Call of Duty is an entertaining game and its zombies mode is even more fun. One of the best Call of Duty zombie maps of all time is Kino der Toten. It is a large mansion with numerous corridors, and if you are playing with three or four players, you can hold out for a very long time. Running trains around the center stage is a popular strategy that takes advantage of slow zombies. Another legendary map is Ascension.

Taking place in a futuristic military base, multiple floors connected by an elevator lead to close quarters combat. By picking up appropriate weapons such as shotguns and machine guns, you can gather enough power ups to outrun the zombies and set new records.


But make sure that you bring friends, because that’s what makes Call of Duty Zombies the best mode ever.  In fact, relationships have been started on the love of Zombies.  If you want to see some of these in action you can see down here:



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