George Soros’s University is Fighting Back to Stay Open

Liberal financier George Soros is a major democratic supporter. He is also a person that strongly supports open societies. An open society is a culture or system of government that allows people certain rights and privileges without interference from the government.

One of the major benefits of an open society is the institution of education. George Soros knows how important education is to a person’s success in life. Back in 1991 he opened the Central European University (CEU) within the city of Budapest, Hungary.

This university has been around a little over 25 years and it has been providing a top-quality education for thousands of Hungarian people who reside in and around the Budapest area. The university also educates people from across the world.

While CEU is located in Hungary, the university is registered and accredited within the United States. In other words, the University is considered an American institution and not so much a Hungarian campus for education. This of course has some Hungarian people up in arms.

Soros was born in Hungary and he lived through the Holocaust while it took place. The experiences that he encountered during those days have helped to shape his future. Soros had eventually become an American citizen and enjoys a dual-citizenship status between Hungary and the U.S.

When he opened up the Central European University he decided to fund the place from the U.S. where he currently resides. However, some Hungarian government officials no longer desires for him to do this. Viktor Orban is the name of Hungary’s current prime minister. He is responsible for the push to remove CEU from Budapest.

Orban claims that CEU is not a real Hungarian university because it has been set up through the U.S. and just located within Hungary. He is now pushing to pass legislation that will require all Hungarian universities to be registered within the nation.

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This new legislation will also require any overseas registered Hungarian university to be a part of a bilateral education agreement. In other words, if another country can have an accredited university within Hungary; then Hungary can have one of their campuses located within the U.S. Also, the degrees that are valid within the U.S. must also be valid within Hungary. Any university that does not agree with these changes must alter their name.

Keep in mind that Soros set up an American version of CEU and it allows degrees for Hungarian and American students. Many people in Hungary are protesting this move by the prime minister because they really value the education that CEU provides. At least 70,000 people showed up to join in a protest against this action. Soros plans to keep fighting to keep CEU in Hungary. He certainly wants the people to get the education that they need and desire.

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A Slow Start for Clinton

No matter what Hillary Clinton does, it seems like she is always in the spotlight. Her latest bout with the media is because of emails. She didn’t keep her emails a secret, and she used her own email address instead of a professional one to send messages, but that’s not good enough for politicians and others who want to bring her down. Since she deleted a few personal emails, osme that shouldn’t even be in the public spotlight in the first place, her campaign to run for President might be off to a slow start.  Brad Reifler ( knows that there will be people who view this as her trying to hide something, but how many people out there really let others see the private emails they send to other people? There aren’t many who would let someone read what they send because it’s no one’s business. If Clinton had personal emails deleted, then it might not be anything other than sending her husband a message that she doesn’t want anyone to read.

New Jersey Senator Menendez Could Face Criminal Corruption Charges

The U.S. Justice Department Is Getting Ready To Prosecute The Senator

Most people like Dr. Daniel Amen believe our two-party system fuels corruption among other negative political behavior. The government is a good hiding place for men and woman that want to misuse power and get away with it. We have a broken electoral system, and it is beginning to show signs of a major meltdown. A good example of this meltdown is New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez. 

The Democratic Senator is accused of using his office to promote the business interests of his Party’s donors. These so-called friends of the Democratic Party gave the Senator gifts for his powerful help and information. The Menendez camp denies the allegations. But the Federal Bureau of Investigation has had their eye on the Senator for some time. Two law enforcement officials say the corrupt dirt that is swirling around Menendez could bury him. 

The Jersey Senator is a former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a wishy-washy supporter of the President. Over the past two years, the Menendez name has been mentioned in questionable relationships with big money donors and underage prostitutes, but those allegations were discredited. But according to prosecutors, there is too much noise about credible corruption floating around Menendez. Prosecutors don’t want him to slip back into his cushy political hiding place without formally making him accountable for his actions.

The Clinton World Combats Scandals with Message: Do as We Say, Not as We Do

Hillary Clinton has stated that it is her desire to rise above partisanship and bring in competing political ideologies such as red, blue, right or left into the color purple IE bipartisan. It seems like a noble enough goal and is certainly a statesman-like approach to take. Still, the email scandal, which threatens to engulf her looming candidacy, reeks of partisanship. For starters, President Obama has a deep disdain for long-time Clinton ally Sidney Blumenthal. The seasoned political hack was banned from serving in the State Department during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. However, Mrs. Clinton not only eschewed using secure email at the State Department, she regularly corresponded via private email with Blumenthal. So much for the spirit of bipartisanship.

Falvio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG ( has learned that Mrs. Clinton has stated that her presidential campaign will place emphasis on a spirit of cooperation. However, her handling of the email scandal thus far suggests she is far from practicing what she preaches. While she has released private emails to the State Department, her team vetted which ones would be handed over. Presumably, nothing that could blow back on her campaign was deemed “relevant” for the public. In fact, the efforts out of the Clinton camp seem devoted to ensuring that they escape any blame at all. It remains to be see how effectively their camp is at deflecting scrutiny for a scandal entirely of their own making.

Is Hillary Clinton The Next President

There has been a great deal of first for this country in the past decade. When President Obama took office, he was the first African American male to ever sit in that seat. According to the next election, it could be another first for our government. Hillary Clinton is preparing for her campaign to the Oval Office. Many people are split on whether they want or think a woman can handle the demands of the White House. Others just think that she is the one who is not ready.

There is a large demographic that will vote for Hillary based on the fact of who her husband is. When former President Bill Clinton was in office, Jaime Garcia Dias thinks things were great. The economy was good and there were lots of jobs. However, when Obama took over, things began to go downhill. Now, all of this can’t be blamed on him, it could have happened no matter who was responsible.

Putting a woman in the Whitehouse is a risky move. Since there has never been one before, it could be a division in the government. However, one cannot forget that there are women in all facets of government both here and abroad. Women do rule by emotion more than men, but that doesn’t mean that they are not capable of making sound decisions. It will be an interesting election and to see who is left standing will be one for the record books for sure.

Obama Strikes a Hurdle with Amnesty Plan – District Court May Overturn

President Obama has used a broad definition of executive authority to issue new memorandums or executive orders redefining laws to include authority not granted by congress. In 2013, he used an Eisenhower-era law regulating the federal government’s ability to procure supplies to increase the federal minimum wage for contract workers without an act of congress increasing the wage. Bruce Karatz remembers this past November, the president redefined his authority of “prosecutorial discretion” to include giving illegal aliens a legal standing in the nation with a green card and access to benefits such as work permits.

On Monday night, Texas District Court Judge Andrew Hanen explained that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has the right to decide whether or not to enforce existing immigration laws. However, the judge sternly rebuked the Obama administration by stating it lacked the authority to order the DHS to actually reward the illegals with green cards and other benefits. The DHS is bound to obey the laws passed by Congress. It lacks the authority to actively seek to thwart the will of the Congress.

If the temporary injunctions stands, it will mark a major loss by the president. However, the decision will be appealed to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. The court may overturn the lower court judge’s decision based on the principle of “standing”. The Department of Justice is seeking to get the decision overturned immediately. Whether or not the injunction stands will not indicate the legal merits of the case the states have brought forth. The injunction is a procedural maneuver as to whether the amnesty plan can be halted while the courts rule on the constitutionality of the plan.

GOP Exasperates Over Obama’s Newly Released Detainee Reaching Out to Taliban – Obama Remains Defiant

News that one of the five Taliban fighters President Obama released from the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center contacted the Taliban with the intent of returning to combat has stirred up the indignation of the GOP. The former Gitmo detainee was part of the group released last year by President Obama in violation of federal law mandating congressional oversight. Congress is required to get a 30-day notice of an impending prisoner release in order to assess the threat to US forces and civilians. The president notified congress after the prisoner exchange occurred.

When the White House Press Secretary was asked if the president had regrets about the prisoner swap, the answer was a defiant “no”. The administration has taken the position that getting an American captive home has a value that is above any criticism. But my friend, Brian Torchin shared a link to his blog on that describes how GOP congressmen think otherwise. New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte pointed out that the five former detainees are residing in Qatar and are being monitored. However, the monitoring process is temporary. The senator asked aloud if one of the former captives was so brazen as to contact the Taliban during his probationary period, what will stop him from rejoining the Taliban after monitoring ends. The senator believes the prisoner exchange was not in the best interest of the nation. Texas Congressman Michael McCaul has asked the Obama administration to impose a moratorium on detainee releases citing the risk they will return to combat. President Obama is moving forward with plans to release as many detainees as possible.

Close Romney Aide Declares ISIS Would Not Exist Had Romney Won in 2012

Richard Williamson, a close Romney aide, informed the Boston Globe that had Romney won the 2012 election, there would not be an ISIS. The comments are deeply bothering the political left because they pick apart key shortcomings in the Obama administration’s foreign policy. They also lay out what is sure to be a common theme in the general election should Romney once again capture the party’s nomination.

The question that was mentioned by Darius Fisher, is whether it is an accurate statement to make that ISIS would not exist under a Romney administration. The brutal terrorist group called the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) arose from a power vacuum created by the hasty withdraw of US troops and an ill-prepared Iraqi army. Initially, it was believed that the better equipped and much larger-sized Iraqi army could deal with any insurgent threat. That proved to be incorrect as ISIS fighters quickly overwhelmed Iraqi security forces. In many instances, the Iraqi army would abandon field equipment which would later be seized and exploited by ISIS.

As the group began taking control of large swathes of Western Iraq, the US was initially unable to respond due to the lack of a permanent military base in Iraq. It is doubtful that had Romney been president, he would initiated arbitrarily assigned troop withdrawal dates. He would also have insisted on the establishment of a permanent US military base in Iraq to bolster the Iraqi security forces as a condition to withdrawing troops.

Democrat Push-Poll on Boehner Suggests 60% of GOP Voters Want Boehner Replaced as House Speaker

Pat Caddell, a long-time Democrat strategist and opinion pollster, conducted a poll through the EMC Research group to gauge the sentiment of Republican voters in regards to House Speaker John Boehner. The poll asked party members if they would prefer to keep Boehner as House Speaker or see him replaced with another generic unnamed representative. The number of respondents supporting Boehner stood at 27% with 60% favoring someone else. Some media outlets have been quick to jump on the poll giving it an aura of being a news story.

Polls which ask respondents like Christian Broda if they favor a specific candidate versus an unnamed candidate which the voter’s imagination can fashion into their ideal candidate usually show support for the latter. That is what has been the trend on Oxford Journals in the past. Things change once a person has to choose between actual people. What the poll did reveal is that a strong majority of Republicans support the job Boehner is doing by a clear margin of 52% in support and 37% disapproving. It may well be that if the same push-poll were used in regards to Senator Harry Reid, or Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the results would be the same. Voters often fancy the thought of an ideal candidate, but generally tend to support their existing party leaders regardless. At any rate, Boehner has already secured his position as Speaker of the House in the upcoming GOP-led Congress. He will take his oath of office along with all other congressman this coming Tuesday, January 6.

President Obama Takes Fewer Vacations Than Many Others

There are more than a few people who get on youtube or just to openly criticize the President for taking a vacation. His latest vacation is to Hawaii, and people are starting to say that he should be doing more work. However, CBS reporting shows that this President actually vacations less than presidents of the past.

It has been shown that to this point in his second term, President Obama has vacationed 160 days. This is in comparison to 405 days for President Bush during the same point in his term and totals of 174 and 390 for Presidents Clinton and Reagan respectively. This means that in reality this President is not vacationing anymore than Presidents of the past. As a matter of fact, President Obama vacations less than the others.

It is important to note that on vacation or not, Presidents are able to do all of the tasks that they would normally be doing at the White House anyway. They are completely able to have access to communications with the military and all of the departments that they need to come in contact with. They are not in any way prevented from getting the information that they need to get when they need to get it.

There are few who will likely consider weighing how many vacation days the various Presidents take. They are more than likely happy to just keep complaining about whoever is in office and the lack of care that they perceive that person to possess.

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