Jordan Lindsey And The Forex World

2017 has been a great year in forex and cryptocurrency world but the initial coin offers launched have taken the center stage. What people do not know is that another 752 ICOs were launched raising in excess 5 billion dollars. This also saw more corporation embracing the cryptocurrency. This new year is going to be a more exciting year with different currents emerging.

The first thing that is emerging is the emerging of new structures for pricing and bonuses. The new regulation limiting the amount to be raised in ICO has seen most companies go lean and keen on raising the bare minimum. This also has seen focus turn to raising capital from institutional investors. The regulation has not been all negative.

The current trend seen is the wider adoption of ICO. Countries that did not really accept cryptocurrency have now started adopting it. This also seen fiscal authorities aligning their regulations increasing the adoption of cryptocurrency in a different jurisdiction. However, speaking about forex exchange and ICO and not mentioning Jordan Lindsey is a major disgrace to his achievements.

Jordan Lindsey is a trader, founder and experienced financial guru in the financial and tech industry. A graduate of St. Joseph college boasts of being a self-taught programmer and system. His career journey is one that is illustriously filled with major achievements and accolades.

His journey in the tech world started in the February of 1999. He was the Vice president of Maximum Capital Management Inc. He worked in that capacity for 2 years until the June of 2001. His career went a notch higher when he founded JCL capital. This new venture was established on the November of 2005 and he still remains in an active role. Jordan Lindsey is also r advisor to Energia Global a role which he took from 2017. Currently, he is still the Chief Executive Officer of Prive Information Services Inc. Jordan Lindsey has held this position since the February of 2012.

In conclusion, Jordan Lindsey stands out as a guru in the financial and service industry with his hands in more than one successful company.

Sahm Issues A Plain “NO” When Discussing Kodak’s Investing Potential

Kerrisdale is a reputable investment firm that operates in the private sector today. Sahm Adrangi is the head director at Kerrisdale and has managed to grow the company greatly over the past 9 years. Sahm latest focus has been on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology due to the interesting effects it has other various industry markets. One of the latest reports put out by Kerrisdale cautioned company investors to look out for Kodak, which recently saw dramatic stock price increases due to their involvement with a cryptocurrency group. While this may seem like an opportunity to some investors, Sahm sees it mostly as a sham.

Kodak’s shares jumped amazing 200 percent in the matter of a single night, bringing in nearly 300 million dollars in increased assets. They also launched their own technology for image licensing using blockchain. Unfortunately, much of what Sahm Adrangi has seen from the company has appeared to be shady business practice and he urges investors to stay clear of Kodak. Current trends in crypto are not going to save Kodak given the volatility of crypto in many markets in all sorts of industries.

Kerrisdale is in a short position with Kodak and will stand to make money off of the company’s failure, and this is because Sahm is sure they will not recoup. They are currently facing the exact same issue they were over 5 years ago when they had to file a chapter 11 due to their lowering profits. The competition is rising above Kodak because they are upgrading their technologies, which Kodak is still not doing. This is another reason Sahm Adrangi calls into question whether or not the management at Kodak is pulling some sort of scheme to take advantage of investor interest in cryptocurrency.

Since first founding Kerrisdale Capital, Sahm has been building his reputation with excellent investments and major returns. Sahm is known all throughout the investment industry and many individuals seek out his advice on where to invest their money. Sahm Adrangi’s latest focus is to help others find the right path to take when investing and help them avoid problem companies that are either failing or attempting shady business practices.


Perry Mandera: The Entrepreneur Who Gives It All

Perry Mandera has been in the forefront in offering emergency relief to victims of natural calamities around America. When Hurricane Katrina hit Mississippi and Louisiana, Custom Companies Inc. took forty trucks of relief supplies to the victims in each of the cities. Some supplies were collected through donations, and the company bought the rest.

The company also transported emergency supplies to Washington, Illinois to help the victims of 2013 tornado. In 2017, during the California wildfires, the company again gave transport, food and relief supplies to the residents. It also recently donated close to seven thousand winter coats to Chicago residents. The coats were transported to the residents using the company vehicles.

Giving is entrenched in Perry Mandera’s business. To oversee donations and the company’s philanthropic activities, Perry started the Custom Care Charities Inc. It works with community-based charity organizations offering support to the less fortunate members of the society. The company has offered scholarships to many young Chicago residents who have to maintain good grades in school to keep their scholarships. It also helps organizations involved in hospice care for the elderly, cancer patients and Aids-related activities.

Some of the organizations that work with Custom Care Inc. are the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation and the Jesse White Tumblers. The company also supports the Illinois State Crime Commission. Perry Mandera uses his marine experience to assist the commission to reduce youth delinquency and drug and substance abuse. They do so by sponsoring activities that positively engage the youths and empower them to keep out of crime.

In recognition of his contribution to the activities of the commission, Perry Mandera was awarded the citizen of the year in 2011 and the Bishop Sheil Award in 2010 (Crunchbase). He supports the commission through donations to support youth activities such as sports, and by personally mentoring the youth and pointing them to a crime-free lifestyle.

Perry Mandera has touched many lives positively by offering gainful employment, education opportunities, emergency relief and other community services to Chicago residents. When not at work, he spends time with his family, and he volunteers in church activities.



Shift Your Mindset From The Philosophy of Dr. Vijay Eswaran

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the Executive Chairman and co–founder of the QI Group, a marketing network company. Before starting the QI Group, Dr. Vijay took advantage of his educational background by putting what he learned to use, beginning the venture of becoming an entrepreneur. As an economists himself, before the company even came about, he would analyze every viewpoint on how networking can be a successful and a overall rewarding business opportunity. When he noticed how many problems were existing in the economy, Dr. Vijay Eswaran recognized getting the QI Group started, this would bring an immediate solution. With so much computerization and automation taking place in today’s society, when it comes to employment around the globe, manufacturers are able to carry out job descriptions and task without using people. As a creative entrepreneur, and a international business speaker, Ewaran has hoped on board with artificial intelligence, and is playing a major role in its revolution that is here to stay. Dr. Vijay has worked with organizations in the community, developing and mentoring both children and adults on empowerment, ultimately having his name listed in Forbes Asia’s list of Heroes of Philanthropy and Lifetime Achievement Award in Regional Philanthropy at 3rd Chinese World Economic Forum. Dr. Vijay likes to live with a balance, which is the main component to his success. Practicing meditation, and being aware that staying in control is how you create the mind to focus on what’s important, and at the same time being open minded towards new perspectives from others, that will only improve your business in the long run. What Dr. Vijay expresses that in order to succeed, sometimes you have to disrupt certain levels of thinking, and get rid of all boundaries in the mind, taking whatever you love to do, to a another level. His philosophy is to just keep pushing forward towards your goals, and you’ll be surprised how successful you can become with that mindset.

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Susan McGalla: Surpassing Gender to Rule the Business World

Susan McGalla has always been a hard-working woman. Born in Ohio, she was raised in a family that believed in the value of hard work and determination. She carried that attitude with her as she moved into her career. She knew that the only way she would succeed would be if she poured everything she had into what she did.

In the article, “How Pittsburgh’s Susan McGalla Paved the Way for Women in Leadership” author Joe Williams discusses some of the triumphs experienced by McGalla and how to address the lack of gender diversity in leadership positions of S&P 500 companies. The article, available at, brings up some very interesting ideas about how women in McGalla’s position can help support the next generation of female executives.

For McGalla, it has never been exclusively about her gender. While it is a factor, she believes that there is something to be said for letting your work speak for itself. She also explains that she has never carried a sense of entitlement or paid attention to prejudice. It appears McGalla is only interested in controlling the one thing she can control, herself.

With such a strong woman present in today’s business world, the author asks what can be done to encourage more women into these leadership roles. While gender initiatives mean well, they are not necessarily making an impact. The number of women in leadership positions has not increased as dramatically as expected from these programs. The problem, Williams purposes, is that women are not actively spending time with positive role models such as McGalla. With programs more centered on fostering a mentor relationship, women may be empowered to make more of a push into those roles.

Currently, McGalla is still excelling in the business world today. Her determination has moved her from a management position in a small company to the President of American Eagle Inc. She enjoyed a successful career at the top of her field while there and eventually left to found her own consulting company. She also serves as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Learn how concessions can benefit basic sanitation services in the country, by Felipe Montoro Jens

The Brazilian government has announced that it is in a bid to make concessions with the National Bank of Social and Economic Development (BNDES) concerning the rampant control of the environmental resources. Edison Carlos is the President and CEO of the Trata Brazil Company. The Trata Brazil is an institution that is focused on the basic sanitation services in the country. For over three decades of professional experience working for the government, Trata Brazil Company has always lived up to their dream, of becoming better business oriented. This has been depicted through their activated business solutions that achieve the desired business goals.

Edison Carlos has given basic points about their initiative in the world of business and sanitation development courses. Edison Carlos also believes that the services provided by the organization will also go a long way in improving the assisted capabilities for better business review. Moreover, they will also work a long way in improving the resource, structural, and management areas. One of the other aspects that were raised in an interview with the CEO and president of Trata Capital was the decrease in the waste and management portal products in the industry. The interview also focused on the points raised by Felipe Jens Motoro as an infrastructure specialist based in Brazil.

Edison Carlos also pointed out that the basic sanitation process in the country takes on more than 90 percent of the services provided by electric sources of power. Moreover, 70 percent of its users in the region take on over 70 percent of the basic services in the industry. According to Edison Carlos, the presence of a private sanitation initiative in the industry is not a reason why the public should not be involved in the sanitation system. This is because the two forms of government will be working to achieve the state government bodies in a manner that depicts true market leadership.

Sheldon Lavin Increased His Involvement In The Meat Industry In 1975

Sheldon Lavin was not well known in meat manufacturing before joining the industry in the early 70s. He began his career as a banker and financial advisor. Lavin had his own firm. He was introduced to the Kolschowsky family when they had an opportunity to build a plant for McDonald’s Corporation. The Kolschowsky family’s company was then known as Otto and Sons. It had started as a meat market in the early 1900s and grew into a major Midwestern meat manufacturing supplier. The Kolschowsky’s relationship with McDonald’s had put them in a very advantageous position. However, they did not have the funding to build the plant that McDonald’s requested. The bank suggested that Sheldon Lavin come in as a chief advisor and partner.

Lavin initially declined the opportunity to be a partner with Otto and Sons. However, he did sign on to be a direct consultant. He informed the family that if he were to ever come on as a partner that it would be under the condition he have equal decision-making abilities as the other partners. Over time Sheldon Lavin became more and more involved in the daily operations of Otto and Sons. Eventually the McDonald’s Corporation suggested that he become directly involved as partner. Lavin’s relationship with McDonald’s convinced him to become a partner with Otto and Sons. After one of the original partners sold out of the business arrangement. Sheldon Lavin became 50% owner of the meat manufacturer. Around this time the company became known as OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin’s business model pushed OSI Group to national and international levels. There are currently plants operating throughout the United States and areas such as Riverside and Oakland California, Wisconsin, Utah and Chicago. OSI maintains operating interest in the Philippines, Australia, Japan, and South Africa. The company is working hard to establish its presence in Europe. OSI made acquisitions to improve its standing in the area. Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group were added to the OSI team in order to ensure that they have a flexible business plan while pushing their influence in the region.

Sheldon Lavin is very active in philanthropy. He is a regular contributor to the Ronald McDonald House charities. Lavin is also currently chairman of the Capital Campaign. He supports the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, Jewish United Fund, United Negro College Fund, Evans Scholarship Fund, Boys & Girls Club of Chicago and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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Jason Hope contributes mightily to the fight against nation’s top killer

You may know Jason Hope as one of the nation’s leading internet entrepreneurs. Or perhaps you know him as one of Arizona’s most prolific philanthropists or even as one of the internet’s most prophetic futurists. But one thing that Hope has not been widely known for are his magnanimous contributions to the world of medical research.Recently, Hope revealed that he had made a half a million-dollar donation to the SENS Foundation, a research foundation specializing in the treatment of diseases associated with the aging process. This large donation will go to atherosclerosis research, one of the most exciting and promising areas in medical research today. Atherosclerosis is the underlying cause of many of the nation’s top killers. These include heart attack, stroke and peripheral artery disease. But it is also hypothesized that understanding the underlying causes, at the molecular level, of atherosclerosis will lead to a greater understanding of all age-related illnesses, including the primary effects of aging itself.

It has been increasingly recognized by the medical establishment that the same molecular processes that underlie atherosclerosis, such as initial insult to the arterial lumen and the subsequent inflammatory reaction by the body, are precisely the same mechanisms that underlie so many other degenerative diseases. These diseases with related etiologies include arthritis, skin aging, glaucoma and even the neurodegenerative outcomes of aging, which themselves lead to dementia and even it’s more severe form, Alzheimer’s.

It is believed that by gaining a broader understanding of these processes at the most basic levels, new treatments will be able to be formulated, enabling a potential explosion in average life expectancies and increasing dramatically the quality of life for future geriatric cohorts.For his part, Hope had directed the money being donated to be used specifically for the cause of atherosclerosis research at the molecular level. Hope has long been an avid reader of the medical journals, staying abreast of all the latest trends and having a deep understanding of the ways in which medical research can profoundly affect the shape that the state-of-the-art will take in the future. Visit his Facebook profile :


Secrets behind Dr. Scott Rocklage’s Unparalleled Exploits

The lives of people like Dr. Scott Rocklage, Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures, have several lessons for both the old and young, male and female as well as business inclined individuals and people not given to business. We can keep mentioning their breakthroughs, which would not help much; we need to go a little further to examine what made them who they are today. Dr Scott Rocklage happens to be our case study in this write-up.


The ability for inventions and discoveries remains what I admire most in Dr Scott Rocklage. It is an uncommon talent; people with such are unstoppable on the path of success. Here is a man with 30 Patents to his name; that is simply extraordinary. Most of the new drugs he came up with got speedy approval from the Federal Drug Association simply because they were discovered to possess negligible side effects and very effective in addressing various health challenges. You can personally give them a try. The likes of Omniscan, Cubicin and Teslascan are some of his drugs.


Dr. Scott Rocklage knows the importance of sound education. He subjected himself to rigorous studies in some of the best institutions in the world. He is a product of the University of California, Berkley and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he obtained a Bachelor degree and a PhD respectively. While at MIT, he was opportune to conduct a research in Richard R. Schrock’s Laboratory. Schrock was the 2005 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry.


Dr. Scott Rocklage is an entrepreneur per excellence. In fact, I lost count of the number of top companies he had worked for at the highest level i.e. as CEO, President and Chairman. He is a much sort after fellow. Wherever he goes, he makes the difference. He has an unexplainable way of bringing back to life businesses at the point of liquidation. Even if a company is doing well, his coming always accelerates things in the positive direction.


Dr. Scott Rocklage believes in specialization, which may just be his most powerful winning formula. He displayed this conviction by remaining in the pharmaceuticals over three decades since he joined the industry. Little wonder, he is an amazing success today. There is simply no issue in the industry that Rocklage can not handle to the admiration of all. He is not a jack of all trade and master of none.


There is much to learn from the life-style of Dr. Scott Rocklage. The above are only a few.


Arizona Entrepreneur Jason Hope Looks to the Future

Although modern medicine has made some incredible advances in recent years, there is still plenty to be done, at least in entrepreneur Jason Hope’s point of view. The self-proclaimed futurist has taken a deep interest in not only curing age-related illnesses, but also in preventing them from developing in the first place. This is a marked shift from the usual development patterns of pharmaceutical companies. Instead of studying ways to stop a disease wholly, companies are far more interested in finding cures that are more easily marketable.

Luckily, Jason Hope’s business ventures have afforded him the opportunity to pursue expensive research that other companies have no interest in pursuing. Hope has accomplished this feat primarily through the direct funding of the SENS Foundation, which devotes itself to the study of “rejuvenation biotechnologies.”

In terms of preventing age-related diseases, much of the SENS Foundation’s work is centered around combating the body’s natural degradation process. As a body ages, the various life processes begin to break down the body and damage it internally, which is how age-related diseases eventually develop. In order to prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s from developing, the SENS Foundation is targeting the source: aging. If the SENS Foundation can prevent the body’s own metabolism from damaging itself over time, then the SENS Foundation believes that it will have create a kind of anti-aging technology.

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Although Hope’s philanthropic efforts are unique in their consistency, there are other philanthropists that are also becoming increasingly interested in anti-aging technology. As more and more of the wealthiest in the country begin to follow Jason Hope’s example, it’s clear that it will only result in the SENS Foundation developing its technology and research more quickly.

Aside from Hope’s monetary backing, the SENS Foundation also has the revolutionary Aubrey De Grey at its helm as the chief science officer. With their leadership and Jason Hope’s money, it’s believed that the first person to live to be 1,000 years old has already been born. While it’s obviously impossible to verify this claim, it does show just how confident Hope is in the future of mankind. If we can live substantially longer lives, who knows where science will take us after we’ve moved beyond biological mortality. For Hope and the rest of the people at the SENS Foundation, this mystery is as enticing as it is perplexing.

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