Kate Hudson is a pretty wide known name, being a celebrity. She is known for being outgoing and fun, while staying active and fit. This is art of why Kate co-founded Fabletics, to provide unique quality athletic wear at an affordable price for everyone. Today she s leading the way for her brand and fashion with success.


Lately, Fabletics has been making news with their interesting and amusing commercials, which Kate Hudson herself appears in. She shares her workout routines in real life and a variety of products she uses that are available from Fabletics. She does a mix of swimming, yoga, and even boxing to show off that she not only owns the brand, be an avid user of it as well. These advertising commercials are designed to put customers in her shoes and form a better connection with the Fabletics brand. As new pieces come out she shows them off and posts pictures onto Pinterest.


There is also a funny side to the commercials from Fabletics, which show several ads poking fun at other lines of athletic wear for women. Not least of which is the crazy high pricing of some of the brands athletic pieces, just for the name itself, even if all a customer is buying is a plain black pair of leggings. Fabletics has even gone as far to show off other brands that other people would probably not want to use if they seen how it really holds up in use.


Currently, Fabletics is a subscription based athletic wear clothes line. When joining up for their products, clients take a quiz describing the kind of athletic wear the like and wear the most. This is when they provide different options for the first box delivery. Once started, a new box of athletic wear wil come each and every month for clients to use and try out. Every member is easily able to cancel or skip months whenever they wish as well, providing a flexible and fashionable option for people to use to get their athletic wear.


One of the key features for Fabletics athletic wear is that it is not expensive, unlike other name brand companies that charge hundreds for a single box of athletic wear, like yoga pants and leggings. No one should miss out on this affordable and fun opportunity from Fabeletics and Kate Hudson.