Keith Mann is known as the Managing Director and one of the founders of Dynamic Search Partners, a firm that seeks talented executive employees for various companies for approximately ten years now. However, there is more to this man than simply being a leader in the entrepreneurial industry, as he is highly passionate about offering assistance to adults, children, and even animals in need.


Uncommon Schools


Uncommon Schools is a unique organization that provides education to the impoverished youth in New York who wish to finish high school, enter a respectable university, obtain a great job, and transform their lives as well as their families’ for the better. In 2013, Keith Mann’s company declared that they were teaming up with the said alternative learning system to be able to make more scholarship grants available for students, as well give them free consultation regarding the path that they wish to take after completing secondary education.


The help that Dynamic Search Partners offers to the Uncommon Schools students continues up to this day. Keith Mann encourages most of the employees within his company to participate in the cause. In truth, aside from advising the teenagers about their possible future and sending thousands of dollars to the charter high school every year, they annually hold a fund-raising event to increase the ability of Uncommon Schools to accept more students.


Animal Liberation Front


No matter how busy Keith Mann is with his business(es), he does not forget to ensure the safety of as many animals as he can gain access too. According to one particular interview, there were many times when the man risked his life to save the faunas due to his activism, and yet he never ceases to extend his help. One particular example of this is when he, as a licensed pilot, flew to Fort McMurray despite a lot of security and transportation warnings because he did not want the animals there to die in the spreading wildfire. In that same day, he rescued over 6,000 residents to the nearby cities since they were trapped in the burning place as well.