Eric Pulier is the founder of an entire host of entrepreneurial ventures that utilize technology in one way or another to benefit society. Pulier was born in 1966 and graduated from Harvard University in 1988, having studied wide variety of subjects including computer science, visual and environmental studies, and English and American literature. Three years later, he founded his first company, People Doing Things, which was concerned with providing educational as well as medical technology. What followed was a series of innovative ideas being implemented in the form of business ventures founded. Some of them, along with the year each was founded in, include Digital Evolution (1994), US Interactive Inc. (1998), Akana (2001), Media Platform Inc. (2007), Desktone (2007), ServiceMesh Inc. (2008), Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council (2010), FLF (2015) and, most recently, vAtomic Systems (2017).

Eric Pulier has also written on the connection between technological innovation and business concerns in his book, Understanding Enterprise SOA , published in 2005 with assistance from Hugh Taylor. He has also been published by Forbes magazine and the Harvard Crimson.

Pulier once revealed in an interview the one habit that he recommends every aspiring entrepreneur to adopt: writing down ideas as soon as they pop into one’s head, because there is no telling when that idea might lead to another which could become the next big enterprise. He also recommends innovators to ask as many people as they can for feedback on their ideas, without fear of their ideas being stolen, because, according to him, “It’s not the idea in the end that matters most, but execution.” For more info about us: click here.

Despite the plethora of start-ups he has founded and currently leads, Pulier finds time to work for the betterment of his community. One of his projects in this regard is Starbright World, the first online virtual environment for children with chronic ailments, so that they do not feel alone in their struggles. He has also donated to the XPrize Foundation which arranges contests that seek the best ideas to solve humankind’s problems. Lastly, he is a board member at The Painted Turtle, a summer camp for children afflicted with serious diseases.