Inspirational Stories by Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a well-known motivational speaker, an entrepreneur, and a great philanthropist. He was trained in economics. Vijay is the executive chairman and founder of QI Group of Companies. This multinational company has broad interests in real estate, direct selling, retail, hospitality, and education serving more than 30 countries. Vijay Eswaran is the author of one of the bestselling books called ‘‘In the Sphere of Silence”. In his entire life, Vijay has spoken on different matters, especially around business and leadership as well as putting his thoughts in writing to affect other people. Any time he is not involved in travelling, Vijay dedicates his time to advocate for quality higher learning provisions in South East Asia. In his career journey, Vijay Eswaran has been honored with many awards for his wonderful business leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Like other recognized philanthropists in the world, Vijay has been featured in Forbes as among the Top 50 philanthropists. His leadership stretches to being on the advisory board of World Economic Forum’s Global Growth Companies. Moreover, he speaks regularly at WEF’s annual gathering in Davos.

Vijay Eswaran enjoys using stories, insights, personal experiences, and encounters to bring to attention the pillars of life management. Among the notes he shares includes the ‘3 Ways Fear Drives Success’ that elaborates on the topic of fear. He begins by saying that people have some fear within them and none is immune to fear. Some may choose to embrace their fears while others choose a different approach to their fears. What makes the difference in both is that some end up living an incomplete life. According to Vijay, fear keeps one alert on what is significant in their lives and what it requires is for an individual to learn their fears well. He points out that fear can be a great motivation towards ones’ growth. It also keeps you energized to fulfil your goals and finally it excites you. Vijay Eswaran has written another article addressing the five major stages of change that one should be aware of and embrace with the stages with much gladness. The first thing is that change starts with inner self. Secondly, it brings forth a cycle effect followed by the attraction of more changes. He does not forget to highlight that change may bring pain and finally recognize that not everything will definitely need to change.

Jordan Lindsey And The Forex World

2017 has been a great year in forex and cryptocurrency world but the initial coin offers launched have taken the center stage. What people do not know is that another 752 ICOs were launched raising in excess 5 billion dollars. This also saw more corporation embracing the cryptocurrency. This new year is going to be a more exciting year with different currents emerging.

The first thing that is emerging is the emerging of new structures for pricing and bonuses. The new regulation limiting the amount to be raised in ICO has seen most companies go lean and keen on raising the bare minimum. This also has seen focus turn to raising capital from institutional investors. The regulation has not been all negative.

The current trend seen is the wider adoption of ICO. Countries that did not really accept cryptocurrency have now started adopting it. This also seen fiscal authorities aligning their regulations increasing the adoption of cryptocurrency in a different jurisdiction. However, speaking about forex exchange and ICO and not mentioning Jordan Lindsey is a major disgrace to his achievements.

Jordan Lindsey is a trader, founder and experienced financial guru in the financial and tech industry. A graduate of St. Joseph college boasts of being a self-taught programmer and system. His career journey is one that is illustriously filled with major achievements and accolades.

His journey in the tech world started in the February of 1999. He was the Vice president of Maximum Capital Management Inc. He worked in that capacity for 2 years until the June of 2001. His career went a notch higher when he founded JCL capital. This new venture was established on the November of 2005 and he still remains in an active role. Jordan Lindsey is also r advisor to Energia Global a role which he took from 2017. Currently, he is still the Chief Executive Officer of Prive Information Services Inc. Jordan Lindsey has held this position since the February of 2012.

In conclusion, Jordan Lindsey stands out as a guru in the financial and service industry with his hands in more than one successful company.

Utilizing Teams, Louis R. Chênevert Grows United Technologies Corporation

Louis R. Chênevert has quite the illustrious career. Mr. Chênevert is from Montreal, Quebec. He attended HEC Montreal at the University of Montreal, receiving a bachelors in business administration. His career has been so impressive that he has since earned two honorary doctorate degrees, one from HEC Montreal and the other from Concordia University. His excellent education and innate business sense have led him on an incredible career path, including positions at General Electric and Pratt & Whitney. In 2006 he left Pratt & Whitney for a position at United Technologies Corporation (UTC) as Chief Operating Officer (COO). In 2008 he was named as UTC’s CEO, and he became chairman of the board in 2010.

As CEO of UTC, Louis R. Chênevert was known for how he focused on the engineering and operational talent. He acknowledged their key role in the ideas that created opportunities to exceed the expectations of UTC customers as well as produce great results. Mr. Chênevert also utilized small teams given the autonomy, tools, and funds needed to achieve key objectives at UTC. This approach helped UTC to be on the cutting edge as technology has rapidly changed.

Louis R. Chênevert’s attention to employees and the incredible impact they can have on a company came from his time as a line supervisor at General Motors. There, he learned how much employees want to have an impact on their company, and how much power employees wield. He took that knowledge to heart and applied it at UTC with excellent results. One of his biggest recommendations to young entrepreneurs is to put together not just a team with great resumes, but a team that can work well together to achieve goals. An excellent team can overcome obstacles together that other teams could not. A good team also maintains focus on their objectives, helping them to reach them. This, undoubtedly, can be seen in how Louis R. Chênevert ran UTC and UTC’s high success rates.

Sahm Issues A Plain “NO” When Discussing Kodak’s Investing Potential

Kerrisdale is a reputable investment firm that operates in the private sector today. Sahm Adrangi is the head director at Kerrisdale and has managed to grow the company greatly over the past 9 years. Sahm latest focus has been on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology due to the interesting effects it has other various industry markets. One of the latest reports put out by Kerrisdale cautioned company investors to look out for Kodak, which recently saw dramatic stock price increases due to their involvement with a cryptocurrency group. While this may seem like an opportunity to some investors, Sahm sees it mostly as a sham.

Kodak’s shares jumped amazing 200 percent in the matter of a single night, bringing in nearly 300 million dollars in increased assets. They also launched their own technology for image licensing using blockchain. Unfortunately, much of what Sahm Adrangi has seen from the company has appeared to be shady business practice and he urges investors to stay clear of Kodak. Current trends in crypto are not going to save Kodak given the volatility of crypto in many markets in all sorts of industries.

Kerrisdale is in a short position with Kodak and will stand to make money off of the company’s failure, and this is because Sahm is sure they will not recoup. They are currently facing the exact same issue they were over 5 years ago when they had to file a chapter 11 due to their lowering profits. The competition is rising above Kodak because they are upgrading their technologies, which Kodak is still not doing. This is another reason Sahm Adrangi calls into question whether or not the management at Kodak is pulling some sort of scheme to take advantage of investor interest in cryptocurrency.

Since first founding Kerrisdale Capital, Sahm has been building his reputation with excellent investments and major returns. Sahm is known all throughout the investment industry and many individuals seek out his advice on where to invest their money. Sahm Adrangi’s latest focus is to help others find the right path to take when investing and help them avoid problem companies that are either failing or attempting shady business practices.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi From Marilia To The Presidency

It is quite a shack up heading toward Bradesco in the next few weeks, confirmed by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the 4th and current president of Brazil’s 2nd largest bank.

Bradesco was found in 1943, in Marilia, and since that time it has grown to play major roles in the economic environment in Brazil. Bradesco as the years go by it became one of the prominent banks in Brazil. News of the changes coming to the bank has caused some concern. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has taken some time to explain the details on the changes and what to expect moving forward.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has confirmed the new president is currently part of the Board of Directors, and once appointed he will be removed from the board. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi revealed the next president will be current vice president and chief executive officer, Octavio de Lazari Junior. Octavio de Lazari Junior was one of the seven vice president sitting on the board considered for the new role. CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi continued to detail, these was a little dissatisfaction with the choice of going with Octavio de Lazari Junior. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi says during the Ordinary General Assembly (AGO) scheduled for March 2018, Octavio de Lazari Junior will officially be named the new president. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi explained now the vice president vacancy would have to be filled now that there are only six.

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According to Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, Carlos Alberto Rodrigues has been named to be the new vice president replacing Octavio de Lazari Junior. Carlos Alberto Rodrigues, the new vice president has been working with Bradesco back to when he was 13 years of age. Lastly it was revealed Lazaro Brandao, the current Chairman of the Board, and 75 year veteran will be retiring. Lazaro Brandao is former president of the company and his retirement announcement caught everyone off guard slightly. Lazaro Brandao being a 91 year old man, I think everyone knew he would be stepping down, just not during this time.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, with the approval of Lazaro Brandao just bought HSBC in 2015. Lazaro Brandao did however extended the age restriction from 65 to 67 allowing Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to make this transition of power at the executive level settle, and integration of Bradesco and HSBC. Now that Lazaro Brandao has retired, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi wont be president after the AGO meeting, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will be both the Chairman of the Board and President until the transitions are complete. Lazaro Brandao says labor reform is needed to really get the economic situation in the country back on track to continued growth. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is confident with the current growth in Brazil’s GDP, and thinks of it as a positive indicator about the future of credit in the market.

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Tony Petrello: Giving With Altruism

Tony Petrello’s philanthropic light burns bright. His early life and his family are the fuel. He believes in working together to improve the lives of all in the community.

He was on hand to help Nabors employees who were victims of Hurricane Harvey to get back on their feet. He devised a strategy that gave his employees time off to assist in the recovery efforts.

He also launched a Nabors Relief Fund. The proceeds were used to provide the much-needed relief to the hurricane victims. In addition, the company also put up a mobile kitchen providing hot, healthy meals to needy families in the region.

Business leadership success

Tony has been at the helm of Nabors Industries since 1991. He has served in various executive positions at the company including deputy chairman, chief operating officer, president, chairman, and CEO.

Tony Petrello excels in driving home a strategic business position. He values hard work and integrity. He has led Nabors Industries to consolidate its leadership position among the oil and gas multinationals.

The company operates more than twenty sites around the world. This includes hundreds of drilling rigs providing jobs to hundreds of thousands of workers.

Tony Petrello has instituted far-reaching governance reforms at the firm. This includes a review of the executive compensation policy to align it with the wishes of stakeholders.

He made headlines in 2014 as the highest paid CEO in the industry. His success attracted admiration and inspired many to be better business leaders. It also sparked the debate about the executive compensation policy among the shareholders of the firm.

The remuneration is now performance-based and transparent to shareholders. The CEO believes the employee pay gap between the executive team and the average worker should be narrowed.

Early career

Before Nabors, he worked as a managing partner of Baker & McKenzie, a law firm based in New York. The opportunity to head Nabors came knocking while he was busy at the law firm.

In addition, he also serves as a director of Stewart & Stevenson, an oil and gas service firm and is associated with Hilcorp Energy.

The Transformative Leadership of Rick Smith at Securus Technologies Inc.

Rick Smith is a renowned American investor and business executive. He is engineering and mathematics graduate from the State University of New York. Rick Smith is an all-rounder person with experience in finance, information technology and business operations gained at Frontier Corporation. He was appointed the CEO of Securus Technologies Inc in June 2008. Before the appointment, Rick served for nine years as a board member and chief executive of Eschelon Telecom, Inc. Rick Smith is also a board member of Integra Telecom Company Ltd.

The Company

Founded in 1986, Securus Technologies Inc. is technological solutions provider in offender management systems. Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Company specializes in providing IT solutions to correctional facility personnel, investigators, inmates, their families, and friends. It serves more than 3,400 entities in the justice system and over 1.2 million internees in the U.S.

According to Rick Smith, the company provides law enforcement, and rehabilitation services appropriate IT solutions to help avert crime and investigate others. For long Securus has continued to execute its duties effectively. The firm receives numerous commendation letters and emails from customers grateful that their services have helped keep communities safer. On this feedback, Rick Smith avers that the company is obliged to safeguard the community.

To consolidate their market position, Securus Technologies acquired JPay Inc in 2015. JPay Inc is an automated payment, email, and electronic edutainment applications provider in the justice system. According to Rick Smith, the acquisition of JPay Inc. will enable Securus Technologies Inc. to provide nearly all IT-based solutions for correctional organizations. He added that this combination would allow them to offer the best products that will help reduce re-offenses. Securus Technologies Inc strength lies in its extensive reach with over 1,300 specialists and 150 field services teams across the U.S. The company also leads the innovation pack with over 140 current patents and over 90 more in the process of approval. The company also operates on a 24 hours basis throughout the year to serve its customers.

Securus Technologies boasts highly qualified engineers and designers who continuously develop innovations. It also seeks to provide adequate services and exemplary customer service. The company also offers comprehensive crimes management systems that track pre-internment behavior to post-internment monitoring.

Social Responsibility

Under the stewardship of Rick Smith, the company has been very active in social responsibility. Up to 2015, the company’s total contribution to United Way amounted to $1.7 million. The company also contributes to several state and regional officer welfare groups. Also, Securus Technologies encourages and supports employee volunteer activities. For instance, they recently helped pack more than 1 million meals for the Feed My Starving Children charity. According to Rick Smith, Securus Technologies will continue to offer its services responsibly and help keep communities safe and secure.

How Thor Halvorssen is Standing Up for Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is the president and founder of the Human Rights Foundation, which is an organization that is based in New York and was launched in 2005. Thor was born and raised in Caraccas and saw firsthand what it is like to have one’s human rights placed in jeopardy.

Thor’s father was thrown into prison after he exposed the corruption of Venezuela’s drug czar. His father was also tortured while in prison. Thor’s mother was shot during an anti-Hugo Chavez demonstration. Fortunately, she survived. Thor believes that individual liberty and human rights are not privileges. They are rights.

Thor has stated that he loves people and has gone the extra mile to support his cause. He has even put his own personal freedom in jeopardy to fight for others. In 2010, Thor traveled with to Ho Chi Minh City to interview ThichQuang Do, who is the patriarch of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam. Thich’s church had been banned, and he had spent the last 28 years on house arrest.

Thor refers to himself as a classic liberal even though some consider him a conservative. The Human Rights Foundation hosts the Oslo Freedom Forum. It is considered a can’t miss event for people who are interested in human rights. It has also attracted the attention of many famous people, including Paypal’s founder, Peter Thiel. Click here to know more.

About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. He earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees in political science and history. He graduated with honors. Thor is focused on human trafficking, threats to democracy, slavery and other threats to human rights.

Before Thor started the Human Rights Foundation, he was involved in other organizations that promoted human rights. In 1999, he became the chief executive officer of the Foundation For Individual Rights In Education. He has also been involved with The Eagle Forum, Feminists For Free Expression and The Heritage Foundation.

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