Mr. Andrew Rolfe is the sitting Chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund. It is a society that is non-profit with a goal of improving the health, social welfare and education quality of the South Africans who are less fortunate. The society has its headquarters in Zwide Township, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

The owner of the foundation saw that he was an expert in hospitality sector so he could gauge and weigh who to benefit from the charity funds. The poor individuals will be able to get scholarships mostly the ones from Cape Province to complete their education with ease and get a bright future.

Andrew’s brilliance has seen to it that the kids get the quality life that they deserve and in the long run improve their life socially, in the health and education. He has managed to inspire and give hope to the young generation and the corporate world too so that they help the needy kids.

He would like to work together with like-minded fellows and organizations that accept his terms and conditions in character and beliefs. If one conforms to his conditions, then he can contribute and be a member of the foundation.

Limitations on the contribution are restricted since it can create legal issues that are unwarranted in the long run spoil the good name of the fund. They currently have benefactors who are ready at all times to guide the cause of the foundation.

Ubuntu Fund is now praised for its achievements, the members have a say in the issues affecting the fund and can contribute to the direction that it can take. In the board, Andrew Rolfe gives a chance to the members to see how the funds are used. This feature attracts more financiers who will contribute money because of evident transparency and efficiency of resources. Significant funds help in supporting large projects while small contributions assist in paying for expenditures.

He has continued to serve the fund without laxity, and he hopes people see his efforts. In the social platforms, he talks about where he is heading to the next day, and where he has been doing the charity work for children. Andrew Rolfe is active on Facebook.