ClassDojo is an app that is specially designed for classroom use. The ClassDojo concept links teachers, students and parents together in a cooperative spirit so that everyone involved is knowledgeable about what is going on. Teachers can communicate with parents so that mom and dad are plugged into what their student is working on. Students can share projects, songs, paintings, essays and other types of classwork with parents. Parents can ask questions of the teachers and pat their students on the back for a job well done.

ClassDojo is currently used in 90% of K through 8 schools in the United States as well as in 180 other countries. It is used and translated into over 35 different languages. It has received the Educational Innovation Award, the TechCrunch Award for the Best Educational Startup in 2015, the Inc. 30 Under 30 for Education Award in 2015, the Fast Company Innovation by Design Award in 2016, and the Linkedin Next Wave Leaders Under 35 Award for 2015.

ClassDojo puts everything out there in plain sight as all parties have access to information that is necessary for them to know. It is important for Mom and Dad to see class projects in real time, and how their child is interacting with others in school. Teachers and parents have open communications which improve relations between them massively.

The two main goals of teaching kids empathy for others and Growth Mindset have been introduced to one out of three kids from the ages of 5 to 14 in the United States. This has helped to broaden their outlook on other people from diverse backgrounds and to be able to see that everyone has the opportunity to excel if they think they are able.

The goal of ClassDojo is to transform the educational opportunity for every child. By connecting all of the important players, teachers, parents, and students, they are on the way to achieving that goal.