John Goullet is a talented, visionary and innovative IT guru and a successful entrepreneur. His leadership style and individuality have been admired for so many years as he continues to prove to the world how talent is identified and managed. His exemplary career began after graduating from Ursinus College in 1983. He began working at Computer Sciences Corp as an IT and specialized in staffing. In 1994, he began his company called the Info Technology, a company that was dedicated to providing IT staffing solutions for firms in Fortune 500. Through his charismatic leadership, he was able to steer the company into being named one of the fastest growing companies in the country. In five years, the start-up was worth $30 million total revenue.



Goullet ran his company with foresight motivating his employees and doing right by his clients. In 2010, he decided to lead his company into a merge with Diversant LLC, a company that is also involved in IT staffing and services. As the current principal, he has led the company into a Minority Owned Business Enterprise, making it the largest African-American IT staffing company in the U.S.


John Goullet leads his company with a vision and the desire to uphold and maintain values. He advises people of all races to seek employment at the company as they value diversity. Goullet, in his LinkedIn platform adds that diversity is important to their company as it encourages innovation and more opportunities for their partners. He intends to transform the world of IT staffing and make sure that what they offer their clients is legit and of the highest quality.



John Goullet is an ardent reader and a keen observer. He tells Ideamensch that through reading and observing he draws ideas and inspirations from them. He admits that technology is ever changing and in order to be at the same level with it, one has to be informed always. He encourages entrepreneurs to seek the technology that suits their firms and use it to the maximum advantage.



John Goullet has climbed the ladder of success in his career which can be attributed to his charismatic and transformative leadership qualities.