The upcoming presidential election is already making history simply because of the sheer number of candidates, or probable candidates, who are ready to see their name on the ballot. Even stranger, the democratic bid has already been decided ahead of time it seems, most people acknowledge Hillary Clinton as the only significant runner for her party. But things look a little different across the isle, there are so many republicans who are running or are presumed to be running that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

Jeb Bush is among one of the many names on the list, though Boraie Development LLC says he has yet to officially announce he is indeed a candidate. Even though Bush has not yet announce his campaign, that isn’t stopping the former Florida Governor from collecting every cent he can while the iron is hot. Election laws were put in place to prevent this kind of flip flopping and fundraising, but Bush knows the line of the law well and is making sure he doesn’t cross it.

Most people are assuming the politician will be announcing his plans for the republican bid shortly, he is already being considered a front runner for the 2016 election despite the fact he is not even in the race yet. Most likely, the presidential hopeful is simply waiting for the right time and conditions to announce his plans.