The American Institute of Architects is one of the top architectural organizations in the world. Based in Washington, the organization is dedicated to preserving the world of architecture and to help future architects as they begin their careers. Leading the organization is CEO Robert Ivy.

As an architectural buff, it was no surprise when Robert Ivy decided to pursue a career in architecture. Ivy started his career nearly five decades ago when he enrolled in Tulane University, where he would later graduate with a Master’s degree in architecture. Prior to studying architecture, Ivy spent time at The University of the South, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in English.

Robert Ivy’s degrees in English and Architecture would come in handy when he landed a job as Editor in Chief at Architectural Record. During his fifteen years at the magazine, Ivy helped publish numerous articles to give readers a feel for the world of architecture. The company was so impressed with Ivy’s work that they eventually promoted him to Vice President and Editorial Director. Under Robert Ivy’s leadership, Architectural Record earned a variety of literary awards. Among the honors given to Architectural Record include the National Magazine Award and the Jesse H. Neal Award.

Following his departure from the magazine in 2011, Robert Ivy would go on to land his current position as CEO of the American Institute of Architects. Through his work as CEO, not only does Ivy strive to serve the institute’s focus on architecture, but he also works closely with clients to design and erect landmarks and other buildings. Robert Ivy’s work as CEO has been so remarkable that he’s earned top honors such as the Henry Adams Award and a P/A Design Award.

With nearly five decades of experience, Robert Ivy’s love of English and architecture took him far in the world. His career as magazine editor and now CEO of one of the top architectural organizations is no doubt illustrious, and he’ll continue to build his impressive resume for many more years to come.

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