Eric Lefkofsky: Changing the Fight Against Cancer

Many lives change when a loved one is given a live changing diagnosis. Multiple trips are made to many offices, medicines are prescribed, and treatments are given. Sometimes even all of that isn’t enough and medicines have to be switched out along with getting more tests. That’s what started this journey for Eric Lefkofsky.

When Eric Lefkofsky learned about the diagnosis his wife was given, both lives were turned upside down. Cancer changes the lives of millions of families. All of the treatments, testing, and life changes get exhausting when someone gains that diagnosis. When Eric Lefkofsky started learning what treating cancer was all about, he thought that some form of technology could simplify it a bit.

On a mission, Eric went on to create Tempus. This is a platform that is capable of analyzing data from cancer patients right down to the molecular level. This way they get specific treatment and it will be more effective. Tempus also has a language processor to turn notes into more structured data. The company is also driven by pushing the price for this type of technology and science down so it can be easier to run tests. Running tests and gathering data from many human genes is important to treating and eventually preventing cancer in the future.

Having technology such as Tempus in more offices and clinics will help make patients feel better faster. Trial and error with medicine and treatments will happen less frequently because the technology will be able to help figure out what will work and what wont. Tempus will not only help with cancer but other diseases as well.

Although Eric Lefkofsky has an educational background in law, after dealing with cancer in his own family, he got right into the technology world and successfully managed to make something very useful to many. He has left his home state of Michigan to live in Chicago near the headquarters of Tempus so he can continue working on this very important project that will change the health care field for ever and even help the save the lives of many.


USHEALTH Advisors address

USHEALTH Group is a company that offers a platform for plans that allows one to make health coverage to fit the requirement perfectly. It is termed as the best innovators enable flexibility and affordable plan. It is dedicated to setting innovative services to the self-employed individuals, accidents, and disability insurance solution. It has made a tremendous transformation in serving more than 15 million clients.

The USHEALTH Group family adjusts their goals to fit the health coverage of their customers. Their first agenda that marks the goodwill of the company is the way they value the array of their clients. They allow them to choose protection that is appropriate for them. USHEALTH Group family has developed the best platform for the coverage in the promotion of the choice of the customers. Their unique product design makes them stand out of other companies that are providing the same service.

Furthermore, the company also provides first dollar benefits and discounts for the limited budget customer. The move has made it affordable than any other comprehensive plans that are offered by other companies. Additionally, USHEALTH Group has given a room for the customers who want their security to match a given coverage approach of a specified level. The company is committed to achieving their goals through standards service provision to their clients at all level of coverage. This is considered to be the right move for the company that has earned credibility standards.
The commitment and personal attention of the USHEALTH Group have increased their trust depth and made recognized as the leader in business growth and client care. Many business owners have diverted their attention to the USHEALTH Group to achieve their insurance coverage requirements. The fact that every customer is treated uniquely within the company has made it possible the expansion of solution choice. Moreover, it has an exceptional procedure of claim that is not equivocal to their customers. The records of the company on claims processing and payment of the clients have no default. This has set an excellent reputation to the USHEALTH Group.

As a matter of fact, USHEALTH Group has a good platform that matches the needs of their clients. This has Placed the company at a vantage position over other businesses.

The Passion and Power of Prevention

Dr. Andrew Manganaro is a man of hard work, dedication, and progress. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he received his M.D. from New York University School of Medicine. He then completed his residency and chief residency at New York University/Bellevue Hospital Medical Center, before attending UCLA School of Medicine as a research fellow in cardiovascular physiology. He also received his board certification in Thoracic surgery, followed by a 35 year private practice of cardiac, thoracic, and vascular surgery. Retired from private practice he is now serving as Life Line Screening’s Chief Medical Officer.

Life Line Screening is a company dedicated to identifying health issues in asymptomatic patients before they become serious or life threatening. They offer three types of preventative health screenings such as noninvasive ultrasounds and EKG’s as well as finger stick blood screenings. Theses tests are used to detect problems such as clogged arteries, irregular heartbeat, and high cholesterol. Quick and easy these screenings need little to no preparation beforehand and have become a key agent for early detection in patients with diabetes, cardiovascular health issues, and so much more.

Dr. Manganaro is “heartened” by the widespread acceptance and increasing credibility of Life Line Screenings. The company has been vigorous in their marketing, making their services available to communities nationwide through community centers, places of worship, senior centers, and corporations. This passion for prevention comes to Dr. Manganaro from experience. In one interview he says, “I spent my career in clinical medicine and surgery seeing and treating the sequelae of vascular and cardiovascular disease. Oftentimes, catastrophic outcomes resulted from diseases such as ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms which could have been easily and safely treated had the patient known of the presence of the disease before the catastrophe. Life Line Screening provided the opportunity for that.”

With this passion he only intends to grow, bringing new ideas to life with the “hard work and cooperation” of his team of experts. Continuing to bring revolutionary preventative health screening methods to the community through ongoing collaboration with credible universities and state of the art technology, Dr. Manganaro believes in order to move forward one must, “assess and re-assess your failures so as to learn from them.” With this mindset he is taking Life Line Screenings to greater heights and showing the world the true power in prevention.

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Dr. Sergio Cortes Is Used To Dealing With Health Emergencies In Brazil

When anyone meets Dr. Sergio Cortes for the first time, they see a dedicated health professional that has a history of responding to health emergencies in Brazil. Dr. Cortes is the Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director of Rede D’Or São Luiz in Rio. According to his LinkedIn page, he was Brazil’s Secretary of Health from 2007 to 2013. Dr. Cortes has an extensive LinkedIn following because of his informative posts.

While Dr. Cortes served as Secretary of Health, Brazil had several health emergencies. The Dr. Cortes emergency respond team was present to identify health issues and treat people that were involved in a natural disaster like the Xerém, Duque de Caxias, flood that took place in 2013. The threat of a dengue outbreak in that devastated area was high, and the Cortes team went into action to prevent a major outbreak. The Dengue virus is spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, and the flood waters in Xerém gave the mosquitoes perfect breeding grounds. Streets, homes and cars were flooded, and the Aedes aegypti mosquito can breed in anything that holds a small amount of water.

Even though Dr. Cortes left the Ministry of Health at the end of 2013, he has been very active in the current Zika virus outbreak. Dr. Cortes is still one of Brazil’s top medical advisors, so his expertise was needed to identify symptoms and to find out more about Zika. April 2015 was the first time any cases of Zika were reported in Brazil.

Dr. Cortes discovered similarities between the Zika virus and dengue, but his team discovered complications that no one expected. AS the number of Zika cases increased in the Northeastern region of Brazil, doctors were reporting an increase in the number of microcephaly cases. Dr. Cortes knew that microcephaly cases in Brazil were lower than in other countries with a tropical climate, but the Zika virus seemed to be contributing to the increase in microcephaly reports.

Dr. Cortes recently sent his followers a tweet that Brazil has reported more than 1.5 million cases of the Zika virus since May 2015. In another tweet, Dr. Cortes said there are 745 confirmed cases of microcephaly. Brazil usually has less than 200 cases a year. There is no vaccine for the Zika virus, so trying to contain the virus has been difficult because infected people can infect their sexual partners. That is one of the reasons Zika spread so quickly in Brazil.


Growth of Solo Capital and Success of Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital is a global boutique financial service company with its headquarter in London, England. The company has specialty in consulting, professional sports investments and proprietary trading. By end of March last year, Solo Capital Partners possessed a net worth amounting to £15.45 million, they had a cash flow amounting to £30.26 million and assets amounted to £67.45 million.

The Solo Group Holdings controls the Solo Capital Partners with Sanjay Shah as founder and CEO. Sanjay Shah is also the owner of the Aesa S.a.r.l that controls the Solo Group Holdings. Shah owns over three dozen other firms across London, Dubai, British Virgin Islands, Malta, The Cayman Islands and Luxembourg. Before Solo Capital was incorporated, Shah made a fortune of more than £19 million for year ending March 31st 2011. As of 2014, Shah took over the Old Park Lane Capital, which was an institutional and invite-only stockbroker focusing on natural resources. By January of 2016, Shah had a net worth amounting to $280 million and considered himself retired.

Sanjay Shah and his philanthropic works

In a recent interview, Sanjay Shah highlighted that he did not start out in financial investment and industry. He had enrolled for medicine before coming to a decision that being a doctor was not where his heart was. He shifted field and became an accountant. He worked for a number of investment banks such as Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. Shah became jobless during the 2009 financial crisis, and with no prospect of landing new employment, he came up with a decision of starting his own brokerage firm. It was at this point that Solo Capital began.

Sanjay Shah was born in September 1970 in a family of Kenyan immigrants. He grew up in Marylebone and later joined King’s College where he studied medicine. He is currently a reputable British businessman who actively participates in philanthropic activities. He is the founder and CEO of Solo Capital partners. On 7th of December 2015, Shah resigned voluntarily from Varengold Bank’s Supervisory Board. This move was motivated by his desires to go for an early retirement and lay more focus on his philanthropic works and new business ventures.

Shah is a loving father of three kids. Unfortunately, one of his kids is autistic. This motivated him to fund the Autism Rock, which aimed at helping children suffering from autism. Shah acts as the CEO of Autism Rocks organization, and he has arranged various events that have been graced by popular international musicians.

From his medical background, Shah became more interested in discovering the cause of autism in addition to helping the affected families. The efforts being put in research of autism is very low according to Shah, and he is contemplating of starting a funding project to enable more research on this condition.

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Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital has portrayed immense success throughout the years and has continued to increase its business through Dubai and Central London. It was created by Sanjay Shah who is the CEO of Solo Capital and has aimed the company specifically towards proprietary trading, sports and investment consulting. The million dollar company has invested in highly specialized staff that exhibit exquisite advice and expertise. Shah started out with a few employees to get the company going at first, and has grown into a company with 39 locations located in Dubai and Central London. It has a reported net worth of $280 million and is continuing to thrive and increase its business daily. Sanjay Shah has recently been able to semi-retire from Solo Capital, and allows his executive management team to fulfill the roles needed for the successful business transactions. This has allowed Shah to take part in a passion he has recently become involved in.

He started his career in accounting and the investment banking business. He has always had a love for music and was able to be involved in that as well. He is from Kenya and moved to Central London with his family when he was a child. After high school he decided to attend King’s College to study medicine. He found that becoming a doctor wasn’t for him, so he switched his degree to accounting and began to pursue that degree. He graduated with his accounting degree and worked in the accounting and banking business for a number of years. After many years of this he decided he wanted to start his own brokerage firm. That business became called Solo Capital and began to expand rapidly and efficiently.

He has had the opportunity to sit back behind the scenes of Solo Capital and pursue his other passion, Autism. He currently launched his own charity called Autism Rocks where he has helped raise money for the cause, education and research development of the condition. His son was two years old when he was diagnosed in 2011 and he wanted to do everything he could to help him. At the time, he didn’t know a whole lot about autism so he wanted to envelop himself in as much information as possible so he can help his son. He understands that not everyone has the ability to get the help they need so he wanted to start a fundraiser that will help those in need. Because of his career in the music industry, he was able to form an agreement between many famous music artists by involving Autism Rocks in their concerts. Music artist such as Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble, Prince and Drake are only just a few artists that have helped aid in the fundraising process for Autism Rocks.

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New Jersey’s Avi Weisfogel Helps Operation Smile

Operation Smile is a famous nonprofit organization known for their philanthropic work with children who have been afflicted with cleft lip of palate as well as other facial malformations and deformities. With the aid of surgeons, Operation Smile has provided free surgeries in parts of the world where medical infrastructures are lacking in the expertise or funding to assist suffering children and young people. In order to carry this out, medical professionals and assistants volunteer their time to ensure that unfortunate persons could have a chance at a healthy life. That they need funding in the form of a GoFundMe campaign is both a sign of the times and the indication that even skilled people with the best of intentions can’t do it all on their own.

At the head of the crowd-sourced campaign is Dr. Avi Weisfogel, who has pledged every dollar donated to his campaign will go directly to fund the work of Operation Smile during their medical excursions around the world.

Dr. Avi, a Rutgers graduate, obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from New York University College of Dentistry and began his career in the field of dentistry at Old Bridge Dental Care where he handled patients and administrated the business of this healthcare office. For several years, thanks to the dedication of his team and concern for patients and service, they were acknowledged as Top Dentist. Personally, Avi isn’t short of accolades for his work in cosmetic surgery and implants.

Unconventional paths are not mysterious to Avi, which makes his outreach to Operation Smile seem most logical. After his time in a traditional setting in dentistry, Avi was ready to reach out to different specializations. With rudimentary oral care behind him, he now owns and operates Dental Sleep Masters in New Jersey. Along with Dr Glassman, he assists patients and instructs other healthcare providers how to deal with issues of sleep apnea with oral medical devices and accessories. By adapting his nontraditional career path and accompanying education, Avi has become a leading expert in the field of sleep disorders, treatment, and the effect they can have on a patient’s oral health. Understanding the many ways in which oral health can be compromised and the importance of addressing these issues in those who do not have access to regular oral care or a dentist has driven him to assist Operation Smile with his GoFundMe campaign.

Daniel Amen Shows Us How To Eat To Improve Mood

Keeping up with politics can really get you down. From petty disagreements to life-changing policies, politically-minded folk can really get bogged down in the mess. So how do you stay positive in a negative world?

Plenty of people eat food that they hope will change their mood. Unfortunately, this is generally food that is unhealthy and does not actually work to improve one’s mood. Instead, there are certain foods recommended by  Daniel Amen, MD that could do the trick. 

Dark Chocolate That Is Sugar Free

Daniel Amen recommends this type of chocolate as a good food to turn around the mood. The dark chocolate is made from different things than milk chocolate and is a lot healthier as a result. This one is great for the cardiovascular system and helps people to turn the mood around. 

Raw Spinach Is Where Good Moods Happen

Not enough of us are getting enough of our dark greens. It is something that unfortunately puts a lot of us in poorer health than we should have been. Raw spinach is exactly the type of mood changing food that should be something that we are consuming. Daniel Amen says that this one should be used as a substitute for the lettuce that so many of us are eating all the time. 

Lean Protein 

We do all need protein in our lives, but lean protein is preferred in comparison to the heavier meats that many of us are used to. It is best to skip the steak and thing about fish instead. A nice salmon meal can actually do a lot of good for the people who are looking for the mood boost that protein can bring. Protein is essential for good brain activity. However, everyone should get a nice balance of the types of meats that they are eating. Including more of the lean meats can do people a lot of good. 

Bring In The Walnuts

Finally, walnuts are a good choice for the brain. They are full of Omega-3 fatty acids which have been proven to be good for the brain. Daniel Amen believes that these are the types of things that can really turn the mood around. Besides that, walnuts are relatively fair priced, and this makes them a good buy as well. It is something that will keep you happy as you are blazing through your day in a better mood and with more money in your pocket. Keep this in mind when you are considering how you might go about getting a better mood from the foods that you eat.

For more from Daniel Amen, check out his work for the Huffington Post or you can read one of his many bestsellers.

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