There are lots of different hobbies you can have. One hobby that is especially popular lately, made more popular by shows such as “Antique Roadshow”, “Pawn Stars”, and “American Pickers”. One notable antique collector is Michael Zomber. You may have seen him on the History Channels, Tales of Guns series. Tales of Guns shows how the weapons were made, shows people shooting the weapons, and will interview historians about the weapons. Zomber has been collecting guns for more than 40 years so you can say he is a bit of an expert. In addition to knowing all about guns he also is very knowledgeable on Japanese samurai swords. He has written more than a dozen screen plays and several historical novels. Two of his novels are about the Civil War titled, “Son of Kentucky” and “Sweet Betsy”.

Michael Zomber is a very reputable, well known historian. Zomber has greay, captivating story telling skills. Zomber now lives in Maryland with his wife and two children. Zomber is very well educated and has a Master’s degree from UCLA and two Bachelor’s degrees. Zomber is very unique and interesting because of his varied interests. You can learn a lot about history from studying the weapons people used in different time periods and Zomber is a great example of this.