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The Investment Ineptitude of Kyle Bass

When someone decides to start off on their investment journey, the strongest tool in their arsenal is the experts and idols they pick to follow. There are many great names in the industry who have elevated the knowledge of beginner investors and helped them become millionaires. That is the job of an investment guru – to spread the wealth of knowledge and to ensure that their followers are making the right call. They don’t usually align themselves with a company and even when they do, the motto of an investment expert is to always ensure that they are doing the right thing by their followers, ethically speaking.

Sadly, true experts are dwindling in the industry as ethically repugnant people like Kyle Bass continue to ensnare the common investor with their ludicrous ideas and theories. Here are some of the biggest failures of Kyle Bass in his long stint as an “investor” and “investment guru” –

•The Forever Crashing Economy Of Japan Theory – One of the constant monologues that have come from the direction of Kyle Bass have been regarding the Japan economy. Bass has constantly reiterated that the economy is going to crash, thereby leading to many investors liquefying their holdings in the nation. However, the more astute investors have found out the real reason behind this baseless theory – Kyle Bass stands to gain a lot if the stock market were to be in panic about Japan. He invested in some Japan property ages ago when his luck wasn’t so bad and by creating a hullabaloo about the crashing economy, Bass hopes to make his loan a bit cheaper to repay.

•Pharma Scheme – Putting pyramid schemers to shame, Kyle Bass and Erich Spangenberg have together come up with a scheme that is so devious and morally bankrupt that it is a miracle there are still logical people who listen to these two and the advice they offer. By simply suing Pharma companies, the stock market is thrown in disarray by Bass. Then, he makes money on the short sales that is generated as a result of the frivolous lawsuit. However, the law is not taking the Bass’ and Spangenberg duo so lightly anymore and soon, it would become impossible for evil schemers like these two to continue with their pharma schemes for long.

The sole reason why UsefulStooges feel Kyle Bass rose to such fame is because of a right judgment call he made at the beginning of his career. He correctly predicted the 2008 subprime crisis when he started and while others lost their entire life’s savings because of the global financial catastrophe, Bass remained stable and floating. Because of this call, people hailed him as the biggest guru the industry had ever seen after George Soros. His life after this initial call has been quite different, as is clear from his career trajectory.

George Soros Has A Plan For Refugees

The refugees currently streaming out of Syria are causing much consternation for the countries taking them in. This is largely because of a lack of organization in the process says investing billionaire George Soros. He believes that he has some of the answers to help make the process more orderly and get things back on track again for all nations willing to accept refugees.

As many know, George Soros is a self made billionaire with a net worth of nearly $25 billion and much respect in the investing community. lists him as the sixteenth most wealthy individual on the face of the Earth. Better yet, Soros is not just an investor but a big thinker as well. He likes to try to come up with solutions to major world problems. A few of the solutions that he has come up with for the refugee crisis are as follows.

Accept Millions Of Refugees

The European Union (EU) has to accept millions of refugees in order to be successful in getting things straightened out. They should spread them around in a fair and equitable way. Currently, some countries are willing to accept millions of refugees while others are only taking a small number of them. This cannot continue to work this way if all parties are to come out ahead.

Create Funding For Neighboring Countries

Despite the news reports, the vast majority of refugees move into countries that are next door to Syria. They are not all moving to Europe, so there needs to be support for the millions who will venture into neighboring countries. It is believed that some four million people will come into neighboring countries. The EU should establish funds for those countries to help them deal with the influx of new refugees.

Create A Safe Path

In a MarketWatch interview, George Soros says that part of the solution is to create a safe passageway to get into Europe from the Middle East. Currently, a big part of the problem is that many simply do not have to go through the proper inspects before they are able to get into Europe. A safe way full of inspections is a better way to do things.

Get The Private Sector Involved

The private sector must get involved in order to help solve the problem. They are a big part of the solution and the only way that the government can really get to the root of the problem. Churches and non-profits are more than eager to help out with this situation, and their resources ought to be harnessed.

If the government steps out of the way and lets the private sector help, they can see better results than simply trying to go it alone.

Successful Entrepreneur Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is a very successful entrepreneur that has certainly made a positive impact on the lives of numerous people. It is well known that he started the Forefront Income Trust. This is an innovative trust that is specifically suited for the smaller investor. Certainly, this was not his first venture. He also is responsible for founding Pali Capital in 1995 and was the CEO until November 2008. This was another successful venture that employed people from various locations across the world. The business had locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Austria, Singapore, and Latin America.

Brad Reifler is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in his industry. Along the way to success, he founded several companies. Reifler earned a degree in Economics and Political Science from Boiden College. After graduating and earning his degree, Reifler founded his first successful business. Wikipedia shows that the name of his first business enterprise was Reifler Trading Corporation. Founded in 1982, the company specialized in global derivatives. Of course, there were numerous success stories to follow his beginnings. He continued his successful journey to the top by lending his expertise to several other ventures. Professionals in the industry and his clients have come to rely on his visions that are backed by 30 years in the business-world.

How Journalism Made the Atlanta Hawks Team Owner Filthy Rich

Bruce Levenson is a powerful, behind the scenes to figure in the world of news and entertainment data and statistics as well as the owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. All of the facts and figures that his company has gathered have been seen in billions of newspapers and magazines all over the world. Bruce Levenson’s business is the equivalent of the Kelly Blue Book for people who are looking for data and statistics about any specific vertical that could be reported in news.

His newsletters are a series of the latest facts and figures in verticals that are not easily accessible. Sure, the web is a great place to gather information, yet, all of the sites, like CNN and Fox commonly turn to United Communications Group for data and information, so if it weren’t for them, the source where everyone gets their information from wouldn’t even have access to the information themselves. Four example, you want to know how much money Ford Motors made in the fall season of 1983. The likelihood that you are going to run across that information from a credible source that didn’t get that information directly from the pages of a United Communications Group newsletter is preposterous. What’s even worse, if the web wasn’t invented, it’d be almost impossible for anyone to find that data. The United Communications Groups newsletters is like a 100% accurate version of Wikipedia for journalists and broadcasters.

Bruce Levinson was able to organize the information of the world in a very easy to use, cohesive and personable way that led virtually every news organization in the country to utilize his data. Similar to Coca-Cola or Pepsi, you will find one of their machines in 99% of all restaurants that you visit. In fact, you are more likely to find a restaurant that does not have a soda machine at all then you are to find a restaurant that doesn’t have either a Coke machine or Pepsi machine. That’s really all there is on the market. That is all that exists. There is no other company that is providing what Coke and Pepsi provide. And the same can be said for the United Communications Group.

Levenson dedicated his entire life to building the United Communications Group. From the basement of his father’s humble home, to the humble office building he rents, he has goals for his company that he continues to stick with, even today. His has always kept the intention of doing business as lean as possible. So, with what I mean by lean? When I say lean, I mean that he attempted to spend as little money as possible on frivolous things, so that he could reinvest that money into doing things that further perpetuate the growth of his business and/or keep the prices of his products reasonable enough for any news organization to afford them in droves

In addition to his groundbreaking work with United Communications Group, he is the proud owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team.

How Not To Be An Investment Expert: Lessons From Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass is a name that is less associated with Hayman Capital Management and more with crackpot investment predictions these days. The hedge funder is going the Erich Spangenberg way by suing anyone and everyone he can reach – like pharma companies – and making money on his short sales. People might even appreciate a businessman who is “in your face” about the whole thing but Kyle Bass wants people to believe that he has altruistic intentions behind this entire debacle.

Fortunately, UsefulStooges says actual experts are now beginning to use Bass as the Pinocchio for investment decisions, a horror tale meant to make beginner investors more careful and thorough in their approach to trading. Here are some lessons that can be learnt about Kyle Bass’ investment history –

Hope Is Not An Investment Strategy – Many of the less vehement haters of Kyle Bass wonder if the man is actually pure evil or just that stupid. Those who fall in the latter category wrongly assume his “hope it would all be well” strategy to be correct. Any actual expert will reiterate that this is, in fact, wrong. An investment expert makes many predictions in their life – some are true and some aren’t. However, consistently making the wrong predictions in a row like “Japan’s economy will crash next year” (2010 – 2014) is nothing short of using hope as a strategy.

Investment Should Focus On Hedging, Not Gambling – Kyle Bass has sued a number of pharma companies in the name of “investment expertise” first and, later, altruism. In truth, all of this has been for a need towards making money at all costs. That too would have been fine if their had been some basis in logic in his decisions. Kyle Bass’ behavior is that of a scalper, except someone who is into scalping for long term. Historically, that has never been a good move because investment experts are supposed to be ideals of how to properly hedge investments, not gambling gurus.

It’s Not About The Money, It’s About Respect – Finally, the cardinal sin committed by Kyle Bass is lying through his teeth to prove that his baseless predictions are logical and agree with economic laws. Time and again, he has proved that he is one of those experts who have no intention of helping people with his predictions but earning money for himself. As such, he has lost all respect in the industry.

For people who want to be investment experts, there are many other shining examples to emulate. The point is this – there is nothing wrong with erratic predictions that are made by investment professionals because it is part of the job. However, consistently sticking to bad investment choices is not something budding experts should aim for.

Brian Bonar – The Definition of a Financial Manager

Every business needs a financial expert. An excellent financial manager is highly equipped in mathematical and statistics skills. A degree in finance or commerce is also a requirement. Companies over the years have attributed their economic growth to the financial managers they hire.
Brian Bonar (PRNewsWire) is a financial genius who undertook his undergraduate degree in finance from Stratchlyde University. He wanted to elevate his career so he opted to get an MBA and later on a doctorate degree both from the University of Staffordshire. He has worked for a myriad of companies elevating their status in the world market. He dutifully served Dalrada Corporation for a number of years as a vice president of sales and marketing, executive vice president of the company, chief operating officer, president of the company and chairman of the board.
Prior to working in Dalrada Corporation, Brian Bonar (LinkedIn) had worked for IBM U.K Ltd for a period of seventeen years. He also worked for Trucept Inc formerly known as Smart-Tek Automated.Mr Bonar currently works for Imaging Technologies Corporation. He is the CEO and president of the company.
Dalrada Financial Corporation deals with giving financial, benefit, insurance and enterprise process outsourcing products and services to other corporations. Dalrada uses a unique plan of action to achieve personal and professional mile stones for their clients. The company gives all the capital needed to manage the business. In addition to this, they offer protection to the acquired capital and any exposure to risk.
The company provides tax strategy answers such as equipment refund services; pre-tax child care and tax limit exposure systems. The company believes that a healthy worker is beneficial and therefore they give health benefits to empower employees. They also offer dental, medical and life insurance plans .Workers that are in need of salary advance are catered for by the corporation.
Brian Bonar has also been attributed to the growth of Imaging Technologies Corporation which was founded in 1982.The enterprise creates and distributes imaging products to small, medium and large companies. It caters to clients who need to produce correct, clear and consistent images. By use of ITEC’s colorblind software, these companies are able to integrate plotters, printers and copiers into existing network solutions.
ITEC also gives administrative services, human resource and payroll services. The company attributes its growth to these services and also the acquisitions of small enterprises such as SourceOne Group Inc.The acquisition is expected to generate a significant profit to ITEC in the next fiscal report.

Some Economists Say Big Corporate Mergers Create Vanishing Investment Opportunities

Big corporate mergers are the rage these days. FedEx is merging with the Dutch delivery company, TNT. AT&T is merging with DirecTV, and Royal Dutch Shell wants to acquire the British natural gas company, BG Group. At first glance, these mergers, and others like them, look like great profit generating moves for shareholders, but on closer review all that glitters financially may not be best for consumers and capitalism.

Mergers give companies the ability to join forces with the competition. Corporations reduce costs, and may even acquire a hot product in the deal. Corporations also merge to gain access to new geographic markets, or they just want to be bigger and better. But, all those positives may not produce much for consumers and investors according to some economists like Christian Broda.

Christian Broda is the Managing Director of Duquesne Capital Management, and he knows what big corporate mergers do for the economy. The economy might suffer in the long-run thanks to these mergers. When one company dominates a specific market, consumers pay the price in several ways. Products begin to disappear, and prices increase. The workforce in that market shrinks and communities suffer the consequences of high unemployment and social unrest. The environmental factors that these corporate power moves change impact the socio-psychological attitude of the people. The social balance could become so disturbed that capitalism itself will function differently.

The idea that vanishing investment opportunities are associated with big business mergers is not something everyone understands. But these large-scale business mergers represent a petrified, modern day form of capitalism that produces restrictive practices, exclusive attention to conserving capital and price rigidity. Not only are investment opportunities erased by these mergers, capitalism is changed by them, and so is the global social structure.

The excessive reserves held by these big corporations, the gluts in the money market created by them, the stagnation of investment opportunities, and the eventual disappearance of investment opportunities pose several challenges for future generations.

What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur?


An important part of the American Dream is become a self-sufficient entrepreneur, to be able to control your own destiny and grow to beyond your wildest dreams. The unfortunate truth is most people let their own self-doubt and insecurities get in the way of breaking out from the achieving their goals. 

A Dallas, Texas based entrepreneur named Marc Sparks is an example of not letting your average schooling, or background stand in your way of becoming the best you can be. In fact, Mr. Sparks is currently working on a book titled “They Can’t Eat You” that outlines how anyone can become a successful business owner. Sparks, currently the head of Timber Creek Capital, an investment and venture capital firm, has been involved in the telecommunications, real estate, and business solutions sectors. 

An entrepreneur is someone who starts a business (or multiple businesses), ignoring the risks in order to achieve their goals. Some entrepreneurs define their goals as wealth or financial success while others seek to build their business to provide social good. The goals of becoming an entrepreneur are as varied as entrepreneurs are themselves, but the common thread among all of them is a desire to achieve their goals whatever they may be. 

Entrepreneurs share a number of common traits and characteristics. All of theses attributes can be learned and developed albeit some easier than others. The basic characteristics of any entrepreneur are that they are leaders. They have learned how to get people to follow them on their path, or buy their goods or services. A good leader will make people want to follow them, not by coercion or manipulation, but by their charisma and the faith they have in themselves and those around them. They see things from a high level, but do not hesitate to put up the shovel and dig the hole themselves if that is what is needed to complete the task.

As leaders, they demonstrate an unshakable belief in themselves and in their mission. If they have set out to provide a new service, then they will have absolute confidence that their service is the best available to solve their customer’s problems and fill their needs. However, they also know that an unwavering belief has to be tempered with the ability to change and make corrections to their paths as additional, newer or more accurate information becomes available. Their core values do not change, but the path to achieving those values remain flexible.

Marc Sparks will likely agree that an entrepreneur must develop the habit of planning everything like a chess master. Also, entrepreneurs must become their own most ardent self-promoters. Above all to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to enjoy what you do and have fun in the process.

Andy Wirth Survives Deadly Skydiving Accident Thanks to Pearl Jam


Andy Wirth was recently appointed chairman to the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board but before that crowning moment the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski nearly lost it all. Last October Wirth was involved in a deadly sky diving accident that left without an arm, struggling to stay alive. As is his style in business, Wirth kept a cool head and relied on his unconventional nature to save his own life.

Andy Wirth may not be an adrenaline junky but he definitely likes to push himself against nature. Wirth is an accomplished triathlete with focus on cycling and running but his passion has always been for skydiving. The Squaw Valley CEO learned to skydive and quickly made it one of his weekend hobbies. Last year in one of his routine jumps he was blown off course and forced to try a landing in a crowded vineyard, which is dangerous and far from ideal. Wirth ended up clipping a pole and getting hung up while in the process watching his arm get ripped from its socket.

Spouting blood and knowing that help was at least twenty minutes away the businessman turned to his own cool nature to stay alive. Wirth began to hum the Pearl Jam song “Keep Breathing” in order to fight the rapidly impending shock. Using his fist as a ball underneath his injured arm, Wirth was able to prevent himself from bleeding out until help arrived. He would spend three months in a hospital recuperating.

A fortunate meeting after discharge brought Wirth face to face with a Navy Seal unit. He made friends with a few members and they went on to form a competitive triathlete team called the Special Warfare Warrior Support Team. They raise funds for Navy Seals who have lost either their limbs or lives while in service. Wirth cites his friendship with these Navy Seals as the primary motivator to keep going and keep trying to get back to his old self and now he competes in Ironman competitions with the team. Wirth has come a long way since that dreaded October accident and he won’t be slowed down any time soon.

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