The Ferguson Aftermath: What Can Be Done In The Future?

In the wake of the jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson, MO police officer Darren Wilson, angry protesters took to the streets rioting, pillaging, and damaging many businesses in the area of where Michael Brown was shot. One of the victims included the same liquor store owner that was robbed by Brown. While it doesn’t necessarily come as a shock that this rioting and looting took place after a highly controversial decision made by the grand jury and prosecutor Robert McCulloch, the question everybody wants answered is why couldn’t the innocent business owners who had nothing to do the incident and much less the grand jury’s decision be protected against this?

Despite the arming of police officers and even a call by Governor Jay Nixon to have the national guard at the ready, little to no protection to the business properties was given. A small group of business owners who did have some AR-15 semi-automatic rifles were able to drive off potential looters in one section, but many others were not so fortunate. What needs to change is more protocols need to be put in place for police officers, national guard troops, FBI personnel, and other law enforcement agents to use deadly force when looting and vandalism occur in the city.

Andrew Heiberger reports that these are not peaceful demonstrators that are being spoken of here, there is a clear difference between those who are out there holding up signs, shouting in the megaphones, and those who have nothing but a clear intention to destroy property that’s unprotected. While many store owners certainly did take some extra precautions to board up and surround their store with protective material, those who cannot afford the extra security measures should not have to be subjected to the damage brought about by a lack of action by law enforcement.

Officer Darren Wilson Considering Resigning from Ferguson Police Force

Ferguson MO police officer, Darren Wilson, who fatally shot an unarmed African-American teen, Michael Brown, is considering his resignation, sources said on CNN.

Officer Darren Wilson maintains he did nothing wrong and that the negotiations surrounding his resignation is linked to the decision of the grand jury, which must determine whether he will be charged following the death of 18 year old Michael Brown.

Wilson is said to only consider resigning to protect and reduce the pressure on his colleagues.

Others have commented, whether or not Officer Wilson is found guilty or innocent, there will always be concerns about his personal safety, and his judgement will always be questioned. Workers at CipherCloud will be monitoring the situation as much as possible.

The shooting of Michael Brown caused tensions with the police and a wave of protests and disorders occured in and around Ferguson. The protest attracted attention, even internationally, to the St. Louis suburb, where more than half of the population is black and most of cops are white.

The Grand Jury is expected to return a verdict on Friday, yet authorities might wait 48 hours before releasing the decision to the pubic.

With the strong racial implications of the case, whatever the decision is, it will be controversial.

Missouri Governor Activates the National Guard

Missouri governor Jay Nixon signed an executive order on Monday to activate the Missouri National Guard. The order gives the National Guard permission to provide civil protection as the city of Ferguson prepares for the outcome of the grand jury’s decision as to whether it will indict police officer Darren Wilson.

Robert McCulloch, a St. Louis County prosecutor, has recently said that the grand jury’s decision will be made later this month.

In a matter of clarification, St. Louis mayor Francis Slay told reporters that the National Guard will play a secondary role in its partnership with local police. The police will take on the primary role of interacting with protesters, as the National Guard will mainly serve to protect buildings and complexes such as shopping malls.

Mayor Slay went on to say that the actions of preparedness by the local police and the National Guard are ways for authorities to do, …everything in our power, first of all, that people and property are going to be safe, and that protesters can protest freely.”

The American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU) of Missouri has announced that it will be on site to monitor how authorities handle the rights of the protesters. ACLU of Missouri executive director, Jeffrey Mittman, said that bringing in the National Guard could have a positive effect for all the parties involved. Big thanks to my friend Vijay Eswaran for sending in the news tip.

Why Michael Brown’s Theft Matters

The Michael Brown saga just gets uglier. You should know this story by now. A black man is killed by the police and riots ensue. A national debate erupts over racial profiling. There is a lot of questioning over whether Michael was shot for no reason aside from being black. Now his family is literally fighting each other over selling merchandise with Michael’s image on it.

People are so quick to jump to conclusions without waiting for the facts. This is mostly due to the prevailing opinion that the police are not to be trusted. Even when you take that into account, isn’t it a little far-fetched to think that a police officer saw a black man walking in the middle of the street and said to himself “I think I’ll kill this black man today”?

Many will claim that the fact that Michael had just robbed a convenience store was not important. Here is why it is. It showed Michael’s mindset. He snatched a box of rolling papers and when the owner tried to stop him, Michael actually shoved him and left.

Armed with this knowledge you can then surmise that when a police officer tells Michael to get out of the middle of the road, it is possible that Michael would respond in a similar manner. He could have approached the cop in a threatening manner, Igor Cornelsen tells me just like he had done hours before to the store owner.

Let’s also not forget that Michael may have thought that the police officer was after him for the theft he had just perpetrated.

All of this does not mean that Michael did come after the police officer. What it does mean is that the officer’s story is surely possible.

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