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OSI Group is one of the world’s largest food provider company. The OSI partners with other world leading food service and retail enterprises to provide concepts and solutions that will benefit customers across the world. OSI offers efficient and trustworthy supply chain expertise, food safety and quality assurance practices, exceptional culinary skill, global flavor knowledge and also provides a commitment to sustainability throughout the year. The food network company has more than 65 branches located in 7 countries and has more than 20,000 employees. Its subsidiaries are located in various countries including; Germany, Ukraine, Australia, Philippines, Spain, Poland and the united states. The multi-billion company has been in existence since 1909.In 2016, the company received the globe of honor award by the British safety council. OSI was one of the eight organizations worldwide that won the prize.

The company has operated successfully in different countries across the world by sharing their ideas to global councils and best practices to deliver solutions to customers globally. It also helps its clients with a world-class platform that will make them grow their market reach.

OSI food solutions recently began to double its chicken production in Toledo, Spain. The production grew from 12,000 tons of chicken to a capacity of 24,000 tons of chicken. The investment was worth seven million euro. The company now produces a total of 45 tons of chicken, beef products and pork. The acquisition has created employment opportunity for the people living near the facilities. The Toledo, Spain food processing industry was launched in 1990. The managing director of the Spain plant José Maria Del Rio felt the need to have more chicken production as the people in the area had increased the chicken products consumption.

In seeking to grow its business, the OSI group purchased the Tyson food plant at 7.4 million dollars. The Tyson food prepared meals for the hospitality industry, and other clients from different sectors. When OSI bought the Tyson foods, it helped employees who worked with the company who would have lost their jobs if the company was shut down. They also purchased the baho foods that deal with poultry and meat. David McDonald, the company’s COO, said it was an excellent opportunity for the company to grow its market in Europe. OSI group acquired flagship Europe from the flagship group company that deals with the supply of frozen poultry and pies. The acquisition of flagship will give the OSI Company a broader presence in Europe.

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What Does The OSI Group Do?

Founded in 1909 in the Chicago, Illinois suburb of Oak Park, the OSI Group is a privately owned, American company that is presently a global supplier of food products to the world’s leading retail food and Foodservice company brands.

OSI group provides custom food solutions, excellent food quality, and food safety assurance to each of their clients. The OSI Group provides food products such as vegetables, pork, fish, hot dogs, pizza, dough products, poultry, bacon and meat patties. Because of their high standards and excellent management of environmental risks, this company has earned the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council as well as being named one of the Top 100 Food and Beverage Companies in the World.

In 2016, the OSI Group bought the Dutch food company Baho Food, the Chicago-based food plant, Tyson and an established UK Foodservice provider, Flagship Europe. A few known western clients of OSI Group include Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns Pizza, and Subway.

OSI Group Facilities
The OSI Group presently has 65 facilities in 17 countries, including the North American, Asia-Pacific, Eastern and Western European regions with U.S plants in Iowa, Oakland, Chicago, West Jordan, Geneva, West Chicago, Utah, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin and Riverside, California.

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Daniel Amen Shows Us How To Eat To Improve Mood

Keeping up with politics can really get you down. From petty disagreements to life-changing policies, politically-minded folk can really get bogged down in the mess. So how do you stay positive in a negative world?

Plenty of people eat food that they hope will change their mood. Unfortunately, this is generally food that is unhealthy and does not actually work to improve one’s mood. Instead, there are certain foods recommended by  Daniel Amen, MD that could do the trick. 

Dark Chocolate That Is Sugar Free

Daniel Amen recommends this type of chocolate as a good food to turn around the mood. The dark chocolate is made from different things than milk chocolate and is a lot healthier as a result. This one is great for the cardiovascular system and helps people to turn the mood around. 

Raw Spinach Is Where Good Moods Happen

Not enough of us are getting enough of our dark greens. It is something that unfortunately puts a lot of us in poorer health than we should have been. Raw spinach is exactly the type of mood changing food that should be something that we are consuming. Daniel Amen says that this one should be used as a substitute for the lettuce that so many of us are eating all the time. 

Lean Protein 

We do all need protein in our lives, but lean protein is preferred in comparison to the heavier meats that many of us are used to. It is best to skip the steak and thing about fish instead. A nice salmon meal can actually do a lot of good for the people who are looking for the mood boost that protein can bring. Protein is essential for good brain activity. However, everyone should get a nice balance of the types of meats that they are eating. Including more of the lean meats can do people a lot of good. 

Bring In The Walnuts

Finally, walnuts are a good choice for the brain. They are full of Omega-3 fatty acids which have been proven to be good for the brain. Daniel Amen believes that these are the types of things that can really turn the mood around. Besides that, walnuts are relatively fair priced, and this makes them a good buy as well. It is something that will keep you happy as you are blazing through your day in a better mood and with more money in your pocket. Keep this in mind when you are considering how you might go about getting a better mood from the foods that you eat.

For more from Daniel Amen, check out his work for the Huffington Post or you can read one of his many bestsellers.

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