Cassio Audi started his education at the University of Pontificia Universidade. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. His career began in 1992 with finances, as he worked as a trader with JP Morgan Chase. In 1996, he joined Dow Chemical as the Senior Financial Analyst. Cassio Audi earned his experience by working in national and multinational business firms. He is an expert in financial planning, business planning, leadership, and project management. Cassio Audi is best known for his outstanding leadership skills, communication with businesses, and interpersonal relationships.

Over the years, Brazil has experience a very weak economy, which is facing many challenges. Latin America has also been experiencing a slow growth of up to 7.5 percent. Investors of the area are being challenged in order to find the best investment due to the economic growth of Brazil. Financial investors are wanting to provide the best advice from experienced financial officers, in order to best fit their profits. Due to these hopeful Brazilian investors and business decisions, the Brazilian investment management has been needed. The management system for Brazil, has numerous securities, including bonds, shares, and real estate. These are needed to meet particular investment goals for the investors.

The investors may include pension funds, insurance companies, and much more. The Brazilian investment management provides services for these investors and investments. These elements may include stock selection, financial analysis, and asset selection. The Brazilian investment management has also built their company around investment managers, which have millions of staff to help, through out their day of business decisions. Cassio Audi, works within this field, while making funds in portfolios of different securities for his clients. His dedication to work and dominant work ethic is the sole reason why is the prominent figure in the Brazilian investment market.