There are a lot of things to think about when looking for a new home loan. You may not know the process or what you need to make it work. That is why Nextbank is there to help and they can help you to know just what you need to make the process go smoothly.


If you already have a home loan and are looking to refinance, then you will need some of that original paperwork. This is so they can see what you already have and how to best help you to get the rate and the items you need for your loan. While you will have to get another credit check, you can use some of the information on the original paperwork to help you with financing. They also can use your payment history to help them get you the best rate.

Work History

They will need work history in order to make sure you are qualified to have a home loan with them. This normally is very simple and consists of getting a couple of W2’s or pay stubs. You can normally get this from your employer if you don’t normally keep the pay stubs yourself. Netbank will simply verify you are employed and that you are getting enough income to pay all of your bills. This is the easy part of the process.

Credit History

This one is a tricky one because not everyone has a great credit history. The nice thing about Netbank is they are willing to look at the whole picture and not just focus on your credit. You can work to improve your credit if you know you are going to be getting a loan. You only need to work on paying your bills as well as getting new lines of credit that will help you to raise the score you have already.

Take your time and look at what Nextbank can do for you. You may be surprised and may just get that loan you need for your home purchase.