The Sunday morning talk shows produced but one memorable moment in another boring round of sounding board style shows. Dr. Ben Carson, a black neurosurgeon announced his wishes to seek the republican presidential candidacy. Ben Carson was produced several years ago as republicans scrambled for an authentic black counterbalance to Obama. However, the moment that was produced was the method by which Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace went after Ben’s more controversial statements. Ben Carson has views that stratify all extremes. This rhetoric has actually made him quite popular among the republican far right.

Chris Wallace is probably one of the only true journalist in existence today at Fox News barring Shepherd Smith. Chris completely goes after guests on both sides in the old “Meet the Press” style of political journalism. He pressed Ben, but within the context of the radical proposals that Dr. Carson has put forth. This journalism produced one sure fact. Dr. Carson is not ready for primetime, and Chris exposed it. This could be seen as the establishment republican pushback against radical candidates this cycle. This battle has been raging in the party since certain candidates lost them easily attainable Senate seats.

Thanks to Alexei Beltyukov for showing me this story.