Heart problems can hit rather fast and unexpectedly. These conditions end up leading people to visit a cardiologist routinely to deal with the aftermath of a diagnosis. Cardiologists are trained to provide the right kind of help needed to treat these diagnoses. However, there is one doctor at Glen Cove Hospital in New York who is the best in his field: Dr. Edward Honig.

What Does a Cardiologist Do?

Cardiologists are proficient at taking care of patients who have heart problems or issues with their blood vessels. They study this field of medicine extensively, and they have to become board certified to become a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology (FACC). Only doctors who are outstanding in their field receive this type of certification. Cardiologists attend university and post-graduate programs for many years to receive their training. Most programs last for at least seven, but they can last as long as ten.

What Services Do They Provide?

 The services cardiologists provide are crucial to most of their patients. They look closely at various tests to determine diagnosis and treatment paths. Some of these tests include ECGs, x-rays, and blood tests. From time to time, cardiologists have to perform surgery on their patients to treat certain conditions, so their services must also provide aftercare to these patients.

Why Should a Person Visit a Cardiologist Routinely?

As mentioned previously, most people wait around to see a cardiologist after a disastrous life event, like a heart attack or stroke, happens. Then, they end up seeing a cardiologist for routine treatment. However, people with family health histories that indicate trends in heart concerns should start seeing a cardiologist much sooner in their lives to receive preventative care. In this case, people are recommended to see a cardiologist through their primary care physician.

 Dr. Honig at Glen Cove Hospital in New York

 Some cardiologists stand out as the best in their field. Dr. Edward Honig is one such doctor. He is located at Glen Cove Hospital in New York, and he is considered to be the hospital’s heart of their cardiology program, no pun intended. He is mostly known for being a patient advocate as he focuses on caring for a patient above all else. His technique focuses on assuring patients that everything possible will be done to take care of their health needs, so this means that he is thorough with all of his appointments, especially when it comes to going over test results.

 Honig has been practicing medicine for almost 75 years, so he has become a force to be reckoned with in his field. He is mostly known for being an advocate for women’s heart health as he has focused on tailoring his cardiology skills to the needs of his female patients. He is rated as one of the top cardiologists with this focus in medicine for women.


Heart health is extremely important, so people should not wait for a catastrophe to strike in the form of a heart attack or stroke before they start seeing a cardiologist. People who live in the New York area should consider visiting Dr. Edward Honig at Glen Cove Hospital as he is considered the best in his field.