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Hope Radiates From Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Those working for Cancer Treatment Centers of America never lose sight of hope when helping cancer patients. These precious patients often arrive downtrodden, ill, weak and despairing of getting better. The cancer care team understands this struggle, and they consistently find ways to encourage hope in their important patients. Small steps gained by learning to eat better nutritionally helps patients realize smaller goals that build their confidence in the future. Experienced dietitians and caring mental/emotional health therapists are just two job positions available to each patient within the big Cancer Treatment Centers of America organizational structure.

The many departments devoted to cancer care all combine to form a wonderfully connected family like support team that walks alongside their patients during their journey towards health. This comprehensive care and support network is part of why Cancer Treatment Centers of America gains new advocates and fans every day. Even without the deserved accolades this center has accumulated, the employees working day to day gain their satisfaction by seeing the fruit of their work in a patient’s smile and quiet thanks from the families. Hope radiates from many within the walls and people that make up Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides many excellent services. They continuously educate other healthcare providers and the community about new cancer advances or other important news. Labcorp staff, volunteers hailing from NFL Alumni and Cancer Treatment Centers of America gave a practical lesson on prostate cancer by delivering free testing screens last September. These healthcare providers and concerned citizens hope to spread the news that prostate cancer is treatable when it is caught within earlier stages. Currently, prostate cancer ranks high on the list of killer diseases for men. Cancer Treatment Centers of America hopes all men will get screened soon.

The Life and Career of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky has specialized with four things since he left college; Startups, entrepreneurship, leadership, and philanthropy. He has a magic touch as anything he comes into contact with excels. He is amongst the richest men in the United States with a wealth of about $2 billion. Eric does not keep all the money he makes for himself and is a generous guy specializing in education and research. 11 years ago, Lefkofsky collaborated with his wife Elizabeth to establish a charitable foundation called the Eric Family Foundation. This foundation is known to focus on high impact programs as well as research and initiatives that try to make the world a better place. According to experts, Eric concentrates on four major areas with this foundation, and they include human rights, education and medical cancer research not forgetting arts.

Other philanthropic efforts by Eric include his involvement with several community projects. Currently, he is serving as a member of the board of the Chicago Memorial Hospital. Other boards that Eric serves include Steppenwolf Theatre Company, World Business Chicago as well as the Art Institute of Chicago. Eric is also an accomplished tutor having tutored on several institutions on technology and business and entrepreneurship. Other than teaching, Eric published author of a book called Accelerated Disruption. This is a book that discusses the relationship between technology and business.

Eric grew up in an educated family with his mother being a school teacher and his dad being a structural engineer. Eric schooled at Southfield-Lathrup High School and graduated in the year 1987. He holds a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. Eric Lefkofsky lived entire life in Southfield, Michigan.

Eric has been doing business most of his entire life. He began these ventures while still in college where he used to sell carpets. During his years in business, he has co-founded many businesses such as InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics, MediaoceanGroupon. With most of these companies, he has served the role of chief executive officer. This serves to explain his leadership skills. He is also the owner of Tempus and Uptake Inc. Eric Lefkofsky is a managing director at a company called Lightbank.

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Innovation in Oncology Treatment: Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America continues to lead the way in creating effective programs with its recent unveiling of Clinical Pathways, its new comprehensive oncology treatment platform. Using this newly-developed, integrative plan of action, oncologists can create evidence-based treatment protocols for patients. The Clinical Pathways program aids oncologists by helping to inform the cancer treatment process. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has developed this program in collaboration with NantHealth, Allscripts, and with the input of hundreds of oncologists across the United States. Containing an extensive collection of evolving cancer treatment data, Clinical Pathways is a beneficial tool that can be seamlessly integrated into the medical workflow.

Based out of Boca Raton, Florida, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, CTCA is a nationwide network consisting of five hospitals. Specifically serving cancer patients in the United States, CTCA strives to provide an integrative and encompassing approach to cancer care. Integrative therapies are utilized to help the management of side effects and improve the quality of life for patients as they battle illness. CTCA uses conventional approaches in cancer treatment, such as radiation, chemotherapy, surgery and immunotherapy.

According to Wikipedia, Founded by Richard J. Stephenson in 1988, after his mother died battling cancer, CTCA has now grown to include five hospitals across the nation. The medical centers are located in Illinois, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia. Cancer Treatment Centers of America aims to provide a personalized, patient-centered approach to care in all of its locations and across all of its procedures. And now, with the implementation of Clinical Pathways, providing care can be even more customized, efficient and successful.

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