The Long History of Jon Urbana’s Career

Jon Urbana is an individual who has many different talents across the board. Urbana was most recognized for his talents in the world of athletics, but his talents do not stop here. Urbana has created many different skills in the creative and business world. These skills only continue to grow with the many different projects that Urbana chooses to work on. Each new project that Urbana works on propels his skills to a whole new level. It is very exciting to see the drastic change that Urbana’s work is going through as his passions only continue to grow bigger and more entrancing.

Videography is a creative skill that Jon Urbana has been working very hard on for many years. His videography skills only continue to grow with the time and money investment that Urbana is putting into this creative art form. With the better equipment that Urbana chooses to invest in you can see the improvement in the quality of his videos. His emphasis in landscape and wildlife videography is a great expression of the creativity inside of Jon Urbana, in addition to his animated charity videos.

Urbana has been very well known for his skills in lacrosse. He was able to make an incredible name for himself in the world of collegiate athletics. This is something that has helped him to not only create a legacy in sports but in business as well. Urbana’s summer camp has helped many rookie lacrosse players to create the skills they need to excel in the sport. There are many lacrosse players that have found the skills that they need with their time at the Urbana lacrosse camp.

Urbana has also had a great deal of success in the world of fundraising. Jon Urbana has found a passion for helping others through the world of fundraising. His initial idea for fundraising came from his students at his summer camp. They helped him to realize different pressing issues that he could help with through his fundraising.

Music is something that Urbana has excelled in as well. His work with electronic music and acoustic music allowed him to create beautiful songs that have touched the lives of many.

The Manse on March Offers Many Services

When people find themselves facing problems that are related to aging, it often makes sense for them to consider an assisted living facility. Living in a place where they can get easy access to care they need while preserving their independence is important for many people. This is why so many people living in San Luis Obispo, California have been happy to live at The Manse on Marsh. The Manse is a centrally located California facility that offers active seniors the opportunity to live in place that is dedicated to meeting all of their emotional and physical needs each day.

The Manse is an ideal living arrangement for any person who wants to stay in the area while still having access to care at the same time. Those who choose to stay here find that doing so affords them many important benefits. At The Manse, they can have three full meals each day prepared by caring and skilled chefs who want to help make sure that residents have food that is both appetizing and meets their dietary requirements at the same time. Residents can pick from several menu options each day, allowing them to maintain a healthy weight and have the energy to stay active. Each menu item is carefully prepared to be appealing to the eye, nutritious and tasty. Menus are changed each week, allowing residents to enjoy a full variety of food options and stick to a diet that is varied and good for them.

Those who stay here are also assured of the opportunity to engage in fun outside activities that let them remain engaged with the world beyond the residence for as long as possible. Many caring staffers here help assist residents with outside trips. Their dedication is what helps make the Manse such a caring place that so many have chosen to call home each year. Staffers work closely with residents at all times to provide them with access to medical care as well as well access to activities that can help residents remain in good health for as long as possible.

Vibrant living is the aim of the entire community here. This is why potential residents can pick from many lovely varied options when deciding which one is right for their needs. Both suites and cottages are offered to provide the ideal living arrangement for anyone living here. Each arrangement allows the resident to determine what is best for them. Many floor plans are available. Many cottages and suites include all kinds of pleasant amenities such as fireplaces, full kitchens and warm decor that welcomes residents the second they walk through the door. This is why many people choose to continue happily living here, and the testimonials speak for themselves. There’s more in depth information about the facility available on their official blog as well.

Some Economists Say A $15 An Hour Minimum Wage Is Good For The Economy

There are people in the United States that work 40 hours a week and still live in poverty. If a person works in a fast food restaurant or is hired at the current minimum wage they barely have enough money to pay for their monthly essentials. The government has kept the minimum wage low because the consensus was low wages give companies an advantage over imports. But economists like economic professor Christian Broda according to oxfordjournals say that’s the old way of thinking. American products and services don’t have to the cheapest on the world market. Apple and Microsoft have shown the fallacy of that theory, according to Professor Broda, the managing director of Duquesne Capital Management in New York City.

Congress is still fighting over a minimum wage increase, but some of the states are not. New York recently passed a law that will raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour over the next three to six years. Seattle, Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley and Los Angeles already have laws in place to raise the minimum to $15 an hour. Some business owners claim the increase will put them out of business, but businesses in Seattle say the opposite. The wage increase has helped their business and Broda and other economists agree.

Raising the minimum raise to $15 an hour is a sound economic move for the United States. Workers will be able to spend more and businesses will adjust their prices in order to maintain a certain profit margin. Consumers are behind the increase because new studies show they want workers to live above the poverty line in one of the richest countries in the world.

Some consumers feel the U.S government is taking advantage and is restricting these workers standard of living intentionally to produce more profits for giant corporations. In a sense that is a human rights violation, but the tale the government tells is one of competitiveness and economic health. Nothing is further from the truth, according to some economists.

Republicans and some Democrats in Congress say raising the minimum wage to $12 an hour will create job losses and will hurt businesses like small franchise owners that operate on low profit margins. The battle in Congress will keep a national law in check for years unless there is a grass-roots push to get the law passed by the sitting Congress. But while Congress is fighting over something that can help rather than hurt the economy, some governors are taking action and raising the minimum wage in their states.

A national minimum wage increase is necessary if America wants to be an advocate for human rights. The country must demonstrate the fact that all citizens have equal rights, and a chance to make a living that is above the poverty line. Other countries do it and their economies are healthy. There is no reason other than political tomfoolery that the United States Congress shouldn’t be on board with a $15 an hour minimum wage, spread over a three to six year period, according to economists.

Economists Prediction About Financial Markets Worries Global Investors

With the recent economic developments, financial experts aren’t too optimistic about some industries. However, some economies have been quite productive. Economists have reservations about the future of tomorrow’s financial market. It’s unfortunate that factories haven’t gained momentum. This has impacted industrial production on a global scale. With some manufacturing giants struggling to keep a competitive edge, economists encourage cautious investing. Many are somewhat hopeful that demands will increase gradually.

Financial reports show no sign of inflation pressures, which is a judgment based on the last year’s data. With prices slowly rising at a steady pace, economists are gathering data from a producer-price index and the recent import tariff report, to deliver a promising prediction. As the financial markets transition into a volatile third quarter, investors look to economists for expert guidance. Another key measure influencing the future financial market is the climate of the global job market. With data from the most recent employment report, economists will analyze and explain the forecast. The behavior of workers towards current job security could influence a shift in labor market productivity.

The Federal Reserve policymakers insist on increasing interest rates next month despite the unpredictable financial market climate. In the complex world of finance, an economist is a key asset to gain insight into different trade markets and the economy as a whole. An economist holds positions in academia, different businesses, and the government sector. With their complex way of thinking and critical problem-solving skills, economists share profound analysis after interpreting finance trends. Economists study and explain consumer behavior towards a business. It involves an interpretation of how they consume products in a commercial or personal space.

The science and art of economics are fascinatingly complex. In light of this, economists opinion constantly change depending on the determinants influencing financial-market performance. In general, it’s predictable, but it greatly depends on the factoring elements. Economists agree that sometimes market events don’t always produce an identical output of their predictions. With numerous x-factors shifting the condition of the global economic climate, change is imminent. It puzzles even experts when unanticipated consequences defy the integrity of their economic forecasts. Nonetheless, economists serve the global market and without their forecasts, it’s almost impossible to trade.

Prolific financial expert and economist Christian Broda isn’t an average investor. He’s broad knowledge of economic affairs in local and global financial markets. Currently, Broda serves Duquesne Capital Management, LLC as an economist and managing director. The company specialize in hedge fund management and create diverse investment opportunities for a vast clientele. Broda holds a graduate-level BA degree from Universidad de San Andres. Later, he obtained a Ph.D. after completing his studies at MIT (Massachusetts-Institute-of-Technology). He’s an active member of the IMF Economic-Review editorial board and NBER (National-Bureau-of-Economic-Research).

What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur?


An important part of the American Dream is become a self-sufficient entrepreneur, to be able to control your own destiny and grow to beyond your wildest dreams. The unfortunate truth is most people let their own self-doubt and insecurities get in the way of breaking out from the achieving their goals. 

A Dallas, Texas based entrepreneur named Marc Sparks is an example of not letting your average schooling, or background stand in your way of becoming the best you can be. In fact, Mr. Sparks is currently working on a book titled “They Can’t Eat You” that outlines how anyone can become a successful business owner. Sparks, currently the head of Timber Creek Capital, an investment and venture capital firm, has been involved in the telecommunications, real estate, and business solutions sectors. 

An entrepreneur is someone who starts a business (or multiple businesses), ignoring the risks in order to achieve their goals. Some entrepreneurs define their goals as wealth or financial success while others seek to build their business to provide social good. The goals of becoming an entrepreneur are as varied as entrepreneurs are themselves, but the common thread among all of them is a desire to achieve their goals whatever they may be. 

Entrepreneurs share a number of common traits and characteristics. All of theses attributes can be learned and developed albeit some easier than others. The basic characteristics of any entrepreneur are that they are leaders. They have learned how to get people to follow them on their path, or buy their goods or services. A good leader will make people want to follow them, not by coercion or manipulation, but by their charisma and the faith they have in themselves and those around them. They see things from a high level, but do not hesitate to put up the shovel and dig the hole themselves if that is what is needed to complete the task.

As leaders, they demonstrate an unshakable belief in themselves and in their mission. If they have set out to provide a new service, then they will have absolute confidence that their service is the best available to solve their customer’s problems and fill their needs. However, they also know that an unwavering belief has to be tempered with the ability to change and make corrections to their paths as additional, newer or more accurate information becomes available. Their core values do not change, but the path to achieving those values remain flexible.

Marc Sparks will likely agree that an entrepreneur must develop the habit of planning everything like a chess master. Also, entrepreneurs must become their own most ardent self-promoters. Above all to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to enjoy what you do and have fun in the process.

Joseph Bismark: Adding a New Dimension to Business

While browsing through “Come on Valerie” I recently stumbled upon an article about the philosopher and business phenomenon Joseph Bismark. Incorporating his philosophy and philanthropic nature into his business affairs, Mr. Bismark has been a force for the success of the multinational QI Group team which he co-founded with visionary Vijay Eswaran. Born in the Philipines, he is certified as a philosopher and meditation trainer. His road to spiritualism began at the age of nine when he embarked on the journey of becoming an ordained monk. I found this to be highly intriguing, as he was born into a very wealthy family. How many of us would leave behind riches to live a solitary and humble religious life in the mountains? However, he realized that finances were not as important as some would believe, and set out to find a more harmonious happiness. 

At the age of 17, after returning home, he became a guru after the influence of a disciple of the Hare Krishna Movement imparted a new direction to his being. He has been spreading his wealth of knowledge and spiritual guidance globally ever since, as a servant of God. I find Bismark’s devotion to religion and service to be admirable and respectable in today’s cut-throat world. Bismark spends a large portion of his time presiding over charitable efforts, specifically with the RHYTHM Foundation. His Gem-of-Wisdom series is especially remarkable. Introduced to inspire amateur entrepreneurs, it is a collection of ideas and experience devoted to educating the future management class. 
What I found most remarkable about the man was his steadfast ethos concerning the work environment. He fully believes that peace of mind and spirituality in the workplace serve to create a brotherhood within co-workers and peers, ultimately leading to group success. This is exactly why I respect the man so much. He implores his disciples to attain success respectfully, to step up with their peers and not to step on. He preaches reaching for something greater than oneself while staying humble and respectful to those to whom you owe your success no matter your ranking.

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