The Success of Solo Capital and Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital is a global financial service company located in London, England. The company was founded by Mr Sanjay Shah in September of 2011. The company specializes in proprietary trading, consulting, and large investments. Solo Capital strives to provide high quality professionals to the financial service industry.

Solo Capital currently has a turnover of 20.3 million, and an asset base worth 67.5 million. To say that they’ve been successful would be an understatement. The company uses proprietary trading methods and top trading practices to offer exceptional returns to its customers.

Being top notch in technology, Solo Capital prides themselves on quality. Using top model computers and computer trading models, they’re hard to beat. All twenty-eight of the company’s employees are well trained, professional, and experienced. They work very hard to ensure quality and satisfaction, and have a combined industry experience of 260 years.

Solo Capital posts very helpful advice on how to earn decent money in the stock market. The company advises all to modify their portfolio in the stock trade, and invest in products that they are familiar with.

Mr Shah has played a very large part in Solo Capital’s success. He has worked with rather large names in his career, such as Rabobank, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and Stanley. He also has a network of at least 39 different companies located in various places all over the world.

In addition to being the founder of Solo Capital, Shah is also the CEO of the Autism Rocks Organization. The organization’s goal is to bring awareness and research to autism. All funding comes from concerts and donations. One of Shah’s three children was diagnosed with autism, leading him to feel very drawn to raising awareness and funding. He has organized benefit concerts featuring artists such as Prince, Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublé, and Drake to raise both money and awareness. Like any parent who’s seen their child struggle one way or another, Shah is desperate for cure, and an answer for his family.

The Gold Market And Gold Ownership From Philip Diehl’s Perspective.

Philip Diehl is the current president of the U.S. Money Reserve, a private firm that has been contracted by the government of United States to distribute its gold, silver and platinum coins in the country. Currently, the U.S. Money Reserve is the biggest distributor of government issued gold, silver and platinum coins all over the world.
Recently, Philip Diehl appeared before Enterprise Radio host Eric Dye to offer insight into his professional view and perspective of the hold market as an investment and about the gold ownership. As the president of the U.S. Money Reserve, Philip Diehl is in a better position to advise investors in America about investing in the precious metals industry.

Since the beginning of civilization, precious metals have not only been used as a medium of exchange but also a store of wealth. From what history has taught us, the precious metals as a store if wealth were very significant. It also the same as all the characteristics of the modern paper money as it was durable; it could easily be broken down; it was scarce in supply, and it could easily be transferred from one owner to another. The main advantage of the precious metals as a form of a store of wealth is that its demand increased day by day and thus its value also increased.

Philip Diehl urges the American people especially those seeking for investment opportunities to consider seriously investing in the precious metals industry. He says in the current world, keeping your money at a bank so that it can earn interest is a very risky game. This is because the current global economic state is not stable, and one is sure of the economic environment of tomorrow.

Inflation and devaluation are the biggest threats to paper money investment. This is beside the instability of interest rates. As inflation occurs the value of you, paper money investment reduces and its economic worth also reduces. This means that a number of commodities and services you would have bought with your money a few years back are more than what you can get currently with the same amount of money. Higher inflation rates lead to a fast devaluation of your money investment.

Your money investment at the bank is also subject to earning interest. This interest rates may not be as stable as you expect. During harsh economic times, the banks may award your investment as the small interest rate. This means that the longer the economic crisis, the lower your interest returns are. At the end of it you may not benefit from your investment.

Philip Diehl advises investors to go for gold investment as it is proof of all the disadvantages of paper money.

George Soros: Merkel is the Key

According to George Soros, Angela Merkel is the key to solving a major problem that has the potential to put the EU to an end. One thing that George Soros has shown was that he is very insightful on issues that the politicians are worried about as well as the policymakers over financial matters. He has held one interview where he has expressed how he truly felt about Angela Merkel’s decision when it came to the refugees. Another thing he talked about was the crisis in Greece which resulted in investors losing interest in the country. The migrant crisis was also a hot topic of his.

For one thing, the migrant crisis has been turned into a full blown crisis due to the lack of a proper policy. Another issue that is addressed in the interview is what is known as the Brexit. If Britain has decided to leave the EU, then it will weaken the EU. There is one thing that is also a concern is the possibility of the EU making the same mistake with the Ukraine that was made with Greece. As one would see, there is a huge problem that is taking on the EU. Therefore a solution is needed to one of the problems in order to get the rest to fall into place.

George Soros points out that the crisis in Greece was mishandled. This mishandling has caused the crisis in Greece to become even deeper. The national debt of Greece has grown to the point that it has become unsustainable. Contributing to the cause was the interest rates that have been charged by Germany at the first appearance of the crisis sometime in 2009. Also, EU has caused the depression of Greece to fall even deeper with certain conditions that have been put in place.

The migrant problem definitely has the potential to bring destruction to the European Union according to a prediction made by Angela Serkel. This is a prediction that is actually scary to Soros because it looks like it may occur. Soros believes that the Germans under Merkel’s rule is the key to the issue. However, Merkel is facing a lot of opposition from others. Even her own people are turning against her. One thing George Soros advocates is some kind of asylum policy in order to prevent the migrant issue to further aggravate the problems in the EU.

One great suggestion that George Soros has made was to develop a comprehensive plan in order to bring forth s good response to the problem in migration. Over the last few months, the migrant problem has become a huge problem in the political realm. The only thing that is needed in the case of the migrant issue is for it to take place in a manner that is orderly so that the EU could handle the entrance of migrants from other countries. Unfortunately, in the absence of the Asylum policy, the migrant issue has become aggravated to the point that it compounded with all of the other issues dealing with the EU.

Investing In Gold

There was a time when gold was the standard legal tender. There was a time when the United States had gold reserves in Fort Knox to back the paper legal tender that the United States Treasury began to use for money. It is questionable that any gold exists at all in Fort Know anymore. That should concern all of the citizens of the United States. The national debt is now fast approaching $18 trillion. This is more than our Gross National Product which means the country cannot earn enough money to pay the debt off. Another sign that things are not stable economically for the United States is that the unfunded liabilities and entitlement programs are more than $98 trillion. This is the abyss of financial catastrophe.

Individual wealth is the target of governments that cannot pay their bills. That is where the government will go next to try to pay its bills that have skyrocketed out of control. In these kinds of economic times, it is imperative that personal wealth be protected. The best way that economists and leading investors recommend that individuals protect their assets is to diversify and have a gold fund that can be kept in a vault at home. That means a vault of real gold that can be held and kept safe from the hands of the government. Not paper gold but real gold coins.

When it comes to keeping loved ones and individual nest eggs safe, for long term security, Gold will stand up in value over time. The US Money Reserve is a specialty Gold dealer that will work with its customers to set up a Gold portfolio through their customer service specialists. It is easy to start a Gold fund. The number to call is 1-866-MINT GOLD where a senior gold specialist will answer any questions.

The senior specialists at U.S. Money Reserve will offer great assistance to help customers find their way around the process of learning all the details about gold portfolio ownership. Many customers want to know if there is an advantage in purchasing a gold bullion, gold coins or mixing the two up. Each case is different. Preferences are unique, hence the specialists who assist customers all day and everyday are very familiar with the different gold options to choose from. Many of these choices will become clearer once exposed to the different forms of gold that the US Money Reserve sells. Call the office to learn more.

Know Your Investment Banker And Goals – Advises Madison Street Capital

The world of investment banking is complex, and the first step is to find an adviser you can trust. When you start shopping for an investment banker, first know the services you need. Find out what services each banking firm offers, and what fees they charge and method of payment for their services. You want to find out if their experiences and services meet your goals, and if they are registered with the SEC. Meet your advisers face to face, and ask to see their credentials. Know the three areas of investment banking, securities, management and financial planning and which of these best fits your needs. Also, ask your potential adviser about their legal responsibility to act in your best interest. It’s important to be thorough in your research and to be armed with a solid plan before you begin your journey.

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago based global investment firm specializing in middle market solutions for the corporate and private investor both small and large. The corporate financial services offered by Madison Street Capital include financial, valuation, merger and acquisition advice and opinions focused on the global emerging middle markets. A team is assigned to each client, and their goal is to take the unique situation of the client, and develop strategy and risk management to optimize that client’s potential. Emphasis is also on local markets as well and global interests. Their experience in the industry of investment banking with middle and niche markets marks them as a world leader in their field.

Madison Street Capital offers objective analysis, and the firm has a strong commitment to clients success. Integrity and service is Madison Street Capital’s mission statement. High investment returns with minimal risk is their goal for each client. They offer transparency through thorough documentation and reporting. They help both the small and large investor to navigate through the complexities of investment banking to a sound strategy that is tailored to the client’s individual needs and goals.

My New Favorite Beauty Product Line By Doe Deere!

Everyone wants to look there best and to do that we are always looking for the next great product to make us look great and feel confident everyday. I make it my personal mission to seek out the best makeup and beauty products available on the market so that I can stay up to date with all the great advancements. Well today I found out about a really great new make up line from the designer Doe Deere.

Mrs.Doe Deere on youtube started her makeup company with just a few hundred dollars and a dream and is known to encourage her fans to never give up their daydream. She is the CEO and founder of the company.Her products can be found in a variety of retail locations in the USA and Mexico as well as other countries. She believes in cruelty free products so no animal testing, and ensures that her makeup and other products are vegan as well.

Mrs.Deere is also the creator of Lime Crime a great new makeup line with awesome colors which look sexy. The products are very good quality and work really well. And I am finding myself using them more than anything else lately whenever I leave the house. The makeup is designed to express your personality rather than just cover up blemishes and it really does as advertised!

It is really inspiring that Mrs.Deere started this business on such small funding and with such a huge passion for her fans and today’s women. And I love supporting businesses like these which take people’s opinions into account and listen to what we really want our of the company and the products they offer. The products feel very personal and the company really seems to have their finger on the pulse of what I am looking for as a customer. Lime Crime has a lot of great reviews all over the web and I have to say that I am one of the people who is very satisfied with the products!

The line up has products for lips, eyes and nails, and comes in a wide variety of colors to express yourself with and to accent any fashion. And the fact that they are cruelty free means a lot to me since that means no animals were tested on in order to make their products.

So all in all I highly recommend you check out Doe Deere’s great line of cruelty free and vegan only ingredients makeup. I am in love with these products and I know when you try them you will be too.

Joseph Bismark Is The Man He Is Today Because Of Healthy Living

There are many things that are important to Joseph Bismark, and the health of his body and mind are two the most important things to him. He feels that it is essential to living a good life to be strong in both one’s body and mind, and he practices yoga, cycling, and other activities to make sure that he is always staying healthy. An article that was released through Reuters states that Joseph Bismark is a vegetarian, and that he takes his yoga very seriously. He believes in the power of meditation, and he enjoys swimming for exercise. He keeps both his mind and body as healthy as he can through all of the things that he does, and that has helped him to become a very good businessman.
Joseph Bismark set out to create a company that was run differently than other companies when he incorporated spirituality into his business, and he is happy with the way that things have gone. People have come to respect him because of his respect for them, and his business has been running smoothly because of the effect that spirituality has had on it. Joseph Bismark knew what he was doing when he set out to make this happen, and people can look at all that he has done and realize how smart of a man he is.
Joseph Bismark spent a good number of his growing up years in the Philippines, learning many things from the monks that he resided with, and he has come to have a strong sense of peace because of that. He realizes that in order to run a successful business there has to be a good amount of respect going from person to person. And he believes that each person has to realize their full potential in order for them to be working with their all. So, he does all that he can to encourage the people that he works with to keep trying, and he encourages them to let spirituality have an effect on their lives. Because, spirituality and healthy living are what have made Joseph Bismark into the man that he is today.

A dog’s diet changes everything

I recently adopted an older dog from the SPCA. When I got him, he was being fed a very cheap brand of dog food. He was very lethargic and would barely walk up the stairs to the bedrooms. He acted exactly as you would expect a dog of 10-12 years would act. I tried to get him to play or even just run after me, but he only looked up with his droopy eyes, and sighed at all of my attempts. This concerned me a lot and I took him to multiple vets asking them what I could do to make him more active. Each of the vets suggested that he needed more opportunity for exercise and socialization. I took him to dog parks and tried to get him into as many dog social activities I could. Each time he would simply lay down and look up at me. That’s when I changed his diet from the cheapest dog food I could find to Beneful via wiki. Within a month of changing his dog food he began to be more chipper. When I came home he would jump up and spin around. This change was a amazing. At the dog parks he began running with the rest of the dogs, and suddenly he had friends and he didn’t want to lie around the house or the park.

Joseph Bismark Shows How To Achieve Success and Happiness

I came across a great article about Joseph Bismark on this new blog Left Handed Right Mind– check it out.

Joseph Bismark is a talented, diverse business leader who lives among a spiritual community in the Philipines. Bismark’s attitude toward health and wellness places great emphasis on energy conservaton and recycling. 

Bismark co-founded the QI Group in 1998. The company is a diversified company that deals with direct selling, financial services, education an hospitality. QI Group employs people in 30 countries around the globe and regional offices all over Asia. Through Bismark’s leadership, the company has continued to see rapid and sustaining success. 

QI’s marketing platform is direct selling. The thousands of independent representatives sell a number of health and wellness products. Following his own example regarding energy conservation, Bismark relies solely on solar power to generate electricity. The QI Tower in Malaysia stresses paperless billing and the scant use of paper products to which helps the timber industry. 

Bismark heads the Rythm Foundation and the Vijayaratnam Foundation. Both carry out charitable endeavors that include fighting hunger and providing basic needs to the less fortunate. Bismark’s Taarana School in Malaysia, helps children with special needs. Those who know Bismark say he is admired for his amazing generosity and love of mankind.

It is Bismark’s goal to continue to inspire young entrepreneurs through his amazing vision and incredible leadership.

Daniel Amen Shows Us How To Eat To Improve Mood

Keeping up with politics can really get you down. From petty disagreements to life-changing policies, politically-minded folk can really get bogged down in the mess. So how do you stay positive in a negative world?

Plenty of people eat food that they hope will change their mood. Unfortunately, this is generally food that is unhealthy and does not actually work to improve one’s mood. Instead, there are certain foods recommended by  Daniel Amen, MD that could do the trick. 

Dark Chocolate That Is Sugar Free

Daniel Amen recommends this type of chocolate as a good food to turn around the mood. The dark chocolate is made from different things than milk chocolate and is a lot healthier as a result. This one is great for the cardiovascular system and helps people to turn the mood around. 

Raw Spinach Is Where Good Moods Happen

Not enough of us are getting enough of our dark greens. It is something that unfortunately puts a lot of us in poorer health than we should have been. Raw spinach is exactly the type of mood changing food that should be something that we are consuming. Daniel Amen says that this one should be used as a substitute for the lettuce that so many of us are eating all the time. 

Lean Protein 

We do all need protein in our lives, but lean protein is preferred in comparison to the heavier meats that many of us are used to. It is best to skip the steak and thing about fish instead. A nice salmon meal can actually do a lot of good for the people who are looking for the mood boost that protein can bring. Protein is essential for good brain activity. However, everyone should get a nice balance of the types of meats that they are eating. Including more of the lean meats can do people a lot of good. 

Bring In The Walnuts

Finally, walnuts are a good choice for the brain. They are full of Omega-3 fatty acids which have been proven to be good for the brain. Daniel Amen believes that these are the types of things that can really turn the mood around. Besides that, walnuts are relatively fair priced, and this makes them a good buy as well. It is something that will keep you happy as you are blazing through your day in a better mood and with more money in your pocket. Keep this in mind when you are considering how you might go about getting a better mood from the foods that you eat.

For more from Daniel Amen, check out his work for the Huffington Post or you can read one of his many bestsellers.

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