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End Citizens United Fight To Halt Churches Becominig Political Entities

The 2017 Republican-backed effort to reform the tax code of the U.S. has been widely criticized by Democrats and the members of End Citizens United but a closer look at the Bill reveals much more serious issues in its many clauses. One of the aspects of the Bill which has caused the greatest concern for End Citizens United is the changes proposed to one of the least controversial add-ons’s ever passed by Congress; the Johnson Amendment was introduced by future President Lyndon B. Johnson when he was still a Senator and limited the political actions of many charitable groups including Churches.

End Citizens United has questioned both the legality and reasons behind the proposed changes to the Johnson Amendment as this measure passed into law in 1954 with little opposition from either party. The overall aim of the Johnson Amendment was to limit the movement of dark money into the election cycle from political donors using churches as a cover for their political aims. The response of End Citizens United to the Republican Tax Reform Bill was to question the reasons why Churches would be exempt from the regulations of the Johnson Amendment which would allow political donors to class any contributions to campaigns made through a Church as a tax write-off.

Established in 2015, End Citizens United has grown to become one of the most important PAC’s in the nation for those who wish to limit the influence of political donors on U.S. election campaign finances. The group refuses to take on Super PAC status as it would allow unlimited donations to be made to the group by major donors who would wish to influence the direction the group takes in the future.

As a political campaign group, End Citizens United wishes to assist as many candidates to gain office as possible who are friendly to the cause of reversing the 2010 Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United. The effort to reverse this decision would require support at national and state level which is why End Citizens United is hoping to raise around $35 million in campaign funds for the 2018 Midterm election cycle.

Alongside the growing number of supporters backing End Citizens United, the group is also attracting the support of many Democrat politicians who are backing the cause of overturning Citizens United. Perhaps the most high-profile candidate backed by the APC was Hillary Clinton in her quest to win The White House during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election; End Citizens United has also pledged its support for Senator Elizabeth Warren in the 2018 election cycle.

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End Citizens United Taking Action To Keep Politics Out Of Churches

Far-right political groups in the United States continue to play insidious games with campaign finance rules that have played an important part in keeping American political races fair and honest.

Among the latest targets of the Trump Administration and Republican hardliners is something called the Johnson Amendment, named for former President Lyndon Johnson who championed the rule while serving in the U.S. Senate.

The Johnson Amendment has been a provision in the U.S. Tax Code since 1954, and has never been controversial until just recently.


Basically, the Johnson Amendment prohibits all tax-exempt, non-profit organizations from endorsing or opposing any political candidate. The rule is mostly designed to keep church and religious organizations out of politics. Under the Johnson Amendment, preachers cannot “preach from the pulpit” in favor of or opposed to any candidate.

The rule has become an integral element supporting the deep American tradition of separation of church and state.

But now many groups – mostly right-wing, conservative Republican forces – want the Johnson Amendment scrapped so that churches across America can get deeply involved in influencing the voting habits of their “flocks.”

A group called End Citizens United (ECU) is aggressively fighting to keep the Johnson Amendment in place. ECU is a political action committee (PAC) formed in 2015 in direct reaction to a 2010 Supreme Court Ruling that came to be known and Citizens United.

The 2010 Supreme Court ruling basically opened the floodgates that allowed massive corporations and private billionaires to donate as much campaign money as they wanted to the candidate of their choice. Furthermore, the new ruling said that no candidate or party had to report just where the money was coming from – in other words, unlimited amounts of “dark money” was made legal.

Under the 2010 Supreme Court ruling, corporations were granted the same status as “people” and money was deemed to be “free speech.” The result of this disastrous decision is that the average American voter has become increasingly disenfranchised from the American political system.

End Citizens United has a primary goal of someday reversing the 2010 Supreme Court ruling by passing a Constitutional Amendment that will nullify its effect. However, ECU is also fighting bad campaign finance actions on many other fronts – one of which is the new attack from political right-wing groups on the Johnson Amendment.

The ECU has also been aggressively fundraising on a grassroots level to support candidates who also oppose the 2010 Supreme Court decision. Those candidates tend to be Democrats.

The ECU is on track to raise $35 million ahead of the 2018 election cycle. It has done so by garnering hundreds of thousands of small donations averaging just $14 from concerned American citizens who are sick and tired of seeing U.S. elections bought and sold by wealthy elites. Read more:


George Soros’s University is Fighting Back to Stay Open

Liberal financier George Soros is a major democratic supporter. He is also a person that strongly supports open societies. An open society is a culture or system of government that allows people certain rights and privileges without interference from the government.

One of the major benefits of an open society is the institution of education. George Soros knows how important education is to a person’s success in life. Back in 1991 he opened the Central European University (CEU) within the city of Budapest, Hungary.

This university has been around a little over 25 years and it has been providing a top-quality education for thousands of Hungarian people who reside in and around the Budapest area. The university also educates people from across the world.

While CEU is located in Hungary, the university is registered and accredited within the United States. In other words, the University is considered an American institution and not so much a Hungarian campus for education. This of course has some Hungarian people up in arms.

Soros was born in Hungary and he lived through the Holocaust while it took place. The experiences that he encountered during those days have helped to shape his future. Soros had eventually become an American citizen and enjoys a dual-citizenship status between Hungary and the U.S.

When he opened up the Central European University he decided to fund the place from the U.S. where he currently resides. However, some Hungarian government officials no longer desires for him to do this. Viktor Orban is the name of Hungary’s current prime minister. He is responsible for the push to remove CEU from Budapest.

Orban claims that CEU is not a real Hungarian university because it has been set up through the U.S. and just located within Hungary. He is now pushing to pass legislation that will require all Hungarian universities to be registered within the nation.

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This new legislation will also require any overseas registered Hungarian university to be a part of a bilateral education agreement. In other words, if another country can have an accredited university within Hungary; then Hungary can have one of their campuses located within the U.S. Also, the degrees that are valid within the U.S. must also be valid within Hungary. Any university that does not agree with these changes must alter their name.

Keep in mind that Soros set up an American version of CEU and it allows degrees for Hungarian and American students. Many people in Hungary are protesting this move by the prime minister because they really value the education that CEU provides. At least 70,000 people showed up to join in a protest against this action. Soros plans to keep fighting to keep CEU in Hungary. He certainly wants the people to get the education that they need and desire.

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Politicians Ask FCC About Erroneous Telecommunication Billing and Related Investigatory Powers

Cable, phone and Internet subscribers have been complaining about questionable billing practices by their telecommunication services providers for years. On Wednesday, February 3, six senators from the U.S. Democratic Party sent a letter to Chairman Tom Wheeler at the Federal Communications Commission finally asking about the telecommunications oversight and regulations agency’s role in dealing with these claims.

As pointed out by a few sleuths at the Laidlaw & Company forum on Wall Street Oasis, senators Ron Wyden, Al Franken, Bernard Sanders, Edward J. Markey, Jeffrey A. Merkley and Elizabeth Warren, the FCC received a high number of complaints in 2015 about errors in service provider billing. Television-related billing complaints took up more than 38 percent of all complaints to the FCC. Internet-related billing complaints were more than 30 percent. In many cases, complaints were about “accidental” instances of over-billing, continued billing after a customer ended a service and/or returned rental equipment, rental billing for customer-owned equipment and repeat calls to fix billing errors months after initial complaints. Comcast was mentioned specifically in all examples. In a statement released to the press after the letter was published, Comcast explained that it’s attempting to fix its customer service to reduce billing errors.

The senators also mentioned that a lack of competition in various geographic areas has forced many customers to continue getting critical services like phone and Internet from companies that have repeatedly failed them. Wheeler has yet to respond to either the senators’ letter or Comcast’s statements.

Calls For Muslim Ban Criticized By Philanthropist George Soros

The global economy and future of the continent of Europe are hanging by a thread, according to the billionaire hedge fund manager and philanthropist George Soros. In an interview published by Forbes the billionaire credited with breaking the Bank of England in 1992 reveals his unhappiness with the words of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump following his call for a travel ban in the U.S. for those of the Muslim faith. George Soros believes the words of New York based real estate mogul Trump are dangerous in completing the work of ISIS and other terrorist groups for them.

George Soros is in a strong position to discuss the ideology of Donald Trump and his supporters after spending time as a refugee following his survival of the Holocaust during World War II. In 1979 Soros established the Open Society Foundations, which his Website reveals is dedicated to bringing democracy and education to the people of the world. Soros explained his belief that the words of Donald Trump would only assist the terrorist groups he fears in recruiting new members with ease.

The rise of ISIS has been a subject of major concern for George Soros as he looked to the future of the European Union and saw many areas of concern for the future. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been an individual George Soros has saved much of his criticism for because of her approach to the Syrian migrant crisis currently dividing opinion across the continent. George Soros was supportive of Merkel in her initial response to the refugee crisis, but now feels stronger leadership is needed to secure the future of the European Union.

In the interview Soros revealed his belief that stronger border controls being introduced across Europe would see the beginning of the breakup of the European Union. Coupling the migrant crisis with a loss of faith in the Euro zone caused by the economic crisis seen in Greece and growing in Ukraine would see the European Union face its biggest challenges in its history. Soros believes the loss of the British referendum on remaining in the European Union would result in the death of the continent wide community and cause major losses in the global economy.

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