While browsing through “Come on Valerie” I recently stumbled upon an article about the philosopher and business phenomenon Joseph Bismark. Incorporating his philosophy and philanthropic nature into his business affairs, Mr. Bismark has been a force for the success of the multinational QI Group team which he co-founded with visionary Vijay Eswaran. Born in the Philipines, he is certified as a philosopher and meditation trainer. His road to spiritualism began at the age of nine when he embarked on the journey of becoming an ordained monk. I found this to be highly intriguing, as he was born into a very wealthy family. How many of us would leave behind riches to live a solitary and humble religious life in the mountains? However, he realized that finances were not as important as some would believe, and set out to find a more harmonious happiness. 

At the age of 17, after returning home, he became a guru after the influence of a disciple of the Hare Krishna Movement imparted a new direction to his being. He has been spreading his wealth of knowledge and spiritual guidance globally ever since, as a servant of God. I find Bismark’s devotion to religion and service to be admirable and respectable in today’s cut-throat world. Bismark spends a large portion of his time presiding over charitable efforts, specifically with the RHYTHM Foundation. His Gem-of-Wisdom series is especially remarkable. Introduced to inspire amateur entrepreneurs, it is a collection of ideas and experience devoted to educating the future management class. 
What I found most remarkable about the man was his steadfast ethos concerning the work environment. He fully believes that peace of mind and spirituality in the workplace serve to create a brotherhood within co-workers and peers, ultimately leading to group success. This is exactly why I respect the man so much. He implores his disciples to attain success respectfully, to step up with their peers and not to step on. He preaches reaching for something greater than oneself while staying humble and respectful to those to whom you owe your success no matter your ranking.