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Flavio Maluf of Eucatex Points out Inflation Crisis Looming over Brazilian Economy


Based on the results of the evaluation of the inflation rates, The CEO of the Eucatex Group Flavio Maluf prospects that the month of May might mark the onset of inflammation in the Brazilian economy. The situation which Flavio Maluf considers worrying is attributed to the political situation in the country and lack of an active government involvement in mitigating effective economic policies to recover the Brazil economic indices. He reported that something had to be done to boost Brazil purchasing power to avert this economic bottleneck. The lack of credibility by the lawmakers was also pointed out as a puppeteer of the inflammation threat.


Flavio Maluf believes that opening up the market for new investments will go a long way in strengthening the country’s economy. Among his thoughts on the appropriate measures to take in correcting the situation is to ensure consistency within the legislative powers of the government in the market. The inflation is likely to affect even the large companies controlling the market such as Eucatex. Eucatex pioneers in the production of furniture and wood related products such as ceiling boards, insulation and liners from the Eucalyptus wood as raw material. Mr. Maluf as the manager of the company has spearheaded the company into venturing into paint production for the construction industry.


Inflation is a major threat that will see to the increment of the production cost for manufacturers like Eucatex especially at a time when the construction business in on the rocks for a nearly a decade in the country. Through Flavio Maluf’s expertise, he led the modernization of the company upon entering his office as the CEO and president in 1997. In his achievements, he has witnessed the opening of the Eucatex branches across the region, the latest being in Salto.


The Eucatex products are appreciated worldwide by furniture manufacturers as well as large industrial construction firms due to their reliability and quality. Flavio Maluf has also got the company to meet the environmental friendly goals hence being awarded the FSC Certification and ISO 14001 for its compliance in environmental conservation.  Read more about Flavio on Exame Abril, or follow him personally on Facebook.

BMG bank Brazil: Connected to the people.

BMG bank is a financial institution with a long history in Brazil. The deeper one looks into what BMG does and how it affects the people in Brazil, the more it becomes obvious that there is a solid connection to the people.

The president of BMG bank is Ricardo Guimarães. The family that Guimarães hails from has roots in the Brazilian financial industry going back over 85 years when it established Banco de Crédito Predial S.A. in Brazil. For quite some time, BMG’s core business was consumer and wholesale financing. Later, as BMG further matured, it began to focus on payroll loans, which is a form of consignment loan. BMG’s development of commercial payroll loans in Brazil has become a benchmark for other banks also offering payroll loans.

BMG has been a sponsor of things very near and dear to the heart of the people of Brazil, namely, Brazilian football. “We decided to invest in football because we could see the visibility it offers is enormous,” said Marcio Alaor, vice president of BMG in an interview in in June of 2012. The bank has sponsored five clubs in the favorite sport of the Brazilian people.

The BMG modus operandi seems to recognize its own human capital. There seems to be such an emphasis on the talents of the individuals which make up BMG’s high power teams. These synergistic teams are the tip of the spear, so to speak, in meeting and overcoming challenges. You can indeed tell a lot about a company by the character and reputation of the individuals working for that company. In the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, there is a food court located there in the city of Santo Antônio do Monte that is named after BMG bank vice president Marcio Alaor. Santo Antônio do Monte was the home town of Marcio Alanor in his younger years, and Marcio seems to have not forgotten his roots even after ascending to become the vice president of a large bank in Brazil. The people of the city have given him this honor to thank him for his investment in and love for Santo Antônio do Monte.

Regardless of what business one is in and regardless of what values each of us holds, the most important part of the equation is the human part. BMG bank appears to value this part of the equation. With deep family roots and connection to Brazil that goes beyond the exchange of money, BMG’s connection to the people of Brazil is commendable.

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Marcio Alaor: Netflix Expands it Global Presence

Netflix, the streaming video service provider, is making moves to accelerate its growth in the year 2016. The company is quickly extending its video on demand streaming service to more countries around the world which has already started since the new year began. In a short period of time, the company has nearly doubled its coverage area and more expansion is anticipated in the coming months. Netflix is counting on customers to remain loyal to its brand which is a big part of the companies growth expectations.

Marcio Alaor, of Banco BMG reports that Netfilx is now servicing more than 130 countries in total. This is more than double the amount of countries than Netflix offered its services in the year 2015. The expansion of video streaming services to other countries is possible but the United States has been reluctant to allow the video company to operate in some countries such as North Korea and Crimea because of political reasons. Netflix wants to enter the Chinese market in the year 2016, reports Marcio Alaor, but this may not be allowed either.

Netflix thinks that its subscriber base will grow significantly in India because of the countries large population size. India is a great new market for the company. In India, there is already a strong movie and film entertainment industry. The infrastructure and talent is already there. Netflix will look to work with local talent to produce films, according to Marcio Alaor of Banco BMG. The company then plans to show Bollywood inspired films globally and to the local market. However, India is notorious for movie piracy. This could limit Netflix growth in the country if people choose not to pay for their productions or their movies are sold illegally. This is something to pay attention as Netflix expands there.

Netflix has several program series such as “House of Cards” among others that demonstrate the company is capable of creating its own video content, notes the executive of Banco BMG. Netflix will invest in other in-house projects in 2016 with a projected budget of about 5 billion dollars, says Marcio Alaor. The company has just released a full length movie about the civil war.

Marcio Alaor is a top bank executive at BMG Bank. BMG is one of the leading banks in Brazil. BMG is a sponsor of 36 professional soccer teams which wear the banks logo on their uniforms.

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BMG Executive Marcio Alaor Interviews Tag Heuer CEO, Jean-Claude About the Company’s Marketing Strategies and Future

Recently BMG Banc executive, Marcio Alaor, interviewed Tag Heuer CEO, Jean-Claude Biver, about the direction of their watch line. Tag Heuer has 150-years of experience in making quality Swiss watches. Tag Heuer is one of the largest watch makers in Brazil and is well-known for their intricate sport watches. The company has recently made changes in their watch line including their Carrera model. They have made strives to make the Carrera watch more sportsman like at a $4500 price point. Tag Heuer also uses celebrities and athletes to excel promotion of their brand. In the interview, Biver addresses demographics, digital marketing and marketing strategies that will change the company’s outlook in the coming years.

Tag Heuer in Brazil

During his interview with Alaor, Biver discussed the importance of the Brazilian market to the company’s marketing strategy. Brazil is the company’s main demographic in Latin America. Brazil has provided passionate consumers who are emotionally connected to current trends. Biver points out that Tag Heuer’s current performance in Brazil is very active and aggressive. Consumers also love and identify with the brand which gives Tag Heuer a marketing advantage. He believes that the current situation shows that Brazil is a great market for their brand.
Internet Marketing Impact on Tag Heuer
Today’s smart marketer utilizes the internet to spread their brands wordwide, Tag Heuer is no exception. According to the interview, Biver believes that Tag Heuer has to use the digital market era to their advantage. In order to expand in the market, Tag Heuer has to include social networks, this is their next move according to Biver. Online purchases encourage convenience and reaches more potential buyers says Biver. He expresses his concerns of buyers online who may be skeptical of buying a $10,000 item online. However, he believes skepticism will die as buying online becomes even more common worldwide.

Tag Heuer Marketing Strategies

Tag Heuer has enlisted the help of celebrities in order to market their brand. According to Biver, the company uses celebrities to encourage buyers because they connect to celebrities and want to be like them. Using celebrities plays to consumers’ emotions and inspires them to buy the same products. When Tag Heuer first relaunched in Brazil they used Ayrton Senna as an ambassador. Ayrton was a well- known race car driver who re-sparked popularity of Tag Heuer’s sports line. Currently, Tag Heuer has enlisted Tom Brady as an ambassador of the brand as he is a popular football player and has fostered a lot of following. Biver is confident that using celebrities will further grow the brand and is a strategy that will never change.
In addition to using celebrities, Biver says that the company uses a simpler design for their watch designs. They use the more complicated designs for their collections that are more expensive and less in demand. However, the watches they produce more have a more simplistic design, according to Biver. He states that this saves in cost because they still produce those high end watches that are the crowd favorite but also have styles that people can afford.

About Marcio Alaor

Marcio Alaor is an executive at financial bank BMG. Much like Tag Heuer, BMG also utilizes sports sponsorship in the marketing of their business. In addition to helping run one of Brazil’s largest financial institution, he also reports on many financial phenomena such as the performance of automakers, state of global economy, Netflix financial plans, Apple financial future and many more. Alaor was recently honored with a food court tribute his city. His focus has always been to uplift and support his home city. His contributions to others will be remembered for years to come.

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Marcio Alaor, The Influential Vice President Of Banco, BMG Group

Marcio Alaor is the vice president of one of the leading banks in Brazil, Banco BMG. The bank has over eighty percent dominance in Brazil with over three thousand point of sales and over five thousand agents in the region the bank specializes in affordable credit to Brazilians. The bank was founded in the 1930s as Land credit bank which helped peasant farmers in financing heavy commercial trucks and small cars. BMG has grown to become one of the most reputable commercial banks under the leadership of Marcio Alaor and Ricardo Guimaraes as the president and CEO of BMG. As a general overseer of the company’s operations, he has earned accolades such as the best top entrepreneur in Brazil in the financial matters sometimes back among other awards.


Marcio Alaor has a record of being the first business executive to be born in San Antonio de Monte. He is endeared to people of Brazil because of his generous nature of assisting the local people and companies. His enthusiasm for giving back to the society. He is a pioneer of various rural development projects, especially in agriculture. He is an inspiration to many students, farmers, and investors who seek consultancy from him while making possible decisions. Despite the fact that Brazil has unfavorable climate and limited space for agriculture, Marcio has turned things around, and the region is becoming one of the largest producers of milk in a province.


His experience of ten years in BGM has made him a crucial resource for achieving goals of the bank and in promoting the bank’s operations and investment strategies. His economic analysis prowess has also been recognized by investors. His speculations are second to none when it comes to matters stock market. In a recent automobile stock market hitches, Marcio unmasked the situation and as an economic analyst, he preferred taking a risk in automobile stocks.


Marcio also believes in economies that embrace manufacturing and mining. In an example of the Australian economy in 2008. During this year, there was the major economic crisis that was felt global. However, Australia was the only country that showed economic stability. Australia mainly deals with exporting consumer products rather than relying on domestic consumption or imports. It balance of payment remained stable. It exports products such as aluminum, iron wheat among others.


Under his tenure and as the leader of business operations, BMG has intentions to partner with Itau. The partnership is aimed at increasing the bank’s portfolio on payroll loans. According to Marcio, Itau provides options that showed an excellent future revenue with fewer costs incurred. Both banks have a significant payroll loans client base and hence can do a profitable business.

Marcio Alaor: BMG’s Social and Corporate Entrepreneur.

A food court named Marcio Loaur was opened at the 33rd agricultural exhibition in Santo Antonio do Monte.It was named in honour of BMG executive Marcio Alour.He is the banks current vice president and has been with the bank for many years. The naming was the second honour for the man from the town residents. He recently had a town plate engraved his name thanks to his entrepreneurial abilities.


The ceremony was attended by most senior town people including the mayor. His friend DR Willmar Father was also present and was full of praise for Marcio Alaor.Wilmar is the person who we can thank most for Marcio.She remembered the obedient boy who used to shine his shoes before he grew to become who he had become in a few years. She knew how badly he needed the money and how important it was for him. Today he is a testament to the power of hard work and is one of the businessmen in Brazil.


Marcio was excited to be rewarded. It emphasized the services he has provided for the city. During an interview with the Journal of Santo Antonio do Monte, Marcio stressed the importance of communicating and putting friendships first. He said that bonds, especially those one builds in the city should be put ahead of money.


Marcio Alour has always appreciated his origin. It is his dream to help the local community in any way he can when he can. The food court was his initiative, and it is expected to help many grow.


Marcio was also euphoric that he was honored during his time alive. Sometimes many are honored after death. It’s just how things work all over the world. His reaction indeed does underscore a local magazine calling him a benchmark for humility.


The president of the rural union was also present during the award ceremony. He congratulated him for helping the city without expecting anything in return.


Marcio ALour works for one of the biggest banks in Brazil. Despite the recent crunch in Brazil, the banks have shown very encouraging results. It recently merged with Banco Itau to form BMG Itau Payroll. The new outfit is expected to bridge the demand for personal credit in Brazil.


BMG is an 85-year-old bank based in Bero Horizonte in Brazil. It has traditionally served miners in the area but recently entered the Consigned credit market.


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Ricardo Guimarães Consigned Credit Concept

There are many concepts in banking that are both new and progressive, but consigned credit is one of the best new ideas that has not always been around at banks. It is a great concept that allows different customers to be able to get the credit that they need and helps reduce the waste of extremely high credit lines in different banking situations. It has not only helped the customers, but has allowed employees to become more successful in their careers. Consigned credit has allowed the BMG bank in Brazil to become one of the best banks and has created a top position for the bank within the banking industry in Brazil. It is an awesome opportunity for not only successful customers and employees, but also successful banks. Consigned credit being a success is nearly always run by a head of the bank and is only successful if the ideas for the program are created properly. Consigned credit programs are not supposed to be easy.

The bank has become successful due to many different factors, with consigned credit being one of the biggest factors. This is something that has not only allowed the bank to become better, but has also allowed customers to see more out of the bank they chose to do business with. It is a great idea and the bank has had success in other areas as a result of the success that was first created with the consigned credit program at Brazil’s BMG bank. All of these programs are successful because they have had a great leader.

Ricardo Guimarães is one of the best leaders as far as banks in Brazil go. He has worked to make the bank successful because he knows that is very important to making the bank better for customers. He is only concerned with customer’s satisfaction. He knows that is the major draw factor and one of the biggest parts of ensuring the bank will continue to be progressive and successful. The programs he has created, like consigned credit, are what has allowed the bank to flourish and the customers to remain satisfied. He has also contriduted with social investments by sponsoring some major sport events and clubs.

In 1980, Ricardo Guimarães began his BMG bank career. He did this as a young man and had high aspirations. These were met in 1989, only a short time after he started, when he was appointed the financial executive officer. He was successful at this and created the consigned credit program at this time. He was promoted in 1996 to the CEO of the bank and continued to push for the success of the bank. In 2004, an opportunity that he couldn’t pass up arose. He was able to purchase the bank and now functions as the owner and president.

Senator Sanders Unveils Free Tuition Plan

Bernie Sanders has been unapologetically Liberal since he began his political career, and his newest proposal is following suit. In his bid for the Democratic nomination to the 2016 Presidential Election he has announced a landmark bill in order to provide tuition free college to all American citizens. In his most recent announcement, Senator Sanders outlined how he would pay for his new system. He explained that the government would pay for all the tuition of every American citizen, whether they are attending two or four year colleges. In order to increase revenue to pay for this plan, he would create new taxes on stock, bond and derivative trading. Alexei Beltyukov points out that the trades would be taxed a very small amount, in an effort to try to restrain Wall Street institutions from creating unfair and dangerous deals.

Inequality has become a focus for economists and politicians in recent years. Many experts have agreed that the gap between the wealthy and poor is growing more and more in the last few decades, and this is significantly harming the economy on many fronts. A target for those trying to fight inequality is Wall Street, which is viewed as a rich man’s game, where wealth can be multiplied and consolidated. In order to reign in what many see as out of control big banks on Wall Street, politicians have attempted to restrain their activities, and Senator Sanders is attempting to do so trough taxation.

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