The Chinese government wants to make sure that they can make a move that will save their currency and their economy. They are staring down the barrel of an economic crisis that could be just like the one in America. The problem is that no one knows what the country will do, and the Chinese banker that gave information to Kyle Bass might or might not be correct. He says that the country plans to do just what the Americans did in their own crisis, but the two economies are not the same. There are more state businesses to think about, and the country runs its economy differently.


The information that was given to Kyle Bass might give some people a look at how they will make more money on investments in China, but they cannot assume that China will do exactly what America did. There is no guarantee that this information is good, and there is no way for people to know if it can be substantiated. UsefulStooges indicated that Kyle is talking about it because he knows that it sounds attractive, but he also knows that he has not put the work into it to see if it would be worth investing in.


He could put a little money into the issue, and he could lose that money without a problem. That same amount of money for the normal American is a major problem. That is why Kyle Bass is not to be trusted. He is causing problems for people who do not know how to invest because he makes it look like the research is not necessary. There are a lot of things that might change because of what has come out, and following Kyle Bass could be a problem. Investing with more wisdom is required at a time like this.