JHSF’s Chief Executive and Chairman Jose Auriemo Neto

JHSF is a real estate holding company In Brazil with its headquarters at Sao Paulo. It is the first company to invest in the development of recurring income such as executive airports, shopping malls, luxurious hotels and other big projects in real estate in the country.

The focus of JHSF is on the high-end Brazilian market as well as in other countries such as Uruguay and New York City, United States. Founded in 1972 by Fabio Auriemo, the company has developed numerous real estate projects of over six million square meters and its current value on the market in 2017 is approximately 1.2 billion US dollars with around 500 employees. As a public company, JHSF trades on the stock market exchange as BM&F Bovespa.

In the year 1990, the company split into two, JHSF and JHSF with Jose Auriemo Neto heading the first, the real estate division. Under his leadership, JHSF expanded its business’s horizons in 2001 into shopping complexes and built the first mall, Metro Santa Cruz, which was the first to have a subway station in Brazil. In the hospitality arm, JHSF became a major shareholder in Fasano hotels, a luxurious group of hotels popular in many parts of the world. As the chief executive officer and chairman of JHSF, Brazilian executive Jose Auriemo Neto can be accredited for much of the company’s success.

Neto oversees the company’s interests in private and public development projects and also manages the company’s broad portfolio of retail and shopping. Among his notable achievements include supervising the company’s interest in the retail market, closing a deal for exclusive partnerships with Pucci and Hermes, development of Cidade Jardim shopping complex and launching the first outlets for Valentino and R.E.D in Brazil. JHSF is involved in the administration and management of shopping complexes and has overseen the acquisition of many developmental projects from one company to the other.

Fashionable and Affordable Active-wear by Fabletics

For a long period of time, women were forced to choose between affordable or fashionable wear when it came to choosing clothes to wear as they worked out. The market was not as competitive in this industry so people had to settle for less. Women ended up just going with the standard active-wear because it was the affordable brand. Don Ressler and his partner Adam noted this gap in the market as much as the demand was very high.

To feel this gap, Don and his partner started Fabletics with the motive of offering a brand that was comfortable, affordable and fashionable for women’s active-wear. Don Ressler worked tirelessly with his partner to build a reputable brand in the market. They worked with the women on the ground to find out what they needed and what would work for them. They did not focus on what other brands were offering. Due to this reason, they managed to come up with a brand that suited the needs of the women. The clothes they offered were fashionable, comfortable, practical and affordable. The fact that many companies offered something that was not unique gave them a chance to shine.

Don Ressler worked closely with the other co-founder Kate Hudson to market their brand uniquely. They wanted to make a mark in the industry and build a reputable brand that the women they targeted would relate with. Kate was confident and friendly, a perfect fit for what this brand stood for. She took over as the spokeswoman of Fabletics. Her work mainly involved communicating with the clients and expanding the market for the company. She was very appealing and her face alone made the brand recognizable because of her active lifestyle. She was well conversant with customer satisfaction and with her love for the media, she created an online presence that was hard to be missed. Since Kate joined Fabletics, she has worked hard to make sure that the brand was well represented and marketed in the industry.

When they began, Don Ressler worked through challenges before he got a breakthrough in the first sportswear that was practical and fashionable. Don Ressler used his vast knowledge to guide his team into fine-tuning his creation into something better in terms of quality and comfort. Fabletics soon stood out in the market. Part of the reasons this happened was the presence that Don had online. Don and Kate also started a system for discounting prices online that clients could sign up for. Fabletics is still working on a further expansion of their brand.

James Dondero Is A Giant In The Financial Industry

James Dondero is one of the best leaders that Highland Capital Management had ever had. He has over 30 years of experience in the industry, making him one of the most qualified financial experts in the country. He has grown the company into a monster $19 billion worth of assets. The company has several affiliates including Acis Capital Management and NexPoint Advisors.


James began working in the field during the mid-1980s. He earned his dual majors in Accounting and Finance from University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. This lead him to initiate even further in his career in the finance industry.


His big break was when he was employed by American Express. He had managed over $1 billion worth of funds during his career at the company. He also had a stint as the Chief Investment Officer at Protective Life.


James Dondero is also involved with various programs to improve the community in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He has numerous amounts of partnerships that are involved with providing financial assistance to students.


His company has over $2 million invested into SMU’s Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars Program. These funds will help students wishing to enter Southern Methodist University. The money sponsors programs involving studying abroad and studies for policymaking.


The Education is Freedom initiative gives a second chance at college for at-risk young adults. Within the Dallas area, they help youths with test preparation and professional skills development.


James is also a big supporter of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute. The library is dedicated to educating people on the policies made by George Bush during the infamous 8-year presidential career. The building is filled with historical artifacts, documents, and books with intriguing topics.


The Snowball Express is one of James’s favorite charity programs. This group gives the best holiday experiences to the children of deceased or deployed military personnel. There are world class dances, amusement parks and other forms of entertainment.


Highland Capital had also assisted the struggling Dallas Zoo with their $1 million donations. A big portion of the funds has gone into constructing a new private event center.




Chris Burch Investment Star Shines Yet Again Through Nihiwatu

Chris Burch seems to have a magical touch on everything he lays his hands on. Not long time ago, Chris founded C. Wonder and Tory Burch, two retail brands that took over the international market in a sweep. In 2012, the investment mogul took his investment prowess to the hospitality industry, partnering with hotelier James McBride to acquire a beach hostel in Sumba Island, a remote Indonesian island. The two partners pumped more than $30 million in renovating the hotel to international standards. Three years down the line, the hotel was reopened under a new name, Nihiwatu. A year after reopening, the five-star resort was voted by Travel + Leisure as the number one hotel globally.


The Business Jet Traveler had a chance to interview the investment genius, in 2015, where he expounded on the idea behind Nihiwatu. Chris revealed that he had bought the hotel for his children with the hope of using it as an avenue to give back to the community. According to him, Nihiwatu gave him the chance to do things that maybe other people had not had a chance to. He admitted that the hotel’s impressive success was something he never expected, given the rare occurrence of investments going beyond the expectation.


The Hotel’s Facility


Nihiwatu resort is so big that Chris has a private home in it. The home was given the name Raja Mendaka and has a private house and four private villas which are available for guests, each fitted with a private plunge pool. Besides these, the hotel boasts unique 27 private villas. The hotel comprises of a wellness center where guests are treated to Yoga lessons from qualified Yoga instructors. Chris will be spending time in the resort on an alternating schedule with Miami and the Hamptons.


Contribution to the Immediate Community


True to Chris’ words, Nihiwatu is positively impacting on the lives of its neighboring community. On top of creating employment opportunities in the region, the hotel makes donations to the Sumba Foundation, a local community empowerment organization.


About Chris Burch


Chris Burch is an investment maestro, with interests in real estate, fashion, technology, and hospitality industries. He is famous for his internationally recognized brands, such as Tory Burch and Cocoon9. Chris is the founder and current chair of Burch Creative Capital.


Chris started his investment career while still pursuing his undergraduate degree at Ithaca College. His first investment was in Eagles Eye Apparel, a firm he co-founded together with his brother.



The Adam Milstein Family Foundation Prepares for the Inspired By Israel Video Contest Winner Announcement


The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (MFF), a Jewish non-profit organization is preparing for its 2017 video contest winner announcement. Adam and Gila Milstein established MFF to unite American Jewish people of all generations and to strengthen the State of Israel. The husband and wife team are involved in the Jewish communities with the goal of reaching out to the younger generation. They are preparing to announce the winner of the 2017 Inspired By Israel Video Contest, a program sponsored by the foundation to encourage youth’s involvement.

 Adam Milstein announced, on March 20th, the grand prize winner will be announced on April 30th of this year. The Milstein Family Foundation is calling for the public to continue voting for their favorite video until March 29th. Mrs. Milstein will be one of the judges to select the winners of the best entertaining videos. Michael Dickson and David Suissa are also chosen to serve on the judge panelist. The lucky grand prize winner is taking home $8,000 and $12,000 is shared amongst the other winners.

 Gila Milstein is active in the local community and serves on the Board of American-Israel Education Foundation and StandWithUs. She’s a member of Stand By Me and Merona Campus Leadership Foundation, serving as President for both organizations. Adam Milstein is a Jewish leader, entrepreneur, and real estate investor. He, as well, serves on board of various organizations, including IAC, StandWithUs, American Israel Education Foundation, and other Jewish non-profits. Mr. and Mrs. Milstein are awaiting the contest and pleased with the results of having more than 80 video contestants.

 The Milstein Family Foundation supports Pro-Israel organizations concentrating on health & medical care, Jewish & Israel education, youth mentorship, and polices research. Some of the non-profits supported by the foundation are Christians United for Israel, Washington Institution, Israeli-American Council, and AIPAC. Adam Milstein is not only a philanthropist, but a shrewd investor and businessman. He is Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties and heads the San Fernando Valley location overseeing management and finance.

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