The refugees currently streaming out of Syria are causing much consternation for the countries taking them in. This is largely because of a lack of organization in the process says investing billionaire George Soros. He believes that he has some of the answers to help make the process more orderly and get things back on track again for all nations willing to accept refugees.

As many know, George Soros is a self made billionaire with a net worth of nearly $25 billion and much respect in the investing community. lists him as the sixteenth most wealthy individual on the face of the Earth. Better yet, Soros is not just an investor but a big thinker as well. He likes to try to come up with solutions to major world problems. A few of the solutions that he has come up with for the refugee crisis are as follows.

Accept Millions Of Refugees

The European Union (EU) has to accept millions of refugees in order to be successful in getting things straightened out. They should spread them around in a fair and equitable way. Currently, some countries are willing to accept millions of refugees while others are only taking a small number of them. This cannot continue to work this way if all parties are to come out ahead.

Create Funding For Neighboring Countries

Despite the news reports, the vast majority of refugees move into countries that are next door to Syria. They are not all moving to Europe, so there needs to be support for the millions who will venture into neighboring countries. It is believed that some four million people will come into neighboring countries. The EU should establish funds for those countries to help them deal with the influx of new refugees.

Create A Safe Path

In a MarketWatch interview, George Soros says that part of the solution is to create a safe passageway to get into Europe from the Middle East. Currently, a big part of the problem is that many simply do not have to go through the proper inspects before they are able to get into Europe. A safe way full of inspections is a better way to do things.

Get The Private Sector Involved

The private sector must get involved in order to help solve the problem. They are a big part of the solution and the only way that the government can really get to the root of the problem. Churches and non-profits are more than eager to help out with this situation, and their resources ought to be harnessed.

If the government steps out of the way and lets the private sector help, they can see better results than simply trying to go it alone.