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Ronald Fowlkes Brings Attention to Problems in Law Enforcement

One of the biggest problems law enforcement officers are facing with the job they have right now is they do not have the tools they need to do it effectively. They have not been able to do their job the right way for a long time and that has caused many problems for them. Ronald Fowlkes knew this because he was a police officer and because he did his best to work in the industry with only the few tools he was given as they were standard-issue. He knew other people had even less than him, but he knew they would eventually get them because they needed them to do their job. Ronald Fowlkes wanted to be the one to provide these tools to the people who were also officers and that’s how he made sure he was doing everything right with the people who he was working with.


For Ronald Fowlkes, this was a big part of why he was starting Eagle Products. He saw a lot of value in the industry and knew he would need to continue providing that value in different instances. It was his goal to keep working to help people and his goal to keep giving them what they needed to be successful. Ronald Fowlkes knew a lot about the right way to run the industry and he never let that stop him from working hard to make things happen in a better way than what they were happening before.


Since Ronald Fowlkes knew what he was doing, he decided on the right products to give people. He had always wanted them to realize they were doing things right and they were getting more out of the situations they were in. For Ronald Fowlkes, this was a big part of how he could help and it was something he felt confident in while he was working with other people. Ronald Fowlkes knew what it would take to bring attention to others and to the things that were happening with law enforcement.


As the Eagle Products company continues to grow, Ronald Fowlkes is going to keep offering new options for the people who he works with. He has always tried his best to give people the things they need and officers the chance to try things on their own. As long as Ronald Fowlkes is doing what he can to help people, he feels confident in the skills he has. It has allowed him the chance to make sure he is doing things right and doing things in a way that is better for other people. He wants to continue to serve them while he is doing his best job at a positive product for officers.


Marketing Your Brand By Lori Senecal

People will follow the blogs of trained physicians because they want useful advice about their health and wellness. They will listen to experts in finance because they want to know how to better manage their money and how they should invest it. These are complicated and yet very practical matters. In the same way, many people turn to Lori Senecal for her expertise in the area of marketing. Lori Senecal works as the Global CEO for the Crispin Porter And Bogusky advertising agency. In this position, she is charged with the expansion of the company, which is ideal for somebody with her insight into branding and marketing. Just as a physician will educate his audience on his blog, Lori Senecal published an article titled Clueless Or Subtly Strategic? What Brands Can Learn From Wayward Celebrities at in which she argues that major corporations borrow branding tips from celebrities.

Design Is More Important Than Function
A first impression is worth a lot. People tend to make their final decision about a product or an individual based on the first impression on That is why politicians will spend so much time on their appearance, meticulously researching how much scuff they need on their shoes to look like a diligent working man without actually ruining the shoes. Similarly, celebrities will hire the most talented hair stylist so that they can be at their best. She suggested that the same principle is applied by corporations on Huffington Post. Apple’s iPhone may not be functionally ideal, but it looks like it would be. That is really all that most people need to make a purchase.

Rising From The Ashes
People want to hear about the lady who went from being a zero to being a hero. Lori Senecal pointed out that it reminds them that there is hope. No matter where they are in life, they can always think that they are not as low as this famed celebrity once was. Celebrities who were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth are an inspiration. If an entrepreneur has a comeback story on Salary, then she should share it.

TechStyle Fashion Group Soaring to Greater Heights under Adam Goldenberg’s Leadership

Adam Goldenberg is a California-based entrepreneur. Goldenberg is the co-founder and co-CEO of TechStyle Fashion Group. The company was founded in 2010 as JustFab, Inc. and has grown rapidly over the years. It is now one of the largest online fashion retailers and recently changed its name to TechStyle Fashion Group. This includes the brands JustFab, FabKids, ShoeDazzle and Fabletics.

Adam Goldenberg’s Views on Techstyle Being a Unicorn

In August 2014, TechStyle raised $85 million in its last round funding. This brought JustFab’s total funding to $300million, bringing its valuation to over $1 Billion hence making it a unicorn. Adam Goldenberg said it is great to be recognized as a company that is committed investing in its operations so as to increase its value, but that did not change how they carry out their daily operations. In fact, he said that round of funding did not have as big an impact on their operations as some of the prior rounds. Mr. Goldenberg said the company is now fully funded and its cash flow is positive as all its operations are now running at a profit.

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TechStyle CEO Adam Goldenberg Talking Name Change on CNBC
TechStyle’s data-driven fashion

Why JustFab was changed to TechStyle Fashion Group

Mr. Goldenberg recently appeared on CNBC where he discussed the company’s decision to change their name from JustFab to TechStyle Fashion Group. Adam Goldenberg said that the fashion industry has evolved a great deal and TechStyle cannot be compared to other fashion companies that were started decades ago. Today, technology has taken over every industry and the focus is now on e-commerce and social media. TechStyle is trying to build its brands online first. He talked of TechStyle’s VIP membership program, a flexible membership program they created to improve customers’ shopping experience. The new name is also meant to take account of the fact that the company has grown and now has three other brands besides JustFab.

Mr. Goldenberg also said that using data and technology has enabled the company to establish a direct relationship with its customers. It has enabled TechStyle to offer its customers a personalized experience which they very much appreciate. Technology has also enabled the company to make its operations more efficient and minimize risk in the fashion space. They are now able to forecast inventory demand to over 90% accuracy. Accordingly, the company does not hold obsolete inventory and this minimizes the company’s inventory costs and resources wasted holding obsolete inventory. They are able to pass this efficiency on to their customers in the form of savings. Thanks to their improved processes and operations, their customers always get the greatest value for their money as they purchase quality items at very fair prices.

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Things You Can Do in Panama

When coming to Panama City, you’re in a for a treat. Bring your friends along. The magic is something that everybody should experience at least once. The modern world is wasting no time coming to Panama on You’ll catch the glass buildings that look like Dubai. The fast paced nature is fun and new.

The sun is always shining and the climate is warm, so you’ll never need a jacket. Panama City has something for everybody. Relaxation and vacation on Tumblr seem to be the ideas floating around here. Children and older people play together and explore. The nightlife is something so refreshing you’ll never want to stop.

Tocumen International Airport is where you’ll fly into to get here. You can take a taxi, sure, but personally it is recommended that you take just an Uber. The benefit of it is being able to see your rates and complain if something goes wrong. You won’t get in trouble with a taxi driver if you’re lost.

There is an old trail that you should consider called Camino de Cruces. It is half a millennium old, which means the ancient nature is charming. There are a diverse number of birds there, and you’ll hear their songs especially in the morning. Don’t miss a jaguar, which can sometimes appear as well.

The Panama Canal is of course one of the biggest stretches of tourist attractions in the Americas in general. It is over 100 years old now and you’ll get your chance to have photos taken. It’s only a short 20 minute ride from the middle of town to get there.

There is something you can end your day on called Diablo Rosso. It is a art gallery and museum. Different artists showcase their work there. No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s ceramics, fabrics, or more, you can find it. If you’re looking for that souvenir for someone it is the perfect place to spend all day and find the right one.

Panama has clearly been growing at a great rate for Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. There is so much to do you’ll wish you had more time. You can shop, visit the canal, go to the beaches, climb the mountains, anything you can dream of.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is an important member of the business community in Panama. He mentors other business people. He wants to improve the economy of Panama with his actions.

Figueroa has a title in five companies. He is a president, treasurer, and director. His mission is to help other executives create a strong community. 

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Terry Jones named the new President of Institutional Predicts for Highland Capital Management

Co-founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada, Highland Capital Management is an investment management firm located in Dallas, Texas. James Dondero, also the President of Highland Capital Management, hired Terry Jones as the new President of Institutional Products for Highland Capital Management.

Highland Capital Management was established back in 1993. James Dondero and Mark Okada helped its customers with smart business solutions. Highland Captial Management has helped several companies with various “credit strategies, such as credit hedge funds, long-only funds and separate accounts, distressed and special situations private equity, and collateralized loan obligations. Ever since 1993, Highland Capital Management has been a global force, helping customers all over the world. It has established corporate offices in New York, Sao Paolo, Singapore, and Seoul, South Korea and will continue its international expansion.

With the new hiring, James Dondero hopes that Terry Jones will be able to bring the necessities as the President of Institutional Products. Terry Jones is an experienced candidate for the position as he has worked as the President and the Founder of Battersby Capital Management. He is very capable of managing large assets as he has worked with Goldman Sachs, managing nearly $8 billion in Fund of Hedge Funds.

He was already a Lead Director for Highland Funds before becoming the President of Institutional Products. He already possesses the knowledge and the familiarity of Highland Capital Funds, so he should be able to do well in his new role.

Terry Jones responded to the promotion by stating that he is “excited to work with the Highland team to develop customized client solutions” to help the client grow as a business and help develop a plan for success. The President of Highland Capital Management is optimistic about the company’s upcoming days as he is confident that Terry Jones will help the company in tremendous ways.

If you want to learn more about James Dondero and his company, Highland Capital Management, check out his Facebook and Twitter pages!

Madison Street Capital Overview for the 2016 Year Ahead

A lot of deals have been closed in 2015 by Madison Street Capital. In 2015 alone, 42 hedge fund deals were closed which is far greater than the 32 deals made in 2014. The 2015 transaction volume was measure by AUM as being 27 percent higher than in the recent year of 2014. There have been many factors that have propelled this wave of momentum, especially in the last quarter of 2015. This sets up Madison Street Capital for a record year ahead for 2016.

According to a recent press release on the website Madison Street Capital released the 4th edition of its hedge fund industry M&A overview. This overview not only covers the recent transaction activities but also any M&A opportunities. What the report states is that hedge fund assets are very high although the performance across the board when it comes to strategies has been low for 2015. The performance of the overall hedge fund has straggled, but the institutional investors have been allocated money into alternative sectors. This was done with the hope of achieving returns to match the rising liabilities. The smaller hedge fund managers are really struggling to attract new capital and are therefore operating below capacity. There has been a occurrence of higher operational costs but at the same time the managers are facing pressure on fees. Due to this fact a lot of hedge fund managers in the market are looking for alternative strategies in order to continue making profits for their stakeholders and investors.

The environment that hedge fund managers have been dealing in has been strong in 2015 but may actually be even stronger going into 2016. There have been a number of deal mechanisms utilized in order to house both sellers and buyers. Although the traditional M&A has been going forward other transactions have been structured differently. Using incubator deals or seeds, PE Stakes, revenue-share stakes and PE bolt-ons.

Madison Street Capital has been in the finance industry for many years and they therefore understand what clients need and want. All clients need a careful analysis in order to get precise recommendations. The firm was founded in 2005 and has seen a decade of profitable business. They are a middle market investment firm that offer their clients a number of different services. These include business valuation, corporate advisory, financial opinions as well as financial reporting.

The team of professionals at Madison Street Capital make clients understand the value of the company first before sharing mergers and acquisition advisory services. This is an essential part of the process and insures that the client has a complete and accurate picture.

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Growth of Solo Capital and Success of Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital is a global boutique financial service company with its headquarter in London, England. The company has specialty in consulting, professional sports investments and proprietary trading. By end of March last year, Solo Capital Partners possessed a net worth amounting to £15.45 million, they had a cash flow amounting to £30.26 million and assets amounted to £67.45 million.

The Solo Group Holdings controls the Solo Capital Partners with Sanjay Shah as founder and CEO. Sanjay Shah is also the owner of the Aesa S.a.r.l that controls the Solo Group Holdings. Shah owns over three dozen other firms across London, Dubai, British Virgin Islands, Malta, The Cayman Islands and Luxembourg. Before Solo Capital was incorporated, Shah made a fortune of more than £19 million for year ending March 31st 2011. As of 2014, Shah took over the Old Park Lane Capital, which was an institutional and invite-only stockbroker focusing on natural resources. By January of 2016, Shah had a net worth amounting to $280 million and considered himself retired.

Sanjay Shah and his philanthropic works

In a recent interview, Sanjay Shah highlighted that he did not start out in financial investment and industry. He had enrolled for medicine before coming to a decision that being a doctor was not where his heart was. He shifted field and became an accountant. He worked for a number of investment banks such as Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. Shah became jobless during the 2009 financial crisis, and with no prospect of landing new employment, he came up with a decision of starting his own brokerage firm. It was at this point that Solo Capital began.

Sanjay Shah was born in September 1970 in a family of Kenyan immigrants. He grew up in Marylebone and later joined King’s College where he studied medicine. He is currently a reputable British businessman who actively participates in philanthropic activities. He is the founder and CEO of Solo Capital partners. On 7th of December 2015, Shah resigned voluntarily from Varengold Bank’s Supervisory Board. This move was motivated by his desires to go for an early retirement and lay more focus on his philanthropic works and new business ventures.

Shah is a loving father of three kids. Unfortunately, one of his kids is autistic. This motivated him to fund the Autism Rock, which aimed at helping children suffering from autism. Shah acts as the CEO of Autism Rocks organization, and he has arranged various events that have been graced by popular international musicians.

From his medical background, Shah became more interested in discovering the cause of autism in addition to helping the affected families. The efforts being put in research of autism is very low according to Shah, and he is contemplating of starting a funding project to enable more research on this condition.

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Why Is James Dondero Making Changes To His Hedge Fund Portfolio?

James Dondero of Highland Capital Management has control of over $20 billion in managed funds, and he is making changes that will impact the future of his fund in a positive way. Every hedge fund from around the country must report their earnings and portfolio changes on a quarterly basis, and the Highland Capital Management team has ensured a strong year in 2016 by making solid changes to their holdings. This article explains how Highland Capital Management has made huge gains by alter some of their holdings.

#1: Jim Believes In Technology And Healthcare Stocks

Jim directed his team to purchase many shares of companies like Amazon and Eagle Pharmaceuticals. Amazon is one of the largest technology firms in the world, and Eagle Pharmaceuticals is an equally-large medical firm. The purchase of shares of both companies indicates a shift in the business model for HCM, and the shift will result in considerable profits for the company.

#2: Why Is Amazon So Popular?

Amazon appears to have new technology coming out all the time, and there is no stopping the company from releasing new technology that will increase its value. Jim prefers to hold onto as many shares of amazon as possible to ensure that he is working with one of the most valuable companies in America. James has moved into other technology stocks that are worth having, but Amazon is the crown jewel of his technology holdings.

#3: Why Invest In The Medical Industry?

The medical industry is helping care for people and give them medication. Eagle Pharmaceuticals is a wonderful company that is expanding at a high rate, and there are many other large medical firms that are growing at a similar rate. Jim knows that many companies in the healthcare industry are worth investing in, and he is turning the attention of his American holdings to as many of these firms as possible.

#4: HCM Has Quite A Lot Of Money Invested In America

HCM has a quarter of its holdings in America today, and that amounts to around $4 billion. The money that HCM has invested in America will be used primarily for very strong tech and medical companies that Jim believes are the wave of the future.

Jim Dondero has turned a corner at HCM, and he is using his portfolio to increase profitability or the future. His recent acquisition of Amazon and Eagle shares indicates a new approach.

The Success of Solo Capital and Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital is a global financial service company located in London, England. The company was founded by Mr Sanjay Shah in September of 2011. The company specializes in proprietary trading, consulting, and large investments. Solo Capital strives to provide high quality professionals to the financial service industry.

Solo Capital currently has a turnover of 20.3 million, and an asset base worth 67.5 million. To say that they’ve been successful would be an understatement. The company uses proprietary trading methods and top trading practices to offer exceptional returns to its customers.

Being top notch in technology, Solo Capital prides themselves on quality. Using top model computers and computer trading models, they’re hard to beat. All twenty-eight of the company’s employees are well trained, professional, and experienced. They work very hard to ensure quality and satisfaction, and have a combined industry experience of 260 years.

Solo Capital posts very helpful advice on how to earn decent money in the stock market. The company advises all to modify their portfolio in the stock trade, and invest in products that they are familiar with.

Mr Shah has played a very large part in Solo Capital’s success. He has worked with rather large names in his career, such as Rabobank, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and Stanley. He also has a network of at least 39 different companies located in various places all over the world.

In addition to being the founder of Solo Capital, Shah is also the CEO of the Autism Rocks Organization. The organization’s goal is to bring awareness and research to autism. All funding comes from concerts and donations. One of Shah’s three children was diagnosed with autism, leading him to feel very drawn to raising awareness and funding. He has organized benefit concerts featuring artists such as Prince, Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublé, and Drake to raise both money and awareness. Like any parent who’s seen their child struggle one way or another, Shah is desperate for cure, and an answer for his family.

Koch Takes Liberal Stance on Prisons

Charles Koch, the current chairman of Koch Industries, has always supported conservative Republican candidates, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t hold some liberal views of his own.

Many people acknowledge the waste, inefficiencies, and injustices present in the current justice system but don’t fully understand the ramifications of the strict criminal laws that are put in place. The United States has the second highest number of people in prison in the world behind only China which has a population five times the size of the United States. The population in prison is disproportionately poor, as was noted by a spokes for Charles Koch in an interview with Newsweek and the cost of incarcerating these individuals is staggering. Each year, $80 billion spent on just the process of keeping people in prison, and this figure does not include the costs associated with the criminal justice system of trying, investigating, and the lost economic output from the imprisonment of these people.

Charles Koch is long been associated with the Republican party and other conservative groups as his beliefs are centered on the importance of having a smaller and leaner government that does not harm individual freedoms. Republicans are often considered to be tough on crime and have heavily pursued the war on drugs which have contributed to the high incarceration rate in the country. Despite Koch being affiliated with the Republican Party, he differs on the best causes and solutions for the prison problem.

Namely, Koch indicated that the cost of keeping such a high number of people in prison is three to four times as high as the amount of money that is currently being spent on education. Since most people in prison have lower amounts of education, increasing the education level by investing in schools will help to lower the overall cost of the criminal justice system and save money.

When thought of this way, Koch’s beliefs which are often associated with liberal belief systems are actually conservative in theory. These proposed prison reforms, on which Koch has actually been supportive of the moves made by Democratic President Barack Obama, show that Koch is taking a fuller and more holistic view of the problems that the United States is facing, rather than blindly adhering himself to one party’s mantra. Perhaps Koch’s beliefs are more liberal than one would have guessed from the stream of political contributions that he has made through his Super PACs.

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