Greg Secker is a prominent English businessman. He owns a hedge fund, a brokerage firm and over 17 different companies. These companies range from philanthropic works to success summits to motivational courses. Greg believes that once he puts his mind towards something he makes it personal and always ensures that he succeeds.

Greg Secker has also been honored for his works and appointed to the board of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy. He appreciates the honor and hopes to use his wisdom to propose policies that can shape and inform the city about business gaps that exist in the UK as well as encouraging more entrepreneurs to participate in philanthropy. Greg proposes that philanthropy should not only be about writing checks but should be incorporated into their business model to ensure that even the employees can feel its effect. He believes that businesses should not only preoccupy themselves with making profits. Businesses should also make an impact in the lives of people. He says this is the only way a business is going to change the world.

Greg Secker believes in sharing his knowledge with people from all over the globe. According to him, it deprives you nothing to share life changing tools with others. He believes that having money is not the end of everything. Helping others make money is more important. It gives them choices. The sole reason he shares his knowledge with the masses is to see them change their life. It all about empowering the people who may not have access to information as he did.

Greg Secker is a writer. He has authored the book Financial freedom through Forex. In this book, he details step by step guide on how to enter the financial markets. In the book are two effective strategies that will help traders start making instant income. He also hopes to write another book that will integrate philanthropy into business. Ultimately he wants to start a project where he will start an account from scratch and see it get to millions. He wants to get the real experience that graduates of his school Learn to Trade undergo through after completing their studies and have to work with small accounts.