Greg Secker is a forex trader who has been in the spotlight for his financial trading mentorship seminars. According to Learn to Trade, one his company’s websites, the 42-year-old has been trading forex for over 20 years now, a business that started from his home when he retired from formal employment. He has done marvelously well in terms of development.

Secker’s career as a trader has often gone unnoticed. However, his interest in financial trading education for beginners, through his companies, has attracted the attention of traders, critics of the industry as well as the media. Through Learn to Trade and Knowledge Action Group, Secker offers a free workshop to train beginners about the basics of financial trading, how to get started, the most profitable strategies as well as automation in financial trading. During the 2-hour seminar, beginners also witness actual traders in a live market.

This free seminar leads to a series of advanced courses about financial trading for those who wish to gain more skills. Secker knows there is money in financial trading, and there are millions of people around the world who would like to trade but they do not know how to start. Hence, he also offers paid courses to take the lesson further, sometimes running for three days. The three-day courses are broken down into topics like placing a trade, risk management, and exchange rates.

Some beginners expect to learn a secret formula in his courses, and immediate riches after attending the course. That’s why most of the disgruntled beginners claim Greg Secker preaches get-rich-quick schemes in his courses. For that reason, Secker or the coaches conducting his seminars, always explain that beyond learning how financial trading works, a trader must create strategies based on individual financial objectives. Each trader has specific reasons for taking up forex trading, and the risks and attempts each trader is willing to take are different. Secker may draw masses to his seminars because financial trading is a rapidly growing industry, but he can only offer skills that a trader has to implement by being in a live forex trade and learning as he/she goes on.