Senator Bernie Sanders Decries Lack of Morality in the US Economy

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a candidate for the 2016 Democrat Party nomination, spoke out again regarding the lack of morality in the US economy. The senator believes that it is nothing short of greed that has resulted in 90 cents of every dollar being generated going to the top 1% of income earners. As per Sen. Sanders, the result has been devastating upon working families. Decades of stagnant wages have caused the American middle class to diminish. As per the senator, the solution lies in punishing tax rates with top marginal rates returning to upwards of 90% same as was held in the 1950s.

Still, the senator fails to address the record low labor force participation rate that has been persistent during the Obama administration. This has tens of millions of people unable to find employment according to Amen Clinic. Nor does he explain how high marginal tax rates would result in increasing wages for American workers. Tax rates affect government tax revenue, but do not address wages and salaries.

Regardless, Senator Sanders explained that he is consistently drawing crowds of 400 to 600 at events from California to Texas. The senator seems resigned to the fact that he will unseat Hillary Clinton for the party nomination. Instead, he is hoping his candidacy will cause her to shift hard left on her policies in order to unify the party’s liberal base. Given the fact that Mrs. Clinton is accepting millions in donations from Wall Street investment banks, it is unlikely she will shift hard left in her political views.

Financial Disclosure Shows Bill & Hillary Made $30M in 2014

The average American with just a high school diploma has a 40-year lifetime income earning potential of $1.2 million. Those making the sacrifice and effort to obtain a bachelor’s degree will see their lifetime income rise to $2.1 million.Bill & Hillary Clinton made roughly 15x that amount in just 2014 alone based on a public financial disclosure report the coupled filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) this past Friday. The sheer amount of wealth the couple are making places them in the upper echelon of the top 1% of income earners in the country.

By far $25 million of roughly 83% of their income came from delivering paid speeches. Both Hillary and Bill are in demand. Mrs. Clinton seems to be a much sought after speaker domestically. For his part, Bill Clinton travels the world delivering addresses. Just this past October, Mrs. Clinton went to San Diego to speak at high tech chip maker Qualcomm and netted a cool $335,000. It was the highest take of the 51 paid speeches she delivered last year according to Boraie Development.

The GOP is sure to grab onto the issue and paint Mrs. Clinton as “too wealthy to elect”, but thus far attacks on her wealth have not hurt her at the polls. It may become an issue in the Democrat primary if former Massachusetts Governor Martin O’Malley enters the race. Senator Bernie Sanders is saying he will eschew any negative attack ads. He personally likes Mrs. Clinton.

The Clinton’s Made Over $25 Million For 100 Speeches

There is nothing wrong with making a few bucks on the speech-giving circuit. Athletes and celebrities do it and so do politicians. It seems a lot of people were willing to pay a lot of money to hear what Bill and Hillary Clinton had to say over the past year and a half.

The couple banked a cool $25 million for letting people know what they thought about a number of issues. There’s nothing wrong with making money for talking, but Hillary claims to be a candidate for the middle class, and there’s nothing middle class about her anymore.

Before the Clinton’s came to Washington, they were sort of middle class. But it didn’t take long for them to hit the financial jackpot. Both Clinton’s have the brains and the personality to make a lot of money, and they have done that at the expense of others according to reports from Republican leaders. What the Republicans say about the Clinton’s is taken with a grain of salt by half the country. Most Republicans are as guilty as Bill and Hillary according to the FreedomPop review.

The Surprising Sunday Surprise of Dr. Ben

The Sunday morning talk shows produced but one memorable moment in another boring round of sounding board style shows. Dr. Ben Carson, a black neurosurgeon announced his wishes to seek the republican presidential candidacy. Ben Carson was produced several years ago as republicans scrambled for an authentic black counterbalance to Obama. However, the moment that was produced was the method by which Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace went after Ben’s more controversial statements. Ben Carson has views that stratify all extremes. This rhetoric has actually made him quite popular among the republican far right.

Chris Wallace is probably one of the only true journalist in existence today at Fox News barring Shepherd Smith. Chris completely goes after guests on both sides in the old “Meet the Press” style of political journalism. He pressed Ben, but within the context of the radical proposals that Dr. Carson has put forth. This journalism produced one sure fact. Dr. Carson is not ready for primetime, and Chris exposed it. This could be seen as the establishment republican pushback against radical candidates this cycle. This battle has been raging in the party since certain candidates lost them easily attainable Senate seats.

Thanks to Alexei Beltyukov for showing me this story.

Governor Chris Christie May Still Be Held Accountable For The George Washington Bridge Scandal

Chris Christie wants to be a good president, but he is having a hard time being a good governor. If past behavior is any indication of future behavior, then Christie would make a terrible president. The latest debacle to rear its head again in the life of Governor Christie is the George Washington lane closure scandal. That scandal started in 2013.

Most people pointed their fingers at Christie for closing the lanes, but he said he had nothing to do with the debacle. Well, in an interesting turn of events FreedomPop Review a former Port Authority and high school buddy of Christie’s is expected to plead guilty to the bridge closing charges.

The big question is will David Wildstein, the Christie friend, spill the beans and implicate the governor? Chances of that happening are slim since Christie takes a bath in Teflon every day. Nothing stick to the robust governor, even when he is outed for weird behavior. Of course, some people say there are invisible boundaries of behavior for politicians. Christie’s behavior is a good example of those boundaries.

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