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Mike Baur Leaps Forward in Startup Industry Supporting Young Entrepreneurs

Switzerland’s most dominant startup company is the Swiss Start Up Factory, co-founded by Executive Chairman Mike Baur. He is a successful businessman and entrepreneur that started in the banking industry. For over 20 years Mike executed bank dealings which ultimately led to him wanting to move forward into the startup industry. At the age of 39, he created a business model unlike most of his peers in the industry by taking a different approach.


Swiss Start Up Factory enables young entrepreneurs the opportunity to advance their business platform and execute a company by using an accelerator program which was personally designed by Mike. It is a three-month program that provides the office space and advanced technology that entrepreneurs need to conduct business dealings without the added responsibility of managing daily operations. Entrepreneurs are provided networking for investors, legal consulting, coaching, mentoring and outstanding support from the Swiss Start Up Factory team.


Mike works directly with the teams within the program to personally provide mentoring, and he shares a wealth of knowledge and experience. He is also very involved in working with investors to bring them into the process when entrepreneurs are ready to launch their company. As Deputy Managing Director for Swiss Invest, Mike is instrumental in navigating the business relationships needed to build investment capital for the teams. His banking knowledge has created a valuable asset for Swiss Start Up Factory, and for becoming well-known by investors looking for opportunities to pursue profitable business ventures.


Mike contributes outside of Swiss Start Up Factory by being a frequent key note Speaker at prominent universities, corporations and startup networking events. He is extremely committed to giving back to the community of future leaders and entrepreneurs. His knowledge, leadership and experience have helped numerous young entrepreneurs begin the process of becoming business owners. Mike’s generous nature of supporting individuals achieve success is a huge part of his personality. His outstanding way of giving clear-cut knowledge by brainstorming the acceleration of startup ideas for developing advanced digital companies within Switzerland has created a fantastic alliance within the startup industry.


In 2011, Mike Baur was named in CRN Magazine as one of the top 100 Executives in the country. He was awarded the spotlight in the magazine for becoming one of the most-influential executives in the startup industry, and for his commitment to advancing digital technologies and successfully integrating them into entrepreneurial business ventures.


Selling Wine At Your Own Wine Tasting Event

Traveling Vineyard is by far one of the most unique companies in the world today. Selling their wine can open the door for you to make some good money and build a rewarding additional income. There are people who are making a great extra set of cash by simply selling the wine from Traveling Vineyard.

If you are looking for a reliable simplistic approach, Traveling Vineyard is here to help you build successful careers as a wine guide. To sell a good amount of wine using their platform, you ned to have successful wine tasting event at your house.

The first thing to do is to have your home setup like the way a professional restaurant would. Do not be afraid to give others that space in your home. Try to create space and give people that openness found in a traditional bar. Keep the lighting lit but also somewhat dim. Keep an audio music track playing throughout the home but keep it light and not airy or loud.

Your home should have a clean atmosphere and showcase a powerful aura. You want to reorganize your home so that it fits the vibrancy found in a wine tasting event.

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To make good sales, you need to take ownership of this party. You cannot just sit there in your kitchen hoping people are gonna buy. You need to be proactive and constantly talking to people. Give people tastes and different drinks. Give them the chance to try new bottles of wine as the night continues. Do not be afraid to offer discounts and other great offers. There’s so much to be offered. There are all kinds of ways to get top of the line sales, but it’s all about creating that very relaxed atmosphere and giving people what they want.

The Traveling Vineyard is a professional company that wants their wine guides to succeed. This is why they have all kinds of training, including an assigned expert in the region to work personally with every new wine guide so they are perfectly ready for the job at hand for the future as they sell.

Making Use Of The Construcap Company

If you are planning on moving to Brazil and taking your company with you, it is very important that you have a good quality building that you can trust while there. A lot of problems that people have when it comes to building their businesses is that they do not have a building that they can trust and know that it is going to take them where they need to go. A good option for you to consider would be working with a good quality construction company that you can trust and that is going to be able to do all of this building work for you without you needing to do a thing.


A great Brazilian building and construction company for you to utilize is known as Construcap and this is a company that hundreds upon hundreds of other businesses in this area have used for their own personal and business needs. It is very important that you use Construcap because of the fact that they have great experience behind them when it comes to building and constructing different infrastructures in this amazing area. You will find it to be incredibly beneficial to utilize a company like this because of the fact that they are there to help you every step of the way and can get you the construction options that you require to begin building your business in a different country.


There have been so many business owners utilizing this amazing company for their own needs and it is something that you might want to consider for yourself if you feel like can benefit you as it has for so many others. It is very important that you contact the offices of Construcap to see if they can take you on as a client as they have for a lot of other people and this can get the work started for you in a safe and convenient manner. It also does not have to cost you a lot of money just to be able to begin having construction work done because this amazing company can work with you on just about any budget you are currently able to afford when moving to Brazil.

Brazil is a Prime Market for Investment


It is evident that banks suffer the most during hard economic times. However, that is not the case during the current crisis in Brazil. The leading banks doing business in Brazil have significant profits in 2015 just like they did in 2014.  Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian expert, and he says that the secret to banks making significant profits despite the crisis is market knowledge. Private sector banks in Brazil give loans to the most credit-worthy borrowers. According to Igor, that streamlines costs and gives them a sense of security. Igor adds that people with less credit to banks need to focus on public sector institutions. The entrepreneur says that the Brazilian government can make safer investors by focusing more on fiscal austerity and market-oriented reforms.


According to Igor Cornelsen, Brazil has a lot of natural resources, and there is a growing need for infrastructure development in a bid to support expanding population in the country. That makes Brazil an attractive market regardless of the uncertain climate. Igor also noted that Brazil is among the largest food producers globally and the largest country in the continent.


What you should know before investing

Igor explains that before you consider any investment, you need to know the nuances. Igor has a short and easy profile that investors can report before they think of Brazilian stocks to their portfolios. Brazil is the largest economy in South America and among the top economies in the globe. It operates ten significant commercial and private investment and state-owned banks. Igor said that Banco Itau is interesting since it has recorded a tremendous growth after the merger with Unibanco in 2008. Cornelsen says that China is Brazil’s largest trading partner. The economies of the two countries are linked. Cornelsen advises investors to attention to the trading partners of a country before investing there.


About Igor Cornelsen

LinkedIn tells us that Igor is an investor working in Bainbridge Group. Igor specializes in foreign exchange investment, commodity investment, and the stock market. He is one of the most influential banking consultants in Brazil. Igor was a manager of one of the largest banks in Brazil, earning him an international reputation in its segment. Currently, Igor spends most of his time in South Florida.  Follow Mr. Cornelsen on Facebook, or through his official Yolasite.

The Many Amazing Works Of Michael Zomber


People have all kinds of varied interests. Someone may be interested in art from the Renaissance while another person finds cooking Creole dishes fun. Michael Zomber is one person who realized his own passions in life very early and has continued to pursue them fully. He knows that passions can add excitement to any life and help people in new ways. For Michael Zomber, the world that drew his personal attention is ancient Japan. In the world of the Samurai and the armor they used and the swords they made, he has found his own home, one where he understands the motivation of those who lived back then and the society that turned them in skilled warriors.


Many Aspects


One of the most amazing things about ancient Japan to Michael Zomber is that the world back then was filled with people who knew how to take ordinary items like metal and create something that still stands out today for all people to see and admire. He has studied this world of ancient armor in great detail and learned exactly how to appreciate it even more. With his help, other people have also become fans of this amazing time, learning how the ancient Samurai were able to use inventive techniques to show all people today the inventive power of metal and the intrinsic beauty that is possible from a highly skilled crafts person.


Starting A Collection


It was this love of metal that led Michael Zomber to begin a collection of his own. Little by little, over the years, he began to amass a collection that is still considered remarkable by those who have also learned to appreciate this ancient art in their own way. He has shown that anyone can enter the field of Japanese metalwork and collect items from the period that are pleasing to the eye and work well on their walls. With his assistance, many people have learned how they can also create a collection of ancient armor that allows them to admire the tremendous detail and true dedication that went into crafting such amazing art works.

NYC Real Estate Companies are Selling To Younger Buyers

NYC real estate is a large luxury market that is now appealing to people who are very young and love living in the city. The city itself is a very nice place to live that gives people all the things they need to have the lifestyle they want. That means that they are moving to the city for the life not necessarily for the location. That is why people have been shopping with a company like TOWN Residential. Someone who is looking with TOWN Residential has a chance to change the way they live once they move to the city.

The majority of people who are moving to the city are going to be in the tech industry, and they want to have a good time in the city while they are living there. They want to live in modern buildings that will be fun for them, and they want to live in places that put them close to the things they want the most. NYC real estate has to be found based on location in the city, but the city is so large that there is always a place for people to go.

It is also important that people have found a place to go in the city that makes them feel good about their choice. They want to walk through many places that are close to their work, and they want to have TOWN Residential help them figure out what the best spot is even though they are far away from work. There is plenty of transportation in the city, and people can drive their cars in certain parts of the city if they want. TOWN real estate knows how to get people in NYC real estate at the right price. Their NYC real estate options are priced well, and they are fun to live in.

Adam Goldenberg: Bringing Fun Into Fashion And Business

One of the aspects of Adam Goldenberg’s success is that he has a lot of fun with what he has put together. Adam Goldenberg has developed his passion for fashion and apparel. He has studied the industry closely. He has then found a new opening in the form of fashion e-commerce. He and his partner have decided that fashion needed to be a social, engaging and fun activity in order for it to work in the online realm. They worked hard to provide just that for the customers. Goldenberg and Ressler have decided on making their e-commerce retail site as easy to customize for customers as possible.

Adam Goldenberg and Dan have put together a platform for people to personalize their selections. They have also hired designers and style consultants. Most of all, they have put together a model for subscription that is very attractive for customers. They also made sure that they kept the pricing at a reasonable level so that people will be more likely to use the model for subscription. They gave members a subscription service called JustFab which sends them a selection of clothing that they have chosen each month for $40. Adam Goldenberg is also working on something beyond this subscription service.

Among other things that his company is doing for women is putting together a style board that shows women the ideal ways to wear the items that were shipped to them. There are a lot of complete outfits that are worn by models on Racked. This is to inspire women to find a look that they love. They could also put together their own look and respond with their own outfits.

One thing that could inspire people is to find out that Don and Adam were not that knowledgeable about women’s fashion when they started the fashion line. One thing that they paid attention to was the potential that the company had in order to succeed. They learned everything they could about fashion as they ran their business. They also focused on multiple aspects of retail and clothing. They made sure that the clothing they were given was made of high quality material. They also made sure that they were able to sell these items at a low price. See:

Fabletics is Launching a New Swimwear Line

According to Elite Daily, Fabletics is a fitness apparel brand owned by Kate Hudson, who is a famous actress and entrepreneur. Fabletics is a subsidiary of the brand JustFab. Fabletics is an online subscription retailer. It provides women with personalized outfit choices based on their personal preferences and lifestyle.

It was originally founded and launched in 2013 and since has become a very popular retailer. In addition to its online stores, they have recently opened up a few physical locations such as locations in New Jersey, Cincinnati, and St. Louis. However, the retailer plans to open up several new locations. The current subscription price is $49.95 a month.

Personalized outfits are chosen for customers each month. This type of business model is really unique. It provides customers with really affordable options.

For instance, a first time buyer can often purchase an entire outfit including a top and bottom for roughly $25. After that they will be charged the normal $50 a month for very high quality outfits.

In the end, customers usually end up saving a lot of money this way because athletic wear can be very pricey at times. In addition to this, customers also have the option to skip a month. Overall, Fabletics has a unique business model and offers stylish, comfortable and affordable athletic wear –

The new addition of swimwear just ads to the diversity of their products and with the eventual addition of dresses, Fabletics will be a very diverse brand with an excellent business model that continues to attract new customers.

Fabletics has recently launched a swimwear line. Kate claims that summer is her favorite month and she wanted to be able to provide her customers with beach attire. In addition to their new swimwear line, they will also be coming out with a line of dresses that are comfortable yet stylish.

Kyle Bass Taxes The System

There are certain aspects to any political system that can be exploited given the right resources and know-how. Many socialist perspectives advocate a destruction of high-powered capitalist interests through economic subterfuge. This can be as simple as bank robbery, in Stalin’s case, or it can be as sophisticated as creating a front organization in order that stock may be manipulated on the market, as Kyle Bass has done.

Kyle Bass is the leader of a group called CAD. CAD stands for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. They use petitions, lawsuits, and any possible means to decrease the prices of of big-ticket pharmaceuticals’ drugs. When drug cost goes down, stock-market value experiences a sharp decline. Kyle Bass short-sells his holdings with the pharmaceuticals he’s sicced CAD on and is able to trot back to Texas with millions dribbling out his pockets.

Bass is based out of Texas, by the way; that’s where he manages his continuously poorly-performing hedge-fund. It’s almost as though every time Bass makes an appearance on the mainstream media, his hedge fund drops several points in reliability. It’s definitely an interesting relationship, whatever it is.

Speaking of relationships, one of Kyle Bass’ most infamous ones is with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. No, their relationship isn’t of the soap-opera variety, it’s almost certainly political. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is the despotic socialist president of Argentina, and she’s notoriously terrible with money. In fact, she’s made history: Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has defaulted Argentina economically twice in the span of 13 years.

UsefulStooges exposed that Kyle Bass never criticizes de Kirchner despite the defaults, and that’s distressing. Bass came to fame by noticing America’s sub-prime lending practices surely would lead to collapse when a financial event horizon was reached. This happened and everybody began to trust Kyle Bass. Yet since then, he hasn’t made any ground-breaking predictions, and has continuously endorsed the financial activities of de Kirchner. Furthermore he’s been involved in the whole CAD scam, which is something too lucrative for him to quit, apparently, as he continues to strike out against pharmaceutical organizations with this pseudo-humanitarian group. When all this information is aggregated, it begins to appear very much as though Bass is a hard-line socialist with deep ulterior motives tied to those of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. If this isn’t the case, then his incompetence in hedge-fund management and his dishonesty with CAD combine with the yet tangible relationship Bass has with de Kirchner into a cornucopia of disrepute.

Seasoned Global Investment Company Keeps Growing

Dallas, Texas is the home of Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital, James Dondero. Mr. Dondero along with partner Mark Okada, gained insight into the investment world as a graduate of the University of Virginia with highest honors, the McIntire School of Commerce wit dual majors in Finance and Accounting, earned certification in Certified Public Accounting, Chartered Financial Analyst, and Certified Management Accounting. Mr. Dondero took in-depth training in the Morgan Guaranty in the early 1980’s. Jim’s experience of over 30-years. This experience came in the form of previous positions Mr. Dondero held with American Express as a Portfolio Manager and Corporate Bond Analyst. Currently, Mr. Dondero sits as Chairman of NexBank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He remains as a member of the board at American Banknote and MGM Studios.

Highland Capital is the brain child of Mr. Dondero. This company is seasoned and has been in business for over 20-years showing immense growth and profitability. This company’s focus is on distressed investing and high-yield investments. This company developed the methods of Collateralized Loan Obligation for clients worldwide in the retail and institutional investors’ market. Jim is an active participant supporting educational initiatives, public policy, and Veteran’s Affairs.

Highland Capital led the way towards developing credit orientated solutions worldwide for institutional and retail entities. This company offers expertise in CLO’s, private short and long-term equity funds, mutual funds, ETFs, REITs, hedge funds, alternative investments, natural resources. . Mr. Dondero’s company, Highland Capital, is the expert in the realm of credit investments and equities. The company works hard for foundations, healthcare, emerging markets, public pension plans, corporations, financial institutions, endowments, fund of funds, high-net-worth individuals, and governments. Highland Capital’s home base is Dallas, Texas with branch offices in Singapore, Seoul, New York and Sao Paulo. Tokyo is the site of a new branch office opened this last November 2015.

Highland Capital announces their top ten holdings in the third quarter of 2015 as the following, SPY, Amazon, Danaher Corporation, Jarden Corporation, Vulcan Materials Company, Eagle Pharmaceuticals Incorporated, Intra-Cellular Therapies Incorporated, Anacor Pharmaceuticals Incorporated, Extra Space Storage Incorporated, and Illumina Incorporated.

Part of the success that Highland Capital sees is its continuing strives forward to educate the public domain and keep clients abreast of what is happening in the investment world and within Highland Capital. Newsletters, company updates, articles, exclusive interviews from those in the investment industry, features, company management, and employees are what keeps this company on top. Highland Capital makes employees glad they are part of what is happening globally in the world of investments.

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