Ronald Fowlkes Brings Attention to Problems in Law Enforcement

One of the biggest problems law enforcement officers are facing with the job they have right now is they do not have the tools they need to do it effectively. They have not been able to do their job the right way for a long time and that has caused many problems for them. Ronald Fowlkes knew this because he was a police officer and because he did his best to work in the industry with only the few tools he was given as they were standard-issue. He knew other people had even less than him, but he knew they would eventually get them because they needed them to do their job. Ronald Fowlkes wanted to be the one to provide these tools to the people who were also officers and that’s how he made sure he was doing everything right with the people who he was working with.


For Ronald Fowlkes, this was a big part of why he was starting Eagle Products. He saw a lot of value in the industry and knew he would need to continue providing that value in different instances. It was his goal to keep working to help people and his goal to keep giving them what they needed to be successful. Ronald Fowlkes knew a lot about the right way to run the industry and he never let that stop him from working hard to make things happen in a better way than what they were happening before.


Since Ronald Fowlkes knew what he was doing, he decided on the right products to give people. He had always wanted them to realize they were doing things right and they were getting more out of the situations they were in. For Ronald Fowlkes, this was a big part of how he could help and it was something he felt confident in while he was working with other people. Ronald Fowlkes knew what it would take to bring attention to others and to the things that were happening with law enforcement.


As the Eagle Products company continues to grow, Ronald Fowlkes is going to keep offering new options for the people who he works with. He has always tried his best to give people the things they need and officers the chance to try things on their own. As long as Ronald Fowlkes is doing what he can to help people, he feels confident in the skills he has. It has allowed him the chance to make sure he is doing things right and doing things in a way that is better for other people. He wants to continue to serve them while he is doing his best job at a positive product for officers.


Vijay Eswaran Wants People to Learn Leadership Skills

While there are some people who seem to be born with a talent for leadership, leadership overall is something that can be learned. This is one thing that Vijay Eswaran wants people to learn when they are trying to get their business going. Even employees can learn some leadership skills. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

For one thing, they will never know when they need it. For entrepreneurs, this is one of the most important lessons to learn. Vijay had to learn it himself when he was starting up. However, one thing that can bring out the leadership qualities in an individual is a sense of direction.

Another thing about starting a business that Vijay Eswaran has learned is that it is important for one to be both leader and team member.

This involves being brutally honest with oneself and telling oneself the brutal and hard truth. Starting a business is going to require people to be disciplined. However, it is worth it when one finally figures out what he wants from his business.

For instance, Vijay Eswaran has decided that he is a philanthropist. Therefore, he has made sure that his business is based on philanthropy. Therefore, his company not only sells products that are good for the improvement of people, but also looks into different ways that he can serve different communities throughout the world.

With his success, Vijay has decided to also write about different insights that he has gained as he was working on his goals. The world of the entrepreneur requires a much different mindset to that of an employee.

One of the most important things to do as an entrepreneur is gain a clear vision. It also helps to write down this vision and purpose so that it has a much better chance of being fulfilled. The entrepreneur must also be ready and willing to work tons of hours.

Private Oil Drilling in Mexico-Talos Energy

It has been a long time since Mexican allowed private companies to drill oil on their offshores. It is almost 80 years and the move to allow a private company in the oil and energy industry shows that Mexican government has allowed foreign organizations to invest in their oil and energy sector. Three oil drilling firms from three different countries joined together to drill oil in Mexico. The three oil organizations include; Sierra Oil and Gas which is a Mexican firm, Talos Energy LLC from Houston as well as a London based company Premier Oil PLC. According to a statement from Premier, the oil companies began their drilling exercise on May 21, 2017. Mexico industrialized their oil and energy industry in 1938 making the three oil organizations be the first in the country to make an offshore exploration beside PetroleosMexicanos which is operated by the government. The three firms won the rights to drill oil in Mexico in 2015 and it was estimated that the drilling will take about 90 days to complete.

Talos Energy can well be described as an International oil organization. The firm was established with a mandate of exploring, developing as well as the acquisition of oil and natural gas. The firm has been concentrating on specific regions among them the Texas Louisiana Gulf Coast, as well as the Gulf of Mexico its deep waters and shelf.

Talos Energy LLC was established in 2012 by Timothy Duncan and since then it has been under the management of Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings. The oil and energy firm have their Head Offices located in Houston, Texas. Recently the group took a major step in their business and together with two other oil and energy firms they won a contract to drill oil in Mexico. Talos Energy also engages in other business activities as well as developments among them JVs and Farm-in. In these business development activities, Talos can enhance their economy as they exploit their seismic record. Talos has also been in the forefront of educating others on oil and natural gases issues by holding conferences.

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Mike Baur Leaps Forward in Startup Industry Supporting Young Entrepreneurs

Switzerland’s most dominant startup company is the Swiss Start Up Factory, co-founded by Executive Chairman Mike Baur. He is a successful businessman and entrepreneur that started in the banking industry. For over 20 years Mike executed bank dealings which ultimately led to him wanting to move forward into the startup industry. At the age of 39, he created a business model unlike most of his peers in the industry by taking a different approach.


Swiss Start Up Factory enables young entrepreneurs the opportunity to advance their business platform and execute a company by using an accelerator program which was personally designed by Mike. It is a three-month program that provides the office space and advanced technology that entrepreneurs need to conduct business dealings without the added responsibility of managing daily operations. Entrepreneurs are provided networking for investors, legal consulting, coaching, mentoring and outstanding support from the Swiss Start Up Factory team.


Mike works directly with the teams within the program to personally provide mentoring, and he shares a wealth of knowledge and experience. He is also very involved in working with investors to bring them into the process when entrepreneurs are ready to launch their company. As Deputy Managing Director for Swiss Invest, Mike is instrumental in navigating the business relationships needed to build investment capital for the teams. His banking knowledge has created a valuable asset for Swiss Start Up Factory, and for becoming well-known by investors looking for opportunities to pursue profitable business ventures.


Mike contributes outside of Swiss Start Up Factory by being a frequent key note Speaker at prominent universities, corporations and startup networking events. He is extremely committed to giving back to the community of future leaders and entrepreneurs. His knowledge, leadership and experience have helped numerous young entrepreneurs begin the process of becoming business owners. Mike’s generous nature of supporting individuals achieve success is a huge part of his personality. His outstanding way of giving clear-cut knowledge by brainstorming the acceleration of startup ideas for developing advanced digital companies within Switzerland has created a fantastic alliance within the startup industry.


In 2011, Mike Baur was named in CRN Magazine as one of the top 100 Executives in the country. He was awarded the spotlight in the magazine for becoming one of the most-influential executives in the startup industry, and for his commitment to advancing digital technologies and successfully integrating them into entrepreneurial business ventures.


A Look At Brazilian Engineering And Construction Company, Construcap

What Is Construcap?


Construcap is a Brazilian engineering and construction company that is based the city of Sao Paulo. The firm specializes in large scale infrastructure projects such as highways, dams, railroad lines and metro lines. Construcap also builds commercial structures such as warehouses and retail space. Industrial buildings are also constructed by Construcap. The firm can construct chemical and manufacturing plants. Building docks and airports are another task that Construcap can handle.


Besides building new buildings, plants and roads, Construcap can easily expand, renovate or add to existing structures or infrastructure. The firm has been building major highways in Brazil and across South America since 1944. This makes Construcap one of the oldest construction and engineering firms in Brazil. Construcap is also a sizeable company that has over a thousand employees working in various sectors ranging from engineering, construction, transport, management, finance and sales. In terms of size, Construcap is one of the largest privately held construction companies in Brazil. It also operates outside of Brazil.


Construcap Projects


An example of Construcap’s work in the automotive manufacturing sector is the building of a 540,000 square meter plant in the Brazilian city of Goiana. The plant was built in a time period of 16 months. Another construction project completed by Construcap was the building of an energy pipeline from Sao Domingos in Goias State. The entire pipeline was built in two years and generates about 27 megawatts of power.


An infrastructure project undertaken and completed by Construcap was the expansion of the Itanhaém municipal airport. Construcap managed to successfully expand the airport’s length by 24,000 square meters. This project was completed in 15 months. Another infrastructure project completed by Construcap is the extension of the Lilac number five subway line in the city of Sao Paulo. Construcap managed to successfully extend the line which includes both metro and train track by 1,110 meters. This entire project was completed in a span of two years. One of Construcap’s biggest infrastructure projects was the expansion of a highway that links the city of Rio Di Janiero with Juiz de Fora. This expansion involved the building of five viaducts and four bridges. The highway was extended by a total of 24 kilometers.


What Does The OSI Group Do?

Founded in 1909 in the Chicago, Illinois suburb of Oak Park, the OSI Group is a privately owned, American company that is presently a global supplier of food products to the world’s leading retail food and Foodservice company brands.

OSI group provides custom food solutions, excellent food quality, and food safety assurance to each of their clients. The OSI Group provides food products such as vegetables, pork, fish, hot dogs, pizza, dough products, poultry, bacon and meat patties. Because of their high standards and excellent management of environmental risks, this company has earned the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council as well as being named one of the Top 100 Food and Beverage Companies in the World.

In 2016, the OSI Group bought the Dutch food company Baho Food, the Chicago-based food plant, Tyson and an established UK Foodservice provider, Flagship Europe. A few known western clients of OSI Group include Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns Pizza, and Subway.

OSI Group Facilities
The OSI Group presently has 65 facilities in 17 countries, including the North American, Asia-Pacific, Eastern and Western European regions with U.S plants in Iowa, Oakland, Chicago, West Jordan, Geneva, West Chicago, Utah, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin and Riverside, California.

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Making Use Of The Construcap Company

If you are planning on moving to Brazil and taking your company with you, it is very important that you have a good quality building that you can trust while there. A lot of problems that people have when it comes to building their businesses is that they do not have a building that they can trust and know that it is going to take them where they need to go. A good option for you to consider would be working with a good quality construction company that you can trust and that is going to be able to do all of this building work for you without you needing to do a thing.


A great Brazilian building and construction company for you to utilize is known as Construcap and this is a company that hundreds upon hundreds of other businesses in this area have used for their own personal and business needs. It is very important that you use Construcap because of the fact that they have great experience behind them when it comes to building and constructing different infrastructures in this amazing area. You will find it to be incredibly beneficial to utilize a company like this because of the fact that they are there to help you every step of the way and can get you the construction options that you require to begin building your business in a different country.


There have been so many business owners utilizing this amazing company for their own needs and it is something that you might want to consider for yourself if you feel like can benefit you as it has for so many others. It is very important that you contact the offices of Construcap to see if they can take you on as a client as they have for a lot of other people and this can get the work started for you in a safe and convenient manner. It also does not have to cost you a lot of money just to be able to begin having construction work done because this amazing company can work with you on just about any budget you are currently able to afford when moving to Brazil.

Troy McQuagge, CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. Recognized by One Planet Awards

Troy McQuagge has been crowned the CEO of the year by One Planet Awards. Troy says that everybody at USHEALTH deserved the Award thus making him feel it being an honor to receive the admired industry and peer recognition. He also says it is through the company’s commitment that they have been able to solve the client’s healthcare affordability problems by offering them with innovative coverage that grows complimentary to their health needs.

One Planet Awards

The desired One Planet Awards is a worldwide premier awards scheme that honors professional and business excellence. Submission of nominations is eligible for organizations globally. The organizations may include profit or non-profit, public and private, largest to smallest and new start-ups too. Their honors are presently in groupings in segments which contain PR, executives, teams, marketing, new services and products, corporate communications and organizations internationally.

USHEALTH under Troy McQuagge

Troy is the currently the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group, Inc. He joined the company in 2010 and prioritized in re-organizing its captive distribution agency (USHEALTH Advisors). The re-organizing would aid in turning the company around. His success in re-tooling the Advisors that led to him being elected as the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the company, in 2014. Under Troy, the company has registered unparalleled growth, profitability, and success.


It is an insurance company located in Worth, Texas whose target is to offer innovative health cover for small businesses owners and unaffiliated proprietors. At USHEALTH they purpose on marketing profitable and competitive insurance products as well as providing exceptional customer services in every condition of the firm’s operations through combining talents of its agents and employees.

Troy, Corporate Executive, and Entrepreneur

Troy McQuagge is an entrepreneur and corporate executive from Panama City, Florida. He has 30- year experience in the Insurance industry. Troy started working at Allstate Insurance in 1983 before joining UICI now Health Market in 1995. It is at UICI where he built America’s two largest confined profession insurance sales organizations. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida.


Cotemar is changing the Face of the Mexican Energy Sector

Cotemar is an oil and gas company based in Mexico that has been operational for the last three decades. Cotemar pioneers in providing services such as marine support operations, onshore & offshore oil field development, construction services, maintenance, and catering & accommodation.


A look at the company’s history, values, and norms


Cotemar was established in 1979 and has since developed into one of the top energy companies in Mexico. Cotemar produces high-quality products using the latest technology while ensuring safety and environmental conservation. This company practices the values of integrity, innovation, responsibility, and collaboration. Cotemar strives to be a global sustainable oil company known for providing quality solutions to clients and stakeholders. Additionally, it encourages collaboration, transparency, and honesty at the workplace.


The firm is committed to social responsibility and cares about the welfare of people. It ensures equity, industrial safety, education, and health. This company occasionally hosts sporting activities to foster family integration. It provides diverse training opportunities to help its employees realize their personal and professional goals.


Services offered by Cotemar


This company provides services to Petroleos Mexicanos. Cotemar is always evolving to broaden the scope of the services it provides. This company is famous for merging process equipment with indicators and allowing only the skilled personnel to ensure a smooth running of activities. Cotemar renders its services through its three innovative divisions. The accommodation and catering department guarantees the comfort and safety of both onshore and offshore workers. It ensures each cottage has adequate laundry, nourishment, and bedding services. This unit boasts in-house accommodation facilities that can shelter up to 4000 people. This department also provides entertainment as well as supplies and preservation services


Cotemar also offers construction and maintenance services. Cotemar has rehabilitation and maintenance centers in all its offshore facilities. These centers have installation devices that assist in the organization and prefabrication of pieces of equipment at the sites. Cranes and semi-submersible mobile gadgets back up the support vessels. These machines facilitate moving of large cargo in the oilrigs. Additionally, Cotemar has a team of highly skilled employees who operate these machines.


Cotemar owns a series of specialized support vessels. These ships can accommodate up to 800 guests. This company also has boats that transport food supplies and other materials. The vessels are fully equipped with firefighting devices for timely response to emergencies. Cotemar also own specialized vessels, including tugboats, and barges.


U.S. Money Reserve entrepreneurial advancements in the gold markets

The U.S. Money Reserve has been in business since 2001. It is now one of the largest private distributors of government-issued gold, silver and platinum products. Many people have diversified their assets through U.S. Money Reserve with precious metals in the form of U.S. gold and silver coins.

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The U.S. Money Reserve has improved its customer service above the industry standards and also rolled out new programs for individuals to physically hold gold as a means of wealth protection upon retirement. Individuals can also benefit from rising gold prices.

The current U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl recently had a discussion with Eric Dye for Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio. They discussed the major changes that took place in the U.S. Money Reserve.

The Podcast serves as a platform for small business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs to share ideas, strategies, services and products. Diehl was a U.S. Mint Director, and his accomplishments involve the 50 States Quarter program and the minting of the platinum coin that was the first ever to be issued by the  government. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

US Money Reserve encourages consumers to go for the U.S. minted gold, silver and platinum coins because the U.S. government backs them as legal tenders. A consumer is assured of the gold content, weight and purity of these U.S. minted coins.

Thousands have started protecting their money with hard assets as the geopolitical concerns around the world become unpredictable. The central banks of the Eastern nations like China, India, Russia, Iraq, and Turkey, have started diversifying from the U.S. dollar and into the yellow metal, gold, as a form of protection. There will be a high demand for gold from the eastern nations resulting in a possible rise in prices in the future.

Paper currencies collapse and become worthless when the governments that have issued them collapse. However, the value of gold and other precious metals does not fall when governments fall.

Precious metals cannot be multiplied due to political or economic reasons due to their finite amount and their scarcity, unlike paper money.

The global unrest due to war with ISIS in Iraq, Syria and the middle east, the tension between Russia and Ukraine and between China and Japan, the nuclear force from North Korea and Iran could result to the unthinkable. Gold can be a haven for wealth safety with this uncertain global climate.

Addtional details can be found on prnewswire.

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