra Globo, Sergio Cortes has been working nearly endlessly to help with recent flooding in the area of Xerém. This is something that he has been doing throughout different areas when there are times of emergency and shows that he truly has a dedication to the people who live in these areas. He has helped with passing out medications, finding water sources for the people and educating them on how they need to react to the situations that are happening as a result of the flooding that is going on in the area.

There are many things that could happen as the result of a flood. People may become dehydrated because of a lack of clean, fresh water and Cortes has made it a point to provide them with bottled water to ensure that they have something fresh that they will be able to drink as opposed to water that may be contaminated with waste or disease. He has worked to not only tell people about the water issues but to advise them what they need to do to get fresh water. By handing out bottles of water, he is giving them more of an opportunity.

Many people may not be aware of the dangers that can happen after a flood has occurred. Sergio Cortes wants to make all people aware of what is going on with the flooding and help them avoid any issues that may arise as a result of the flooding. He knows that it is his job to provide these people with the best care possible, but also works to provide them with the best education when it comes to things they need to avoid after a flood. He wants people to know that he is there for them and works solely as a medical professional to provide help to the people.

After a flood, there is always a spike in the disease in the area that the flood has occurred. From meningitis to chicken pox, people have the opportunity to become ill as a result of bad hygiene and infection that can spread through the flood water. Sergio Cortes has been working day and night to find out which areas have disease as a result of the flood. He has also worked to hand out medication that people may need if they have already caught the disease that was spread.

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US Money Reserve – Spreading The Holiday Spirit

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Trading in certified gold, silver, and platinum coins minted and backed exclusively by the United States Government, the U.S. Money Reserve is one of the country’s largest precious coin distributors. From its Main Vault Facility, the U.S. Money Reserve has sent out over a million certified coins to the homes, businesses, and banks of its clients – providing them, over the years, with tangible assets valued in retail at over half a billion dollars.

Access to rare, valuable, and certified coins, however, is not the only reason why precious metal investors choose the U.S. Money Reserve. Designed to provide potential investors with optimum service, the U.S. Money Reserve Company is staffed with over 100 experienced professionals in the areas of Numismatic Expertise, Coin Research, Sales Verification, Compliance and Standards, Business Support Development, Customer Relations, Vault & Shipping Expertise, and Gold Specialist Consultations.

In doing business with the U.S. Money Reserve, clients not only have access to experienced gold professionals, the physical acquisition of their purchases in the form of actual gold, silver, and platinum legal tender, and top of the line customer support, but are also protected in their investments. With the Company’s 100% Money Back Guarantee and its Price Protection Program, clients can both return their purchases for a hundred percent refund within 30 days, or re-price their orders if the U.S. Money Reserve’s selling price decreases within a seven day period from the time of purchase.

Providing clients with certified quality purchases, exemplary customer support, and guaranteed price protection programs, it’s no wonder that the U.S. Money Reserve is amongst the largest distributors of precious metal coins in the country. U.S. Money Reserve is a name clients trust.

This holiday season, the U.S. Money Reserve wants to give back to the community that’s helped it grow over the years. Partnering with the Capital Area Food Bank, who last year alone delivered 31 million pounds of food to families in need, the U.S. Money Reserve is encouraging clients, families, and friends to donate to the Central Texas Area Food Drive. More information about how you can help the US Money Reserve reach out to families in need this holiday season is available at Crowdrise.

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