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Chris Christie Ups the Attacks on Senator Rand Paul

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie once again made it clear that he views Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s handling of the Freedom Act extension as irresponsible and ultimate lacking in grace. This week, the governor kicked off a new round of criticisms of Senator Paul claiming that history will expose Sen. Paul’s position as having contributed to another terrorist attack. Senator Paul succeeded at allowing the entire Patriot Act to sunset before a majority of the law was renewed days later.

Not only does Christie disagree with Paul’s position on the act, he finds it completely unacceptable that Paul used the incident to fund raise money for his presidential campaign. Sen. Paul loaded a video clip of his famous ten hour long filibuster of the law. From a political view, Christ Christie believes the entirety of the law must be protected. He believes that Senator Paul’s opposition to the Patriot Act was based on ignorance of how effective the law had become.

It is unclear if this will be the issue that brings Christie’s campaign to a primary challenge back to tier 1 status. Christie had been viewed by many as the GOP’s establishment candidate. Since that time, his support declined into low single digits as voters were put off by his brusque candidate. Brad Reifler even reports that Paul has consistently polled in the top four. His most recent support numbers are 9 percent. By comparison, Reuters writes that Governor Chris Christie has polled between three and five percent. Christie has also put a lot of time in New Hampshire hoping the early primary state can bolster his sagging support.

Governor Chris Christie May Still Be Held Accountable For The George Washington Bridge Scandal

Chris Christie wants to be a good president, but he is having a hard time being a good governor. If past behavior is any indication of future behavior, then Christie would make a terrible president. The latest debacle to rear its head again in the life of Governor Christie is the George Washington lane closure scandal. That scandal started in 2013.

Most people pointed their fingers at Christie for closing the lanes, but he said he had nothing to do with the debacle. Well, in an interesting turn of events FreedomPop Review a former Port Authority and high school buddy of Christie’s is expected to plead guilty to the bridge closing charges.

The big question is will David Wildstein, the Christie friend, spill the beans and implicate the governor? Chances of that happening are slim since Christie takes a bath in Teflon every day. Nothing stick to the robust governor, even when he is outed for weird behavior. Of course, some people say there are invisible boundaries of behavior for politicians. Christie’s behavior is a good example of those boundaries.

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