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Hair Care for Women with WEN by Chaz Dean

If you are looking for a way to make your hair beautiful again without adding too many harsh chemicals, you will want to give Wen by Chaz Dean a try. The one thing that all women can agree on is that we as women will put our hair through a process to make it look better than it ever has before. It’s hard to make our hair healthy once it has been through a process of harsh chemicals. With the WEN hair care line, it is easier than ever before to get our hair healthy again.

You might not think that you are using a number of products that can hurt your hair however it is not just harsh chemicals that you have to worry about. Each time that you apply a flat iron to your hair, a curling iron or even a hair dryer, you are causing more damage to your hair. It is actually causing more damage than it actually is doing any good to your hair. Sure it is applying a short live fix however if it rains, if it’s too humid or even if it’s too windy, that short live fix is out the window. Your hair needs more than just a short fix.

WEN by Chaz will allow you to have healthy hair without compromising any of the appearance you want to achieve. The cleansing conditioner works to keep your hair clean from ingredients that would and could weigh it down. It is formulated to make your hair healthy without the harsh chemicals found in many conditioners or shampoo’s. Since there is no harsh chemicals in the conditioner or shampoo, your hair is not only stronger but it is more manageable than it was when you first started. That’s why more women choose Hair by WEN.  Need Wen? The products are Sephora available and can be bought online, simply go to the website or the official Chaz Dean Store to purchase.

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Top 3 Wen By Chaz Dean Hair Care Products

Wen by Chaz Dean is a hair care system that offers chemical free, high quality hair care products. Each product is designed to give softer shinier more manageable hair. Below are the top three products that when has to offer.

The Cleansing Conditioner

The cleansing conditioner is one of WEN first products. Designed to be a two in one product that cleanses as well as conditions it is made free of sulfates and leaves hair soft and shiny. The cleansing conditioner is very simple to use. Simply wet hair, add the recommended amount of pumps and apply to hair. Allow to sit and rinse and hair will be softer and more manageable right away.

The Re-moist Hydrating Hair Mask

The Re-moist Hydrating Hair Mask is a hair mask that is made to add moisture and shine back into the hair. The hydrating mask is formulated for all hair types and is very simple to use. Simply apply to clean wet hair and allow to sit for up to 20 minutes before rinsing out. The longer it sits the softer the hair will feel.

The Nourishing Mousse

The nourishing mousse is a styling product that is both lightweight as well as extremely flexible. It leaves hair feeling healthier and shinier without adding a ton of sticky residue. It is made free of harsh chemicals and leaves hair feeling and smelling great. It is very simple to use, simply apply to wet hair and style as normal. Hair will be less sticky and tacky then with normal styling products.

These are just three of the top hair care products that Wen by Chaz Dean, has to offer. They also offer a full line of styling products such as anti-frizz creams and other cleansing conditioners. Each product is made free of harsh chemicals and leaves hair shiny and much more manageable. All these products are available on Amazon.

For more product information, visit the wen website. Check out the official Wen Facebook page for more details.

Great Hair With Wen By Chaz Dean

Lustrous, beautiful hair, the kind that swings in the breeze and turns heads everywhere you go, has always eluded me. I’ve still had a good life, but I’ve always longed for the great-looking hair that women on television and in magazines seem to take for granted.
My hair is very oily and lank, so it’s hard to style. It’s just flat. It sits there. I wrote about my hair adventures on, so you can tell it’s been an obsession.

I’d given up on having great hair until I heard about the WEN hair by Chaz Dean shampoo and conditioner product line. These Sephora endorsed very natural products were developed by the stylist in response to the complaints he’d heard from his clients who wanted a great hair product that would make their hair clean and bouncy.

I tried the Amazon best seller Sweet Almond Mint style of shampoo and conditioner for a week, using a large palm full with each washing. Wow! Within days I was getting compliments, and by the end of the week I was a whole new me. Wow!

Yes, I’ll be using more and more of these shampoos and conditioners. I’d like to try the Fig scent as well, as it is just yummy.

Thank you Wen hair by Chaz, for giving me new hair!

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