DIY Summer Life Hacks By Wengi

Wengi talks of 11 DIY summer life hacks that everyone should know on a YouTube video. The video was posted on 31st July 2016 and has more than 4 million views. Wendi says you can get yourself a kid’s swimming pool for those days that you do not want to splash into the swimming pool and use it to float on water. She says you can put pillows and books inside and still not get wet. She says that it is like a “mini Highland.” Wendi says that you can choose from the available different designs when making the kids swimming pool. Wendi says that you can create your floating mini bar in the swimming pool to avoid the need of going out to get yourself a drink. She says that you can use a bathtub and some plastic noodles to create one. Add some ice cubes, and you will be ready to go.


Wengie gives a suggestion of making a leg scrub to achieve those super soft feet. The ingredients to use are honey, sugar, and olive oil. Put two teaspoonfuls of each, mix them, and apply the mixture on your legs while shaving. You can make your using cocoa and a body moisturizer in case you want to have a good tan and have run out of a tanner. Mix them and apply the mixture on your body.


Wendi says you can use some translucent powder using a thin paper tissue to deshine your face. This will ensure that your face is not extra shiny, particularly those with oily faces. Wendi says you can create your mosquito repellent by adding essential oils, lime, and lemon in a jar of water then placing a car on top to keep mosquitoes away. This will ensure the small insects do not disturb you while vacationing.


Wendi gives tutorials to her subscribers on youtube on different topics. The topics range from hair and beauty to DIYs. Her videos have a huge following. Wendi’s fans are always on the lookout for any new video updates which she regularly does. Go to YouTube and search Wendi DIY Holidays to find more information.

Four Life Hacks for the Lazy Person in Your Life

When in doubt, laze it out. When work or school is done for the day and you are too tired to even exist, the act of being lazy is always there for comfort. When she is not wowing the crowd with her beauty and zany personality, she is creating hacks that make the lives of millions of people far more simple. Wengie is a YouTube personality that deserves recognition for her work, specifically her lazy hacks that are too good to pass up.

An Interesting Way to Eat Popcorn

When you watch a movie or television, you definitely want popcorn as a snack. However, holding the bowl proves to be annoying, especially when you are laying down. Rather than fighting with the bowl and risking the loss of your precious kernels, turn your sweatshirt around so that the hood is in front of you. Fill it up with popcorn and enjoy your nifty new bowl.

Never Stalk Your Oven Again

What is the worst part of baking? Certainly waiting for the food to be done and the constant checking that comes with it. Sure, you can always set a timer, but that does not always determine that the food is actually done. The digital age is equipped with many pleasures, including FaceTime. Simply attach your phone to your oven using tape, turn on the app, put the oven light on, and watch it on your computer. Essentially, FaceTime with your baked goods.

What Is an Iron?

Who irons anymore? This is a tiresome task that few execute anymore. Usually, people bring their clothes to the cleaners, which can be pretty pricey. Ladies, the next time you are straightening your hair and notice a few wrinkles on your clothes, simply put the heat of the flat iron on low and work those wrinkles away.

Washing Dishes? No Thank You

A lazy person’s true enemy is a dirty dish. What if you never had to wash that dish again, though? Before putting food on your plate, cover it with cling wrap. When you are finished eating, peel the wrap off and put the dish away.

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